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Year 5 - Bowler Hats

                    Miss Mullis 

Hi there Year 5. As we arrive at Easter weekend and week 3 of home learning, you should all be super proud of yourselves! This week saw a heated battle between Bowler hats and Panama hats on TT Rockstars and lots messages and photos coming in, showcasing the amazing learning you have been doing at home. Super impressed that some of you have joined Carol Vordeman's online maths learning, and smashing it - WOW! Don't forget, the next TT Rockstar battle is ALL of Year 5 against Year 6. You know what to do...

Have a lovely Easter weekend. Stay safe, keep smiling - and eat lots of chocolate! 

Miss Mullis 

Home Learning - Week 3 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

Some amazing craft and scientific learning, using light! 

Amazing Interview with a parent. Super proud :-) 

Getting busy writing the interview answers...

And THEN, showing some amazing typing and keybord skills. 

Some incredible outdoor exploration and learning about local history. 

We might not to be able to go on holiday, but the holidays still come to us. Fun back garden camping in this lovely warm weather :-) 

This really is AMAZING! Hair dying useing crepe paper! Made my day when this came through - super inventive and a great result. Who even knew it was a thing? And fabulous green hair over Easter weekend to boot! Hurrah! 

Home Learning for Good Friday

Literacy: Watch the Easter Story. Retell the story in your own words

Maths: We are entering our biggest TT Rockstars Battle yet Yr5 vs Yr6. Time to play!

Topic:  Design your own Easter egg using lots of crazy patterns and colours. Send your finished designs to us via email and we will put them up on this page.

PE:It's going to be a hot day. Why not enter into a water fight in your garden- ask permission first!

Home learning for Thursday 9th April

Thank you and well done for all your hard work for TT Rockstars Battle of the bands! It was close, but we were pipped at the post in the very last hour, having been in the lead ALL week. 

The next battle starts tomorrow, until next Friday. This time the battle is between Year 5 and Year 6. Come on Year 5's - WE CAN WIN! 

Literacy: Story task:  Design a setting for a spooky story . Think about any settings that they have encountered in stories before.  Write a short description including expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.

Practise spellings on Spelling Frame.

Maths: Go online onto Daily arithmetic . You should aim to work on level 4, 5 and 6 activities.

Topic: Complete your project and present it to someone in your house. Why not send it to us via email?

PE: Join Joe Wicks live on his you tube channel from 9am.

Remember to take lots of breaks as well. Spread your work out through the day.

We love seeing your work so don't forget to drop us an email to let us know how you are getting on and attach some photographs, if you can.

Home learning for Wednesday 8th April

Literacy: What makes your family different to other families? What makes them the same?  Write a poem about your family, you may even want to perform it too. 

Practise the 10 spellings you have been learning this week. Ask someone in your house to test you. Practise again, the ones you got wrong.

Maths: Play on Hit the Button -  focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.

15mins of TT Rockstars. It's the final day of the battle and there are less than 500 points between us...COME ON BOWLER HATS - WE MUST WIN! 

Topic: Write up your project. Try to present it in an interesting and imaginative way.

PE: Set up a simple circuit in your garden or front room. Complete each activity for 2minutes and rest for 1 minute between.


Home learning for Tuesday 7th April

Literacy: Use the summary of main events from Monday's work to create a comic strip. Remember to make you pictures detailed as these provide lots of information and use speech bubbles for dialogue.

Practise the next 5 words on the Year 5/ 6 Common Exception Words (see list). Try to spell these out loud then make it harder by trying to spell them backwards, without the vowels or by spelling out every other letter. Make it a game with you family! 

Maths: Get a piece of paper and show everything you know about addition and subtraction. This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc. Be as creative as you want to be.

15mins of TT Rockstars. - We are STILL WINNING! Keep it up Year 5. 

Topic:  Carry on with your learning projects. Draft out your notes from yesterday into full sentences. Decide how you want to present the information

PE: Put on your favourite music and make up a warm up that moves all parts of your body. Teach it to a family member.

Remember to take lots of breaks as well. Spread your work out through the day.

We love seeing your work so don't forget to drop us an email to let us know how you are getting on and attach some photographs, if you can.

Friday 3rd April

Letter from Mrs Taylor

Home learning pack for Year 5

Year 5/6 word list

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and still smiling. I have uploaded a letter from Mrs Taylor and a new week's worth of work to keep you learning. Please read both carefully. This week has a theme called 'My family' and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will find out. Remember, I will be updating you from Monday with which activities I would like you to look at. Please keep sending me pictures/documents of what you've been doing as well.

Miss Mullis

Home Learning - Week 2 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

Very impressed with this Lego Technics car. 

Lovely colourful Tudor Rose. 

Lovely detailed Tudor Ship. 

Fantastic drawing skills in this Tudor Queen. 

Biography of William Shakespeare. Amazing presentation. 

Great poem about Fortnite! 

Home Learning - Week 1 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

 Amazing dried apple Tudor food activity


 Fabulously detailed Tudor house model


 Tudor baking - they look so delicious I can smell them from here!

 Amazing group project - recreating The War of the Roses on Minecraft

 Amazing arithmetic - ALL correct and super neat. 


 Great research - creating a Tudor timeline

Super neat handwriting and presentation - writing about the Tudors 

Young Voices

We had a fantastic time at the Young Voices concert! It was a brilliant night of singing and dancing.





Year 5 really enjoyed designing, making and eating their vegetable curries.

Forests Schools

Despite the cold weather, we had a lovely time outside. 


Christmas Play

On Wednesday 11th December, Year 4 and 5 performed their Christmas play: 'When Sasha got swept up the chimney'. The children worked so hard rehearsing the songs and learning their lines in a short space of time. The staff were very proud of two great performances.



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