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Year 5 - Bowler Hats

                    Miss Mullis 

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday everyone! And as it is Half-term next week, this is the last day of home-learning until the 1st June. We hope you enjoy your free-time with your family. Remember to stay safe!


  • Practise 5 spellings from the Year 5/ 6 Common Exception Words
  •  Then write a synonym, antonym, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
  • Write a formal letter to West Midlands Safari Park persuading them to close the park. You must justify their opinions with factual information. Remember to be persuasive.



  • Life Cycles - Research a mammal, an insect, an amphibian, a reptile and a bird. Then choose one and draw the life cycle of an animal and label the diagram accordingly. How does the life cycle of the chosen animal differ to a human life cycle?


Take a walk with your family. See how long it takes you. Repeat the walk in a couple of days and see if you can beat your time.

Thursday 21st May




  • Download ‘A Pinch of Magic’ from authorfy. Complete the questions on page 4. 







  • Animal Prints- Using a variety of media (this could be materials from around the house such as cloth, newspapers or magazines, felt, etc.),  create an animal print for a mammal, an insect, an amphibian, a reptile and a bird of your choice. After, you can create a collage of the animal prints you have made. You can always use a pencil or pen to sketch the animal prints!




 Chill out with some Cosmic Yoga

Wednesday 20th May



  •  Create a word bank about an animal of their choice which includes verbs, adverbs and expanded noun phrases. They can use this for their poetry writing.



  • Choose an animal of your choice and think about how it moves, what sounds it makes and the environment that it lives in. Write a poem based around these ideas. You can repeat this activity for different animals that have contrasting features.





  • Play on Hit the Button - focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.




  • Where Animals Originate From  - locate on a world map where different animals originate from and research why they live in these environments. Things for you to consider when researching why they originally lived in these countries are:
    • Food sources
    • Climate
    • Weather
    • Terrain

After doing this, think about how the animals they have selected have adapted so that they are able to live in the UK. Present your findings as a poster or in a PowerPoint presentation if they have access to a PC.




Choose five different activities and create your own circuit. Wotk on each activity for one minute with a 1 minute rest between each one. Complete your circuit twice.

Tuesday 19th May




Explore  The Highwayman poem. Can you learn some of it by heart?  Draw a sketch or painting to represent the Highwayman using evidence from the text. 



Use this online game to practise your decimal numbers.  Compare decimal numbers





  • Design a new wondrous animal that has evolved to suit its environment considering the environmental changes it has had to face over recent years. Send us an email so we can upload some of them to the web-site.




Join Joe Wicks for his daily work out.


Some amazing photos of your home learning last week. 

So many VE day celebrations. 

Decorating your homes for Social distancing street parties.

Some interesting questions. 

Practising bubble writing. 

Diary writing. 

Amazing Tudor House. Wow! 

Home baking! Looks like an amazing cheesecake! 

More VE Day celebrations. Great Union Jack. 

Research answers. 

Someone even wrote their own code and we've been communicating in the code this week. Fun! 

Absolutely amazing art work. Wow! 

Busy learning listening to our favourite music. Cool earbuds! 

I love how you are keeping your home learning so neat. This printed maths question is superb. 

Some amazing artwork in the style of Edvard Munch! Wow! 

Fabulous home learning. Well done guys! 

More fabulous home learning. Amazing. 


Good Morning and welcome to another week of home-learning. I have been busy having a clear-out and I came across The Cat in the Hat’  by Dr Seuss. I had forgotten how much fun it was to read. Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, was a writer and cartoonist who published over 60 books. He published his first children's book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, under the name of Dr. Seuss in 1937. Next came a string of bestsellers, including The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. His rhymes and characters are loved by generations of fans.

Some of his quotes are really inspirational. So every day this week I will start with one.



Home Learning Monday 18th May 

Home Learning Grid


  • Read a chapter from your home reading book or a book that you have borrowed from the library.
  • When you have completed the chapter,  re-write this from the viewpoint of another character.




  • Time to battle Year 3 in TT Rock Stars!
  •  Show everything you know about decimal numbers and/or percentages on a piece of paper. This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc. Be as creative as you want to be. If you don’t know a lot then look up ideas online by searching KS2 Maths sites.



  • Animals and their Environment- Choose different animals such as Emperor Penguins, chimpanzees and orcas and explain how they have been adapted to suit their environment. You can do this by writing a short summary after carrying out some research.



Make up a warm up routine based on your favourite sport. e.g.  Football – heading a ball, dribbling, scoring a goal etc.

Home learning for Friday 15th May

Spelling: Play the wordshake game. How many words can you create from the letters given?


English: Based upon a book you have just read, share a story about yourself that is related to an event  or character that was in the book.


Maths: Pennies

Ram divided 15 pennies among four small bags. He labelled each bag with the number of pennies inside it. He could then pay any sum of money from 1p to 15p without opening any bag. How many pennies did Ram put in each bag?


Topic: Read the instructions carefully and create a Tin can Windsock! I look forward to seeing your photos. 



PE: Gymnastics with Max again! Hope you had a go and enjoyed it yesterday. 



BBC BITSIZE: Have a look through these lessons - there is something for everyone! So, whatever you are missing at school you can continue your learning from here. 



Home learning for Thursday 14th May

Spelling: Copy out the words below and circle the silent letter(s): Write the words in a sentence. 

doubt, island, knoll, lamb, thistle, knowledge, wring, aisle, daughter, debt.

Reading: Have a go at drawing a map of one of the places from the text you have just read. Use the details given in the text as well as  any of your own ideas linked to the story.


Maths: Squares. Look carefully at the diagram:


Topic: Watch this video about how to draw a horse!

Remember to pause the video so you don’t miss a step. It could be William’s horse Black Tudor from Treason!



PE: Have a go at some gymnastics today. This is great!

Gymnastics with Max Link


Home learning for Wednesday 13th May

Spelling: Create a table with tious and cious words

put 5 words under each heading that you know are spelt with those suffixes.

Reading: From a book you have just read, select either an important object  or creature and create a user manual or a guide explaining how to  care for it.


Maths:  Eggs

Mrs Choy spent exactly £10 on 100 eggs for her shop.

Large eggs cost her 50p each. Medium eggs cost her 10p each. Small eggs cost her 5p each.

For two of the sizes, she bought the same number of eggs.

How many of each size did she buy?



Watch the Youtube clip. Then make the BEST paper aeroplane and have a competition with your family to see who can fly the longest distance.

Paper Aeroplane Clip


PE:  Another Young Voices dance today. Have fun! 

Old Town Road Link


Home learning for Tuesday 12th May


Add the suffixes ‘ant’ to these root words: hesitate, observe, expect, tolerate, assist, ignore, contest

Think carefully about the spelling rule to make sure they are spelt correctly.

Which could have ‘ancy’ added to them?

English: Draw the main character from a book you  have recently read. Show them as a baby, middle aged and as an older person. Underneath each picture write what you think they might be doing  at that point of their life, and explain why they may be doing so.


Maths: Age old problems:

1. My age this year is a multiple of 8. Next year it will be a multiple of 7. How old am I?

2. Last year my age was a square number. Next year it will be a cube number. How old am I? How long must I wait until my age is both a square number and a cube number?

3.  My Mum was 27 when I was born. 8 years ago she was twice as old as I shall be in 5 years’ time. How old am I now?


TOPIC:  Take a piece of paper. Draw around both of your hands.

On the same piece of paper, ask your family members to draw around their hands too. Don’t worry about the hands overlapping – that’s the whole point. Colour in ALL the sections until there are no blank spaces left. It will become an amazing colourful piece of art to symbolise ‘Togetherness’.

Can't wait to see some of the results! 


PE: This song was AMAZING when we sang at Young Voices. Have a go at this dance: 




Home learning for Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 5. I hope you all had a lovely weekend celebrating VE Day. I hope you all stayed safe and you are all well. It's very exciting that we can exercise as much as we like now, but please remember to stay safe using social distancing - stay alert. 

Here is this weeks learning grid: 



Please keep sending your wonderful photos over - and I will put them onto the website on Friday. 


Spelling:  Nouns that end ce, Verbs that end se

Write each word into its own sentence:

Advice, advise, device, devise, practice, practise, licence, license, prophecy, prophesy.

English: Write a diary entry as a character from your story. Think about a key moment from the story in which the character has lots of thoughts and feelings to share.


Maths: Anyone for tennis?

Two boys and two girls can play tennis. Ali said: ‘I will only play if Holly plays.’

Holly said: ‘I won’t play if Ben is playing.’ Ben said: ‘I won’t play if Luke or Laura plays.’

Luke said: ‘I will only play if Zoe plays.’ Zoe said: ‘I don’t mind who I play with.’

Which two boys and which two girls play tennis?


TOPIC: This week’s theme: Art


Watch the video and practise your bubble writing. Write out the alphabet and then write your name.

Write a message for the website - take a photo of your message and we can post it onto the website on Friday. 


PE: Have a go at this Star Wars Yoga today. These videos are really cool...



     Friday 8th May - V.E. day   

May Day (a Bank holiday) is traditionally held on a Monday but it was put back this year until today, Friday 8th May 2020. VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. Here is a quick video that explains it in more detail.

Today gives us the opportunity to remember and honour our heroes of the Second World War. We hope that you will be able to celebrate in some way, safely. Some of you have already sent pictures of your bunting and cakes that have been made in preparation. It is meant to be a glorious day so enjoy being outside in the lovely sunshine.

Please send us pictures of your celebrations. We hope you have a lovely weekend and we're thinking of you all.

Year 5 teachers x

Good morning Year 5. I hope you are all ok and keeping busy. It was amazing to speak to most of you and your families yesterday - and I was so happy to hear about all the fun things you have been doing. I'm excited for VE Day tomorrow and I have heard many of you are baking cakes and making bunting for your own celebrations. I look forward to seeing some of your photos of the celebrations next week. I'm posting some of the photos today as I know you will all be busy and excited about the celebrations tomorrow - and of course it is a bank holiday. 

Baking for VE day. 

Cooking and preparing dinner. 

VE Day part planning. 

VE Cake...looks amazing! 

More VE day party plannng. 

Creating a masterpiece with toilet role! Perfectly inventive. 

Fabulous cartoon drawing.

Amazing baking. 

Masterchef eat your heart out! 

Making hot choclolate...

Virtual camping trip.  

Amazing science. 


Home learning for Thursday 7th May

Today, set yourself a kindness mission - give up some of your time to help someone in your house. It could be helping your parents making dinner, supporting a sibling with their work or doing a job/chore you have been putting off!


  • Look at Love Reading, and explore the Books of the Month and read some of the extracts. Which book would you choose to read now and why?
  • Watch Pigeon Impossible and make notes about what happens in the video. You will need to watch it more than once and pause it to jot down your ideas. 
  • Spelling - Proofread your writing from yesterday and Tuesday. Use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging/were unsure about.


  • Recap what factors are using the BBC bitesize page.
  • Then try this investigation on Nrich: Factor Track Read the information carefully. There is also a harder track further down the page if you finish the first one quickly!


A change in Viewpoints - How did Martin Luther King and Rosa Park’s actions and views shape society today? Compare and contrast viewpoints from then and now on people’s race, culture and religion. How has this improved society’s attitudes towards those who are different to ourselves?


Listen to this Tudor music and act out what you think the moves might be to these historical tunes.

Home learning for Wednesday 6th May

It is really hard being at home all the time and not seeing friends, so why not send them a message today? Try to think of a happy memory with them that will make you both smile smiley


  • Sit back and enjoy listening to David Walliams reading ‘Fing’.
  • Write an email or a formal letter to a 12 year child from a country of your choice. Describe what is happening in the world at the moment. Try to describe how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Also, include any questions you would like to ask the other person.
  • Practise your spellings with this game Bouncing anagrams.


  • Play on the Daily Arithmetic for different areas of maths. Work on level 4, 5 and 6 activities and try to focus on fractions.
  • Play on TT rockstars - go on soundcheck. How many out of 25 can you score correctly?


Viewpoints from Around the World - Research 5 famous viewpoints from around the world (e.g. The Eiffel Tower, The Shard). Draw what you think you would see from this viewpoint. After this, design and create a miniature scale of one of the landmarks you researched.


Join Joe Wicks live on his you tube channel from 9am.

Home learning for Tuesday 5th May

Positive thought for the day: 'Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't do.'


  • Read another chapter from your current home reading book. Write down any unfamiliar words from the chapter you have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary or reading around the sentence. Then write them in a sentence of your own.
  • Write a blog post summarising the events from the day/week. Plan out your ideas using bullet points and then think about how to organnise your ideas into paragraphs when you write. Your language you use may be more informal - contractions can be used, e.g. can't, don't. Remember to include the right punctuation and proof-read your work for mistakes when you have finished. Try to use at least two words from the Year 5/6 word list.


  • Play the Matching fractions. Choose the mixed numbers option. Start at Level 1 and work your way up!
  • Play on Hit the Button - focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers


Birmingham Views- The Alpha Tower, The Rotunda and the BT Tower are just some of the famous viewpoints within Birmingham. You can choose a Birmingham viewpoint and use Google Earth or Google Maps to create a map of the location of the landmark. You may wish to identify all of the Birmingham viewpoints on your map - it is up to you!


Complete the scavneger hunt below. Time how quickly you can do it and send us your time; we'll see who is the quickest in year 5!

Home learning for Monday 4th May - Happy Star Wars Day!

Good morning Year 5! Hope you have all had a good weekend. We have been doing jigsaws a lot in our house at the minute!


What are you doing to pass the time? I've carried on reading Treason as I wanted to see how the book finished! I've also been watching a lot of Disney films with Georgia - any recommendations for what we could try next?

Mrs Godrich

Here is this week's Home learning grid. The theme this week is Viewpoints.


  • Read a chapter from your current home reading book. Create a set of multiple choice questions about what you have read. You could test them out on a sibling or parent.
  • Choose 5 Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 word list. Write a synonym, an antonym, the meaning of the word and an example of how to use the word correctly in a sentence.


Show everything you know about fractions on a piece of paper (mixed numbers, improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, equivalent fractions). This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc. Be as creative as you like!


Viewpoints and Mood - Pick a room to look into in the home and think about how it makes you feel. You can then either draw something linked to how you feel when looking in the room or draw an object from the room and then colour, shade or paint it in a colour that reflects their current mood.


Remember some happy memories from earlier in the year ... Young Voices 2020!

Play the Pop medley or Fright fest and boogie away!



Home Learning for Friday 1st May

Did you know that the Month of May is named after the Roman goddess Mаіа who hарреnѕ tо bе thе goddess of Spring аnd grоwth? May іѕ a blеѕѕеd month tо bеgіn wіth, ассоrdіng tо thе Romans! So take a look around and see all the changes that are happening in our environment.


  • Ough can make more than one sound. Write down 5 words that each have a different ough sound.
  • Take a look at the Bubble Bath Poem and answer the comprehension questions.Bubble Bath Poem


Take a look at the problem below and see if you can find your way through the maze.

Maths Problem


Create and illustrate a list of animals that live on both land and water and that have streamlined bodies.


Why not try one of these work out challenges. They are all based around characters from films and books.

 Glenn Higgins Fitness

Home Learning for Thursday 30th

It's the last day of April and it looks like the sun has come back out. The birds are definitely busy nesting. Their bird song starts really early. Take the time today to stop and listen outside. How many different calls can you hear? 


Choose 10 words from the Year 5 and 6 word list. Write them as a pyramid.

E.g. occur

Watch the David Attenborough clip on the snow leopard and answer the comprehension questions.David Attenborough Clip


Claire says ‘When you multiply a number by 10 you just add a nought and when you multiply by 100 you add two noughts.’
Do you agree? Explain your answer. Use these questions to help you:
23 x 10 =
4.5 x 10 =
96 x 100 =
0.1x 100 =


Find out how sportspeople reduce their air and water resistance when playing their sport. How do they make themselves more streamlined so that they can go faster?


It's Captain Tom's 100th Birthday today. Be inspired by him to do 100 movements. This could be a 100 laps of your garden or 100 jumping jacks etc. Send us some pictures so we can see what you have been doing!

Home learning for Wednesday 29th

The sky is looking a little brighter and the gardens are looking a little greener after all that rain yesterday. Here's to a wonderful Wednesday!



Which of the following questions are easy and which ones are hard?
213323 - 10 =
512893 + 300 =
819354 - 200 =
319954 + 100 =
Explain why you think the hard questions
are hard.


Make your boats. Use whatever you can find in the recycling or just make them out of paper. Then time how long it takes each boat to cross a water tray or the bath!

Which boat was the fastest? Why do you think that was? If you raced again, what changes would you make?


Why not try your hand at Karate today. Follow the link below.

Home learning for Tuesday 28th April


Spelling Rule:
i before except after c.

Write four words that fit this rule and one word that doesn’t.

Watch the short clip 'The Secret Life of Pets' and answer the questions.

The Secret Life of Pets



This activity is about multiplication. Think carefully about how to use the column
method to solve a multiplication.

4536 x 5
2341 x 3
5422 x 4
Then try the Nrich activity: All the Digits


Using your knowledge of water resistance and stream lining. Design two different shaped boats that you think will travel quickly through the water. Draw and label your designs and make a prediction for howwell you think your boats will move through the water.


Why not make up some dance moves to your favourite music. If you are feeling brave, you can perform them to your family.


Home-learning for Monday 27th April


Here is the link for our home learning this week. Every day we will put up any files that you need for that work.


Homework Grid




Find out all about Captain Tom and answer the comprehension questions.

Captain Tom    Reading Comprehension


Work out the missing number problems:
37 + ? = 59
21 = ?
? + 122 = 211
343 = 192 + ?
Make up 3 of your own.

Why not test them on your family!


This week’s theme: Science Water Resistance.

Look through the Powerpoint presentation on Water Resistance. Using this and other research, design aposter that explains what water resistance is. Water Resistance


Why not try out some Zumba today on the Go Noodle website.

Home learning photos. Summer Term - Week 1 

I hope everyone had a lovely time in the garden with this wonderful weather. 

Getting out for daily exercise has never been more important. We are super lucky to live near so many fields and woods, especially with all the beautiful bluesbells out now. 

Some of you have even been noticing the tadpoles are here. It will be amazing for you to see them turn into frogs. 

Some of you have been helping in the garden and planting seeds for vegetables and sunflowers. 

I've loved seeing your photos of Google 3D animals. 

One person has started their own project about tigers and researching every thing about them. 

Investgating buoyancy - great science! 

We've been using our imagaination to create and sketch characters and stories. 

Excellent learning about circuits and electronics.   

Keeping up with our reading. 

Writing questions to William Shakespeare. 

Finding out about flags and other countries. 

Researching and writing a timeline about Cadbury's World. 

I love how you are keeping your learning neat and tidy and practising your handwriting. 

Completing the topic challenge from our learning grid. 

Working hard on our spelling and grammar. 


Home learning for Friday 24th April

English: As we all enjoyed The Tudors topic, I thought we could carry on with the theme.  This week was the Queen’s official birthday. The Queen celebrates 2 birthdays every year, which is a tradition of the British Monarchy since the 1700’s. Here are a few things for you to read, answer the comprehension questions. Draw and label the Royal Crown.

Queen Elizabeth questions

Trooping the colour

The Royal Crown


Spelling: Write out the sentences, including the correct words with silent letters.

Spelling activity link


Maths: Dad drives a delivery van. Last week he drove 250 kilometres on Monday and 145 on Tuesday. This week Dad drove 150 kilometres in total. What is the difference in kilometres between this week and last week?

10 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Countdown – have a go at the game.

Link to countdown game


Topic: Use a mirror to draw a detailed self-portrait – or sit opposite a family member and draw each other. I look forward to seeing the results.


PE: Here is another fun way to keep active today. Play the game with your family:



Thought if the day: Have a discussion with a member of your family.

I can make traffic lights change from red to green just by staring at them. True or false?



Bitesize Daily Lesson link

BBC iplayer link


Fun Activity Listen and sing along to this amazing song - I'm sure there will be a lot of famous faces you will recognise. Happy Friday everyone. Stay safe. Keep smiling. 

Song link


Home learning for Thursday 23rd April

English: Follow the link and watch the short film. SHORT FILM LINK

Set in a fantasy world, a man is sailing in his boat, through the air!  He hears a noise and suddenly gliding into view are some giant, flying turtles. 

- Collect verbs and adverbs to do with floating and sailing gracefully.
- Write an ending to the story, where do these turtles take him?
- Choose a different animal to come floating by, describe the animal rather than just saying what it is.

Spelling: Write out the sentences, including the correct -tious and  -cious word endings.

Spelling Activity Link


Maths: Susie, Jonas and Tom earned £354 washing cars over the weekend. They need to split the money equally. How much do they each get?

10 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Spend 15 minutes on the arithmetic paper. The answers are at the back of the paper.

Arithmetic Paper link


I'm so proud of the children that have been taking part in The Maths Factor. You can sign up for free and challenge your maths skills against other children. 

Here is the link if you'd like to have a go: Maths Factor Link


Topic – (from the learning grid) Continue creating your building or monument.

An Architectural Masterpiece

You should design a new building or monument that will inspire the people of Atherstone. You must research, plan, design it and then make a model of it using materials from around the house. You could then write a description of it - explaining what it is, where it would be and how it will inspire people.


PE: Here is another fun way to keep active today. Play the game with your family:



Thought of the day: Have a discussion with a member of your family.

Which is heavier, a deflated or inflated balloon?



BBC Bitesize link

BBC iplayer link


Fun Activity - If you have access to a mobile device such as a phone or tablet you can now welcome an animal into your own home. Type the name of an animal (from the list below) into Google. Scroll down until you see the 3D image and welcome the animal into you home. 

Don't forget to take a photo and send it over. 

Follow this link for a quick HOW TO guide: HOW TO GUIDE LINK

Alligator, Angler fish, Ball python, Brown bear, Cat, Cheetah, Deer, Dog, Bulldog, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, Pug, Rottweiler, Duck, Eagle, Emperor penguin, Giant panda, Goat, Hedgehog, Horse, Leopard, Lion, Macaw, Octopus, Racoon, Shark, Shetland pony, Snake, Tiger, Turtle, Wolf, NEW: Easter Bunny


Home learning for Wednesday 22nd April

English:  Today is World Earth Day. It has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970. The main aim of Earth Day is to think carefully about our environment and the earth as a whole. Read the information and answer the comprehension questions.

Earth Day Reading link

Earth day questions

Read 2 chapters to an adult at home. Choose 3 words that describe your favourite character. Find some words or phrases that describe the setting. Explain what you think is going to happen next. If you made a film of the story, what kind of music would you use and why?

Spelling: Write out the sentences, including the correct -tial -cial word endings. 

Spelling activity link


Maths: The journey to Charlie’s school is 7km. How far does Charlie travel in total when he walks to and from school, from Monday to Friday?

Fluent in 5

10 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Countdown – have a go at the game. Countdown link


Topic: (from the learning grid) You will be doing this activity over two days.

An Architectural Masterpiece You should design a new building or monument that will inspire the people of Atherstone. You must research, plan, design it and then make a model of it using materials from around the house. You could then write a description of it - explaining what it is, where it would be and how it will inspire people.


PE: Here is another fun way to keep active today. Play the game with your family:



Thought of the day: Have a discussion with a member of your family.

What would you get if you crossed a rabbit with a cabbage?


BBC Bitesize - Check out the new lesson for today. 

Bitesize link

iplayer link


Home learning for Tuesday 21st April

English: Write a letter to Mrs Taylor explaining what you have been doing and what you are doing as a family to stay safe. Explain what you are looking forward to doing when you come back to school and why.

Spelling: Write the sentences out, including the correct ibly and ably word endings.Spelling Activity Link


Maths: Joel has 2 boxes of 33 bananas, 4 boxes of 27 apples and 5 boxes of 12 pineapples. How many pieces of fruit does Joel have altogether?

10 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Spend 15 minutes on the arithmetic paper. The answers are at the back of the paper.

Arithmetic paper link


Topic: Continue writing your itinerary.

Promoting our Local Area

A visitor from another country is coming to stay in the town for a week.

You really need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places.

Where would you take them each day?

Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place.


PE: Try Yoga today.  Make up a routine using the moves and teach it to a member of your family. 


Thought of the day: Have a discussion with a member of your family.

If elephants ruled the world, what changes would you see?



Daily Lessons

BBC Bitesize on Iplayer


Home learning for Monday 20th April

Home Learning Grid Week beginning 20th April

Arithmetic Paper

Good morning Year 5. Hope you all had a safe and fun Easter break and welcome back to what would be the first day of a brand new term. Here is the new learning grid and arithmetic paper for the next 2 weeks. I will be updating the website with your daily activities, so please continue to keep sending photos over of all your fabulous home learning. 

From today, BBC Bitesize have started a daily lesson, which you can access on BBC iplayer. I have posted the timetable below, as well as the link for each lesson. You can watch the lesson anytime and it will last for 30 minutes. It has lots of fun activties and facts for you to learn. 


English: Think of three things that you will be excited to do when we all get back to normal. Explain what they are and why you will be excited to do them. Write your answers in full sentences.

Create a vocabulary bank about the area you live. You may want to use this for some of your writing tasks this week.

Spelling: Write the sentences out, including the correct ible and able word endings.

Link: Spelling Activity - Monday


Maths: There are 12 eggs in each egg tray and I bought 5 trays. I used 2 trays of eggs this weekend, how many individual eggs do I have left now?

10 minutes of TT Rockstars.

Countdown – have a go at the game. Countdown Link


Topic: (from the learning grid) You will be doing this activity over two days.

Promoting our Local Area

A visitor from another country is coming to stay in the town for a week.

You really need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places.

Where would you take them each day?

Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place.


PE: Here is another fun way to keep active today. Play the game with your family:


Thought of the day: Have a discussion with a member of your family.

If the answer is “Once with a fish”, what is the question?


BBC Bitesize: BBC Bitesize link  

BBC Bitesize - Homepage 


Good afternoon Year 5. As we reach the end of another week, I've been super happy to see all the wonderful home learning you have been up to. Please keep sending all your fabulous photos over and i'll pop them on the website next Friday. Stay safe and keep smiling - Miss Mullis 

Keeping fit with Joe Wickes.

Fabulous Easter Crafting and cards. 

Baking yummy cookies using a Tudor recipe. 

An amazing Robot Spider.  

Using new skills - making sandwiches for a garden picnic. 

Having a lovely garden picnic with the family. 

Outdoor fun as part of the daily outdoor exercise. 

Geography - map work and place names! Amazing! 

Thinking about reasons why it's good to read! 

This is AMAZING! A treasure hunt with clues - very detailed. 

Home learning for Friday 17th April


  • Read two chapters of your book to an adult. Explain what has happened, what your favourite part was and why.

  • Add the suffix ‘able’ to these root words: adore, apply, tolerate, consider, knowledge, enjoy, advise, excite. Think carefully about the spelling rule to make sure they are spelt correctly.


Round the number 259,996 to the nearest 1000. Round it to the nearest 10,000. What do you notice about the answers? Can you think of 3 more numbers where the same thing would happen?


Watch the first Sky Sports video on the Literacy Shed. Scroll part-way down the page. It should look like this:

Describe the reactions of the crowd, managers and/or officials. What could they see? hear? smell? taste? touch? You can use anything from your own experience/s as well.


Here is another fun way to keep active today. Play the game with your family:

Home learning for Thursday 16th April


  • Write down a sentence from your reading book. Identify which words are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs (look them up if you can't remember what they mean). Use a key to show which is which.

  • Write 10 words with the suffix ‘tion’. Challenge - can you find 3 on your Year 5/6 word list?


Have a go at the Nrich activity: Reach 100. The webpage explains what you need to do. We would love to see your working out/findings from this problem.


Play an outdoor game with your family. It could be one you know or one you make up.


Try out a yoga story session. This one is Harry Potter themed!

Home learning for Wednesday 15th April


  • Write an acrostic poem about one of the settings you are reading at home.
  • Write down and underline the prefixes from these words: redecorate, illuminate, incomplete, submarine, unnecessary, disrespect.


Write 10 numbers in Roman numerals. Challenge - can you write your date of birth in Roman numerals?


Now Press Play (the pink headphones!) have just released some of their experiences which can be accessed at home. Follow this link: and use the password: nowpressplay

You won't need headphones, it can just play through your tablet or laptop. It might be fun for the whole family to join in!


Here's a fun way to keep active today: spell out your first name and create your workout! (Stolen from Year 6!)

Home learning for Tuesday 14th April


  • Describe a character from a book you are reading at home, think about their personality as well as looks.
  • Write as many suffixes as you can think of and a word with that spelling, such as: ‘ing’ - teasing


  • Oscar says 'the number 345,050 is three hundred and forty five thousand and five'. Explain why he is wrong.
  • 15mins of TT Rockstars. We're still beating Year 6 - keep it up!


Find out the shapes and names of 5 European countries. Draw and label them in your book.


Join Joe Wicks live on his you tube channel from 9am. 

Home learning for Easter Monday


  • Think of and write down 5 reasons why people should read books. 
  • What do you notice about these spellings: peace/piece, vein/vain, great/grate? Write 6 more examples of these.


  • Write down as many different ways as you can to make 24. Be creative with your calculations, using different operations (add, subtract, multiply and/or divide).
  • 15mins of TT Rockstars. We're currently beating Year 6 - keep it up!


We know how much you have enjoyed learning about the Tudors so your challange is to think of a historical/Tudor themed word for each letter of the alphabet.


If you ate a lot of Easter eggs yesterday, you will need to get up and active today! Try completing a scavenger hunt. It can be one you make up or you can try this one: A-Z scavenger hunt

Friday 10th April

Home learning pack for Year 5

Hi everyone,

Hope we are all well and enjoying the glorious weather we are having at the minute! smiley

Above is next week's grid of work to complete at home. Please keep sending your photos and documents. Have a look and see if your work has been added so far below!

Miss Mullis

Hi there Year 5. As we arrive at Easter weekend and week 3 of home learning, you should all be super proud of yourselves! This week saw a heated battle between Bowler hats and Panama hats on TT Rockstars and lots messages and photos coming in, showcasing the amazing learning you have been doing at home. Super impressed that some of you have joined Carol Vordeman's online maths learning, and smashing it - WOW! Don't forget, the next TT Rockstar battle is ALL of Year 5 against Year 6. You know what to do...

Have a lovely Easter weekend. Stay safe, keep smiling - and eat lots of chocolate! 

Miss Mullis 

Home Learning - Week 3 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

Some amazing craft and scientific learning, using light! 

Amazing Interview with a parent. Super proud :-) 

Getting busy writing the interview answers...

And THEN, showing some amazing typing and keybord skills. 

Some incredible outdoor exploration and learning about local history. 

We might not to be able to go on holiday, but the holidays still come to us. Fun back garden camping in this lovely warm weather :-) 

This really is AMAZING! Hair dying useing crepe paper! Made my day when this came through - super inventive and a great result. Who even knew it was a thing? And fabulous green hair over Easter weekend to boot! Hurrah! 

Home Learning for Good Friday

Literacy: Watch the Easter Story. Retell the story in your own words

Maths: We are entering our biggest TT Rockstars Battle yet Yr5 vs Yr6. Time to play!

Topic:  Design your own Easter egg using lots of crazy patterns and colours. Send your finished designs to us via email and we will put them up on this page.

PE:It's going to be a hot day. Why not enter into a water fight in your garden- ask permission first!

Home learning for Thursday 9th April

Thank you and well done for all your hard work for TT Rockstars Battle of the bands! It was close, but we were pipped at the post in the very last hour, having been in the lead ALL week. 

The next battle starts tomorrow, until next Friday. This time the battle is between Year 5 and Year 6. Come on Year 5's - WE CAN WIN! 

Literacy: Story task:  Design a setting for a spooky story . Think about any settings that they have encountered in stories before.  Write a short description including expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.

Practise spellings on Spelling Frame.

Maths: Go online onto Daily arithmetic . You should aim to work on level 4, 5 and 6 activities.

Topic: Complete your project and present it to someone in your house. Why not send it to us via email?

PE: Join Joe Wicks live on his you tube channel from 9am.

Remember to take lots of breaks as well. Spread your work out through the day.

We love seeing your work so don't forget to drop us an email to let us know how you are getting on and attach some photographs, if you can.

Home learning for Wednesday 8th April

Literacy: What makes your family different to other families? What makes them the same?  Write a poem about your family, you may even want to perform it too. 

Practise the 10 spellings you have been learning this week. Ask someone in your house to test you. Practise again, the ones you got wrong.

Maths: Play on Hit the Button -  focus on times tables, division facts and squared numbers.

15mins of TT Rockstars. It's the final day of the battle and there are less than 500 points between us...COME ON BOWLER HATS - WE MUST WIN! 

Topic: Write up your project. Try to present it in an interesting and imaginative way.

PE: Set up a simple circuit in your garden or front room. Complete each activity for 2minutes and rest for 1 minute between.


Home learning for Tuesday 7th April

Literacy: Use the summary of main events from Monday's work to create a comic strip. Remember to make you pictures detailed as these provide lots of information and use speech bubbles for dialogue.

Practise the next 5 words on the Year 5/ 6 Common Exception Words (see list). Try to spell these out loud then make it harder by trying to spell them backwards, without the vowels or by spelling out every other letter. Make it a game with you family! 

Maths: Get a piece of paper and show everything you know about addition and subtraction. This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc. Be as creative as you want to be.

15mins of TT Rockstars. - We are STILL WINNING! Keep it up Year 5. 

Topic:  Carry on with your learning projects. Draft out your notes from yesterday into full sentences. Decide how you want to present the information

PE: Put on your favourite music and make up a warm up that moves all parts of your body. Teach it to a family member.

Remember to take lots of breaks as well. Spread your work out through the day.

We love seeing your work so don't forget to drop us an email to let us know how you are getting on and attach some photographs, if you can.

Friday 3rd April

Letter from Mrs Taylor

Home learning pack for Year 5

Year 5/6 word list

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and still smiling. I have uploaded a letter from Mrs Taylor and a new week's worth of work to keep you learning. Please read both carefully. This week has a theme called 'My family' and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will find out. Remember, I will be updating you from Monday with which activities I would like you to look at. Please keep sending me pictures/documents of what you've been doing as well.

Miss Mullis

Home Learning - Week 2 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

Very impressed with this Lego Technics car. 

Lovely colourful Tudor Rose. 

Lovely detailed Tudor Ship. 

Fantastic drawing skills in this Tudor Queen. 

Biography of William Shakespeare. Amazing presentation. 

Great poem about Fortnite! 

Home Learning - Week 1 

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

 Amazing dried apple Tudor food activity


 Fabulously detailed Tudor house model


 Tudor baking - they look so delicious I can smell them from here!

 Amazing group project - recreating The War of the Roses on Minecraft

 Amazing arithmetic - ALL correct and super neat. 


 Great research - creating a Tudor timeline

Super neat handwriting and presentation - writing about the Tudors 

Young Voices

We had a fantastic time at the Young Voices concert! It was a brilliant night of singing and dancing.





Year 5 really enjoyed designing, making and eating their vegetable curries.

Forests Schools

Despite the cold weather, we had a lovely time outside. 


Christmas Play

On Wednesday 11th December, Year 4 and 5 performed their Christmas play: 'When Sasha got swept up the chimney'. The children worked so hard rehearsing the songs and learning their lines in a short space of time. The staff were very proud of two great performances.



'"This is a good school." "All pupils...are well supported and make good progress from their starting points." ’Ofsted 2017
'"There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the school." "Pupils feel safe at school, they trust adults and know there is always someone to turn to if they need help." ’Ofsted 2017
'"Pupils enjoy their school life, especially the opportunities they have to learn through a variety of activities." "Pupils readily engage in activities and develop their curiosity and an appetite for learning ’Ofsted 2017