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Year 6 - Pork Pie Hats

Making Rivers

As part of our topic, we have been learning about the Ganges, which is a river that flows through Asia. To demonstrate that we understood all of the features of the river, we ventured outside into the nature area to create our own models. We made sure we included the source, meanders and ox bow lakes. We got very wet and muddy, but had lots of fun!


Cooking Curry
Within our DT sessions this term, we have been designing and creating our own vegetable curries. We began by tasting different Indian spices and sauces to determine which ones we liked. Lots of us were surprised about how much we liked Madras sauce! After testing the different sauces, we began designing our own curries by selecting vegetables that we like and pairing them with different spices.
Once we had completed our designs, we practiced peeling, chopping and preparing different vegetables. We learnt how to cut using the claw and bridge method. After we had practised preparing our vegetables, we cooked them with tinned tomatoes, different spices and yoghurt to create a delicious dish!


The Great Ganges

To launch our new topic, ‘The Great Ganges’, we took part in some exciting activities to explore Indian culture. We began by watching tutorials of how to dress in a sari, before selecting our colourful fabrics in small groups. We then chose one member of our group to be the model, whilst the rest of us tried our best to wrap the sari material. It was very tricky, only a couple of groups were successful!

After learning about traditional Indian dress, we watched some Bollywood dancing. We listened to traditional music and created a dance sequence in the Bollywood style.



To Infinity & Beyond! 

On Monday 23rd September, Year 5 & 6 all went on a school trip to the National Space Centre. As we are currently studying space in our Topic lessons, we were all very excited to explore the NSS! One of our favourite parts of the day was experiencing the Weather Pod. This was a small room which provided you with a script to read whilst it filmed. It then used a green screen to transport you into a weather report. We all enjoyed watching ourselves have a go at presenting the weather (some were better than others!)

We also climbed up to the stop of the rocket tower. We climbed a staggering 144 steps to get to the very top, although some of us opted for the lift instead! We were able to explore different space environments and even looked at some real moon rock.

After lunch, we had an amazing adventure as we simulated into space in the mesmerising planetarium. We learnt some mind-blowing facts about outer space and were able to view some Ancient Greek constellations. 

Everyone agreed that the Space Centre was a brilliant school trip! 

Leo smiley

Wednesday October 2nd was 'Crazy Hair Day'. We all did our best to join in with the fun!

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