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Year 5 - Bowler

          Miss Mullis 


Tuesday 20th October 2020

Wow! We are heading very quickly towards the end of our first half-term!

It has been great getting to know you all and I am very, very proud at how amazing you have coped with all of the changes and different ways of doing things in school. You have all amazed me with your happy, sunny outlook and your thirst for learning, after such a long time off school. 

I think we all deserve a wonderful and restful half-term, with lots of autumnal fun! Happy Halloween! 

Stay Safe Year 5! 

Miss Mullis 


This half term we have had a lot of fun with our topic Heroes and Villains. We have researched and found out about The Suffragettes, Nelson Mandella, Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. 

In science we have investigated Light and refraction. We even created a rainbow in class! AMAZING! 

In maths we have revised out timestable knowledge, and practosed our place value skills. We have re-capped addition and subtraction too! We still need to work hard on rounding and place value, but we will be moving on to multiplication and division after half-term! 

Everyone has enjoyed English this half term with our book 'Stormrider' and the inspirantional main character Alex Rider! It has been amazing to see some of you go home and read more from the Stormbreakjer series! 

Creating and comparing HUGE numbers using number cards! Settling into a new school!

Larger than or smaller than symbol!

We experimented with water to discover how light refracts.

In history we created a timeline of events!

Angles! Acute, obtuse or reflex angles?

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