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Year 4 - Top Hats 2019/2020






Top Hats is Year Four - Mrs Church's class. 

Here is your Learning Passport which contains lots of creative tasks to help keep you busy over the summer holiday. We can't wait to see what you have made in September!!

(click the image below)

FRIDAY! 18.07.2020

Hello Year Four!

Last day of being in Year 4 today. We are very proud of you all and have enjoyed our time with you this year.

We hope that you have a lovely summer and get outside as much as possible.

See you all in September!

Best wishes

Mrs Church, Mrs Billingsley, Mrs Holmes and Miss Gelu xxxx

Thursday 17.07.2020

Good morning!

Two days to go! What have you got planned for the summer – send us an email to let us know.

We hope you have enjoyed looking through your school books from this year – we did so much together! Be proud of yourselves and have a rest ready to go again in September!

Make sure you have done some reading today – what book have you got?

Last day tomorrow!

Mrs C and Mrs B xxxx


Wednesday already!

Teachers are busy planning lots of exciting activities for your return in September, it will be so lovely to have you back.

Have a look at the home learning and focus on getting some of the spelling and maths work done today – you can do it!


Tuesday 15.07.2020

Hello everyone

Hope you have made a start on the transport topic – what will you do today??

What would you rather be – a pilot, train driver or bus driver?

The sun is out for the rest of the week so try to play some summer sports in your garden or the park – tennis, rounders, cricket?

Take care

Mrs B and Mrs C XX

Monday 13th July - Good morning Year 4!

Can’t believe this is the last week of the school year! Glad it is going to be a sunny one.

The home learning project is about transport this week – have a look and choose the tasks you would like to do.

Have you signed up to the Zoom call with your new teacher? Hopefully you will find this useful and it will help you to get ready for September. You will be in the upstairs rooms which is very grown up!

Have a good day everyone,

Mrs Church and Mrs Billingsley



Friday 10.07.2020

Friday already!

Have a look at the tasks you have still to do and choose one you really like.

Did you have a go at creating your own planet? That could be fun to do.

Ask someone to test you on the key vocabulary spellings we looked at on Monday – how many can you spell?

Time to reflect on the week and think about what else you would like to know about space.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Last week of Year 4 next week!

Mrs C Mrs B Mrs H and Miss G

Thursday 9th July

Thursday already!!

Are you enjoying the Space topic? Have you got any good books you can read about the topic or set in space?

Today you can have a look at the planet Mars! What did you think?

It would be lovely to see your stories – have a go! You can type or write them on paper. Maybe you could do it in a ‘graphic novel’ style like Arthur and the Golden Rope that we read in school. You are all so imaginative, we are sure you can do something amazing – don’t forget illustrations too!

Have a great day everyone

Year 4 team xxxx


Hello lovely Year 4!

Today there is a reading comprehension task to do:

Reading Comprehension Activity

Reading Comprehension Questions

We hope you get on ok and learn something new.

If we get some sunshine today, why not try the astronaut training course! See what ideas you and your family have and then time each other to complete it.

Have you been doing the daily spelling jobs? If not then make a start now – you will need good spelling skills for Year 5!

Take care everyone

Mrs B X and Mrs C X

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning everyone.

I am going to focus on maths today. The focus on the home learning is area and perimeter and I am hoping that lots of you will remember doing this in school – these tasks will be a very useful reminder before you go to Year 5.

If you can’t remember how to calculate area and perimeter then have a look on Espresso as they have useful videos. The BBC Bitesize home learning have useful supports too. Let us know if you are stuck!

Keep going with TT Rockstars! You can send challenges to anyone in school so see how quick you can be!

Have a good day Year 4 – keep working!

Year 4 team

Good Morning Year 4 - 06.07.2020

We hope you are all well and continuing to work hard with your home schooling. Two weeks of term left before the summer break. We hope you liked your school reports – lots to be proud of xx

This week the home learning topic is all about Space.

There are some fab activities this week. A good place to start is with the mind map of what you already know and then to start a word bank of key vocabulary.

Make sure you are reading every day – 10 mins a day makes a big difference.

Take care everyone and have a good Monday.

Mrs Church and Mrs Billingsley



This week....!

FRIDAY!! 03.07.2020

Friday is here! Hope you are all well and have had a good on the music topic.

This is definitely a good day to get dancing! Try the different genres and see how different music makes you move in different ways. Which is your favourite? We would love to see some videos!

Finish the maths and spelling works and have a go at learning one of the new songs suggested – there are some good links to listen to that will help you learn something new.

Hope your instrument is good! Send us a picture if you haven’t already.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Two weeks until the end of term – lots still to enjoy with your home learning.

Love from everyone in Year 4 xxxx

Thursday 2nd July

Morning everyone!

Hope you are all well.

If you haven’t done any spellings this week make this your focus for today. There are some great activities on the grid that will help you to learn and practise different patterns.

I like the task where you talk to people in your house about their favourite music – it would be great to have a little party where you listen to favourite songs!

Maths today is on TT Rockstars – try to beat your own score and send a challenge to a friend or your teacher!

Take care everyone xxxxxxx

Wednesday 1st July

It’s July! I wonder what this month has in store for us! Let’s look forward to some summer sunshine and holiday days with our friends and family.

Have a look at Wednesday’s tasks. The maths task looks fun – a real challenge! Probably best to ask a grown up before completing the reading task of putting their music collection in alphabetical order! They might never find their favourite cd again!

How are your instruments coming on? Why not record yourself playing a ‘tune’ and send it to us??

Have a good day everyone

Mrs C, Mrs B, Mrs H, Miss G XXXX

Tuesday 30th June

Hi Year Four!

The maths this week is about shape. Make sure you have a few goes on TT Rockstars this week too – it is important to keep practising your tables! The first maths jobs are to look at angles and go on a shape hunt. I wonder which shape you will find most of?

There are lots of films that have good soundtracks – have you got a favourite? See the link on the Home Learning grid to watch some famous musicals where the songs and music help to tell the story.

Happy Tuesday!

Year 4 staff xxxx

Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone.

The home learning focus this week is all about music – BRILLIANT!

Home Learning Grid

Have a look at the activities for Monday to get you started. It might be a good idea to have a think about the task to make your own instrument – what will you chose to make and what will you need? You can start to plan this and gather resources. Send us a picture of your finished instrument and tell us if it worked!

The poster about different types of music is interesting to read – I think I like all sorts of music, hard to pick just one. What about you?

Have a great day and keep in touch

Mrs Church and Mrs Billingsley

Sophie has sent me some pictures of her being very busy! She has been counting money (and selling her delicious eggs) as wel as cooking and looking after some chicks - cute!! Sophie has been working hard with her home learning - well done!


   Hope you don't loose count!!

FRIDAY 26.06.2020

Hope you are all enjoying the weather! Do you have pools out?? Water fights planned? Take care and send us a pic of you having fun!

Today is the last day of the famous people week so make sure you complete any of the jobs that you liked the look of. Please send us pictures of what you have been up to.

We only have three weeks left of school after this week!

You will be getting your school reports soon – we hope you like them!

Well done everyone, have a great weekend

Year 4 team XXXX

Thursday 25.06.2020

Hello Year 4

There are two tasks on Thursday’s jobs that look great – the maths and writing task. In maths you have been given the answer – think of your own questions. Make it as tricky as you can but keep checking your answer!

The writing task is giving your opinion on whether ALL famous people should be paid 1 million pound?? Is that too much? Too little?? Who should or shouldn’t get it? Have a think before you write and make sure your sentences make sense and explain your thinking clearly. We would love to read your ideas.

Have a good day – the sun is doing it’s magic this week so make sure you stay cool and enjoy it while you can.

Take care all

Mrs C and Mrs B xxxx


Hi folks

Wicked Wednesday already!

The task that looks really good today is finding out about the start of the NHS. I wonder if you know what those letters stand for? We have heard a lot about ‘protecting the NHS’ and even stood outside to clap for the brave workers but where did it all start? Maybe that will help you understand why it is so important and valued in our country.

Make sure you are getting some maths and reading done every day.

Who has been practising their neat handwriting??? Send us a picture of your best effort!

Have a great day everyone. WE MISS YOU!

Mrs Church, Mrs Billingsley, Mrs Holmes and Miss Gelu xxxx


Tuesday 23.06.2020

Good morning

Welcome to terrific Tuesday!

Today you can pretend to be a teacher! Explain how to add and subtract – it’s harder than it sounds!! Can your parents or older siblings follow what you say? Good luck.

Some great words suggested for you to practise – they will be fab to learn ready for Year 5!

Have a good day everyone.

Year 4 team xxxx

Monday 22nd June

Hello Year 4.

We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. It was great to talk to some of you last week. If we didn’t get hold of you, we will try again or keep sending the emails!!

The focus for the home learning this week is…. Famous People. Today you need to choose a famous or significant person to research. It can be anyone from a Scientist to a Dancer or a Footballer, Rugby player or an Artist. Let us know who you have choosen.

Monday’s reading task is one of our favourites – read somewhere unusual! Please, please send us pictures of that one!!

Take care and we will be back on Tuesday with more to keep you busy!

Year 4 teachers



FRIDAY! 19th June

Last day of this topic so make sure you have done all the activities you wanted to do.

The daily tasks include – finding out about a new author (always a great idea) Creating a leaflet about the rainforest (you can use your creative skills too) and comparing temperature and rainfall (interesting)

We hope you have enjoyed this week and learnt something new. Please make sure you have sent your teacher at least one piece of work.

Enjoy your weekend – we will be in touch next week.

Take care everyone


Thursday 18th June 06.2020

The week is flying by! Here are some ideas for today:

Crack on with some spelling practise and really challenge yourself to do a good job.

Have a go at the reading challenge – looking for ingredients in the cupboard – don’t eat all the chocolate!

Finally, have a go at the dancing activity – a great way to lift the spirits (get your parents involved too!)

Have a great day Year 4

Mrs Church, Mrs Billingsley, Miss Gelu and Mrs Holmes


Wednesday 17th June


Welcome to Wednesday.

Focus on maths today – investigate fractions and different ways of making halves and quarters. You can make patterns with this.

What is your latest time on TT Rockstars? Send a challenge to a friend today and see who wins!

We miss you!

Everyone in Year 4 xxxx

Tuesday 16th June


How did you get on yesterday?? It would be great to see your reading corners – send us a picture if you can!

You will need to use the document below for today’s work – creating your own quiz! There have been lots of great quiz’ to do during lockdown and now is your chance to make up your own! Send it to us and we can put it on the website for others to try.

One of the best things about this topic is the animals so give that task a go today – maybe you can draw one to send to Mrs Holmes – she would like that!

Take care all

Year 4 teachers

Rainforest Facts

Monday 15th June

Hello Everyone

We hope you are all well and have had a good weekend. Thank you to all those children who have been in touch and sent us work or just a message. We really do think about you all every day and it is lovely to hear from you.

The home learning this week is all about The Rainforest. There are some great activities and things we think you will enjoy.


Start today by turning a corner of a room in your house into a rainforest reading den! We would have done something like this in school I am sure!

The maths focus is fractions but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep going with your number work – keep practising your times tables!

Take care everyone

Year 4 teaching team


Friday 12.06.2020

Yippee, it’s Friday!

Today is a chance to finish off the planned daily lessons and choose a task that you haven’t done yet.

Try some indoor exercise today - challenge your family to join in too!

Make sure you find time to read a book of your choice - let us know what you have been reading this week.

Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.

Year 4 teaching team xxxx

Thursday 11.06.2020

Thursday already! Hope you having a good week.

Thanks to those who have been in touch - we do like to hear from you all.

Today might be a good day to do something creative. Have a go at designing your own logo for your favourite sports team - or for our school.

Why not find out about a sporting hero today? It can be from any sport - present it however you think looks good!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday 10.06.2020

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday!

How is your week going?

I really like ‘rainbow spellings’ to help you learn to spell - it makes you think carefully about each letter as you have to keep changing colours.

The maths activity - playing alien attack sounds great fun - let us know who won! Maybe you could play with someone from our class via a phone call??

Have a great day and keep in touch

love from


Tuesday 09.06.2020

Hello Year 4 

We hope you have made a start with your home learning this week - try to do something everyday - we have chosen work we think you will like!

The two activities that sound most fun today are the treasure hunt and writing interview questions - send us pictures of what you get up to!

Make sure you are still practising your times tables - your Year 5 teachers will be so impressed next year!

Have a great day

Year 4 staff

Monday 08.06.2020

Good Morning Year 4. We hope that you are all well.The Home Learning Project this week is all about Sport. The weather is looking OK for today and tomorrow so try to do some outdoor PE on those days. Today's learning is focussed on the great Mo Farrah. He is a tremendous athlete who has won lots of gold medals over his career.

Make sure you keep sending lots of pictures of you for the website page or just email us to keep in touch.

Take care everyone.

Year 4 Teachers

Home Learning Project - Week 12

Mo Farrah Fact Sheet

Mo Farrah Questions

Hi everyone

Nevaeh has sent me lots of pictures to show me what she has been up to. Have a look and see if you can spot her..... 1. Tie-dying her own t-shirt, 2. Cuddling her new baby bunny! 3. Pond dipping with her dog and enjoying caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies...




Well done, Nevaeh!!

Friday 05.06.2020

Hello and welcome to Friday's home learning!

You will need to use this document for today's work. It is really interesting so we hope you enjoy it.

One of the most important messages to take away from the work this week is protecting the vital habitats in the sea and on seashore. If you are lucky enough to visit the seaside over the summer - make sure you respect it and the animals and plant that live there. They are crucial to our planet and give us so much joy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, back on Monday with the next project to do!



Year 4 teaching staff xx

Thursday 4th June 2020

Hope you are all working hard! There is a lovely mapping task for today which should be fun. If you can, do this outside and see if someone can take a picture to send me - it is great for the class to see what you are up to!

Have you got any good books about the sea that you could read today? 

Have a lovely day and keep in touch xx

Wednesday 03.06.2020

Good Morning!

There are some lovely jobs for Wednesday on the home learning project. It would be lovely to see what work you do so please send us some to read!

There is so much still to discover about life under the sea so enjoy your research.

Year 4 teaching staff

Tuesday 02.06.2020

It's Mrs Church's birthday so send her an email! (Mrs Billingsley had her birthday in the holiday so you can send her a message too!)

We hope you are enjoying the new home learning topic. Please complete the activities for Tuesday and choose a topic task. There is a lovely sketching job that would be nice to sit in the garden to do!

Year 4 staff

Good morning Year 4

Welcome back to home learning. The topic this week is all about Under the Sea and we think it is great!

The pack is below and there is also a resource to use for today's lessons. 

The grid looks a bit different because there is an activity for each day - this will hopefully help you to organise your work.

Please keep in touch and send us pictures of all your lovely work!

Mrs Church and Mrs Billingsley

Home Learning Project 01.06.2020

Resource for Monday


Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning children,

It is Eid tomorrow, so as we have been looking at celebrations this week, it would be lovely if you would design a card and send it to Miss Gelu.  Do you remember the lovely C.A.R.E. lesson that she did for us last year?  We all learned about Ramadan and there was a song called 'Ramadan Moon' - the moon tells us when it is the beginning of Eid.  

Enjoy your reading today and if you are feeling imaginative, you may like to have a go at writing your own playscript for a story that you enjoy, then perform with your family.

It's half term next week, so we won't be sending any home learning to you.  Just enjoy the time with your families and stay safe.

With best wishes,

Mrs Church x 


Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Year Four!

I hope that you are all well.  We've been looking at celebrations this week, so I thought it would be a nice idea for you to create a board game that focuses on celebrations. Think about what people can learn from it? Think about how to play the game. Is it going to be a game like Monopoly or Snakes and ladders? Are you going to need a dice? Cards? Characters? You can practise reading, writing and maths skills in this activity.

Remember to enjoy your reading time - discuss your favourite character with someone you live with.

Enjoy your day.

Best wishes,

Mrs Church x


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello children!

Welcome to a very warm Wednesday!  Our main priority is to stay cool and protect ourselves from the sun!

Today, you may like to have a look at the link to multiplication on Bitesize or perhaps read the last chapter of Around the World in 80 Seconds and find out what happens to our adventurers.

How many different types of celebrations are there? Who celebrates Christmas? St Patricks? St George? St David?  Easter? Eid? Diwali? Chinese new year? And how? Which celebrations have they taken part in? What usually happens?  You could create a factfile.

Later on, find somewhere cool to enjoy a good book.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Church x


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning children,

I hope that you are well and enjoying the return of the sunshine (remember to wear sun protection!)  It's a beautiful day to be outdoors, so why not go for a walk, bike ride or perhaps a gentle jog?  

Let's practise our maths skills first - spend some time on TT Rockstars and Hit the Button, then have look at the perimeter link to Bitesize.  Can you find the perimeter of some of the rooms in your home? Afterwards, you may like to have a look at the spelling link to Bitesize and have a go at writing some of the silly sentences - I wonder what you will come up with?!  Perhaps you would like to research celebrations around the world.  You will have learned about some celebrations in your C.A.R.E. lessons, so see what you remember and what you can find out.

As always, enjoy your reading time - perhaps you could read to your toys - it's just an idea!!

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Church x



Hi everyone

Hope you have had a lovely, sunny weekend.

Here is the Home Learning Pack for this week. The focus is on 'Celebrations' so a good excuse to have a party everyday! Maybe you can have afternoon tea in the garden or make up a game of pass the parcel or musical statues!

We hope you enjoy the activities. Please send us pictures of your work and make sure you look on here everyday to see what others have been up to!

Take care everyone

Year 4 staff

Year 4 Home Learning 18.05.2020


Daisy has been busy - here are some pictures she has sent to me.

 She has been doing lots of baking, cooking and paining stones for her fairy garden. She also wrote a lovely letter to her local shop - I bet they loved it! Great work yes



Archie has sent me a very interesting presentation all about food groups to help us eat a healthy and balanced diet. Have a look and see which food groups you have eaten from today!

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Archie - A balanced diet


Friday 15th May 2020

Happy Friday!!

Today I would like you to research lunch around the world and investigate how differently people eat in other parts of the world. Find out what a vegetarian is? Vegan? Kosher food? Halal food?  Afterwards, it would be great if you could get involved with making a meal by combining a variety of ingredients using a range of cooking techniques.  Measure and weigh ingredients appropriately to prepare and cook a range of savoury dishes.  I look forward to you sharing your pictures.

As always, remember to get your daily exercise and enjoy some quiet time with a good book.

Wishing you a lovely day and a great weekend,

Mrs Church x 



When I was in school on Tuesday, Cilla came to see me and pinched my chair!! Here she is: 

One of the tasks this week is about recipes and Leah has sent us this one to try! It sounds delicious! Thanks Leah yes

Leah's Magical Muffins!


Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello children,

And Good Day Sunshine!!  

Firstly, let's wake ourselves up with some exercise - maybe a brisk morning walk or joining in with Joe Wicks.  There is a lovely poetry activity on your Home Learning Pack, just follow the link to BBC Bitesize, then have a go at writing your own acrostic food poem.  Alternatively, you could read the next chapter of Around the World in 80 Minutes and complete the information booklet about New York.

This is a great opportunity to get creative with food.  Have a look at the ideas on the Home Learning Pack.  Will you choose to do some potato printing, draw a bowl of fruit or find crazy faces in food?  The choice is yours!

As always, wind down with a lovely book.  Where will you choose to read today?

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Church x


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning,

Welcome to Wednesday! Let's start the day with some TT Rockstars.  Work on your recall speed of times tables facts - this is a life skill that will always be useful!

Have a go at the spelling activities - choose five common exception words to practise in bubble writing, then try the BBC Bitesize activity on Tenses.  It's important to make sure that you know the difference between past, present and future tense and that you use the correct one when you are writing for different purposes.

Remember to get your daily exercise and if you feel hungry afterwards, why not investigate the five main food groups and decide upon a healthy choice of snack to replace your energy.  Can you make it yourself?

As always, round off your day with a relaxing read - try to find somewhere different to enjoy your book today!

Have a great day,

Mrs Church x


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning children,

I hope that you are well.  Today, I would like you to start off with a Maths focus.  Have a go at the rounding activity (follow the link on the Home Learning Pack), then follow the Supermovers link and find the 'Rounding a Number' dance - you can learn and move at the same time! Great!  Remember to get at least half an hour of exercise in per day.

As our focus is food, is there anything that you could help with in the kitchen?  Ask a grown up if you could make some sandwiches for lunch or help to prepare some ingredients for dinner.  Just be careful by the hot stove and oven.  Could you write a review of a meal that you have eaten or make up your dream menu for the perfect three-course meal?

Finally, remember to read every day - try to find somewhere different to read each day and send your photos in to school.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Church x 



We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families.

Here is the Home Learning Pack for this week.

The topic is - Food - something we are all thinking a lot about when we are sat at home! laugh

Please send us pictures of your work so we can see what you have been up to.


Year 4 Home Learning Pack 11.05.2020 FOOD


Friday 8th May

Happy VE Day to you all!!

We hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating this special anniversary!

With best wishes,

The Year Four Teaching Team

Thursday 7th May

Good morning children and welcome to another sunny day!!

Tomorrow is VE Day, so I would like you to do some research.  What does VE stand for? When was the first VE Day? What was happening in Europe at the time?  Who announced VE Day? What did people do when VE Day was announced? Challenge question - how many times did the Royal Family appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace that day?  Can you spot a very young Queen Elizabeth II?

After your research, you may like to plan some celebrations with your family for tomorrow.  You may choose to bake a cake, make some cucumber sandwiches or decorate some bunting with the Union Jack.  There are plenty of ideas to inspire you on the internet.  You may also like to play some music from that era.  Do you remember singing 'We'll Meet Again' by Dame Vera Lynn at school?  I'm sure that you will hear that song tomorrow.  The songs 'Pack up your Troubles' and 'Run Rabbit Run' were also relevant during World War Two.

It sounds like you have a very busy day ahead of you!!  Please make sure you get your daily quota of exercise, either outdoors or joining in with Joe and Rosie Wicks.  You may like to select an activity of your choice from the home learning pack, or just cuddle up and read - that's one of my favourite parts of the day.

Wishing you a very Happy Thursday.  Stay safe.

With best wishes,

Mrs Church xx


Morning everyone

A sunny day to enjoy!

Focus today on maths - use hit the button to improve your quick recall of number facts - doubles, halves, addition, subtraction and times tables - see if you can improve your own scores!

Test yourself on telling the time too. Count in fives around the clock face to help you work out digital times. And remember big and small hands when looking at an 'analogue' clock.

Finally, play shops (in the garden??) to practise adding amounts and giving change.

We look forward to hearing how you are getting on!

Year 4 teachers xx



Tuesday 5th May

Good morning children,

I hope this message finds you all well.  May I begin by saying how lovely it is to hear about the amazing activities that you are enjoying at home.  It always makes me smile when you send me your pictures and messages - please keep them coming! 

We all know how important it is to keep active.  Perhaps some of you will join in with the Joe / Rosie Wicks keep fit session, or if you feel that Spring is in the air, it is the perfect time to start brushing up on your cricket skills!!  Get those four and six cards at the ready!!

Some of the activities are based upon the environment.  Design a poster that expresses the importance of recycling, not dropping litter or another UK environmental issue. Can you think of a catchy slogan to accompany our design?  Perhaps you could display your poster at home to remind family members about these issues.  Afterwards, think about what the weather is like around the world? Which countries are most likely to have a snowstorm, torrential rain, heatwaves etc… Find out about natural disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados etc….. How is climate change having an effect on the weather and natural disasters?

You may wish to practise your addition skills - just follow the BBC Bitesize link on the home learning pack.  Finally, read to a grown up, your teddies, younger family member or the dog/cat! Make sure you read with expression and ask them questions about what you have read!

Wishing you all a very Happy Tuesday!

Mrs Church xx

04.05.2020 (May the Fourth be with you!)

Good morning Year 4 and welcome to a new week. The sun is supposed to be back with us this week so that is good.

The new home learning pack is below this message - it is all about the Environment.

As always, do your best to do some learning everyday and keep reading!

Today we would like you to focus on the spelling tasks (those who have Nessy can go on that too!) We are getting quite good at spelling the Common Exception words so there is an activity about using 'apostrophes' to have a look at too.

We would like to say again - a BIG well done to everyone who added points on TT Rockstars last week - hopefully you are feeling confident about your times table knowledge too!

Keep emailing us pictures of your lovely work, we try to get as many on the website as we can.

Have a good Monday everyone!

The Year Four Team xx

Year 4 Home Learning Pack 04.05.2020


Here is some interesting work that Nikita has done about Sloths. I learnt some new things, thanks Nikita:

All about Sloths

Keira sent me these pictures to show what she has been up to. She has been very creative:



Well done to everyone who contributed to our winning TT Rockstars battle score! We are very pleased with your efforts! Have a lovely weekend xx


Hello everyone. How lovely to see the sunshine this morning. 

Well done to everyone who has added some points to the Year 4 TT Rockstars battle - there is still time to do your bit! The battle ends at 5pm today so let's see what score we can get! Keep going everyone!

There are two homework tasks I thought I would mention to finish the week and they both have a similar theme - predators. Have a go at writing a poem about a bird of prey - maybe watch a video first to get some ideas and then think of the best adjectives and adverbs to describe it. They are beautiful birds.

The other job is to find out about predators and investigate food chains. You could draw some to show how each part of the chain is dependent on each other.

Enjoy your Friday - we will check in at the end of the day to see what the final TT score is!

Take care

Year Four staff xx

Well done all year 4 TT Rockstars - you are doing a fantastic job - keep going everyone! Do your best!


Look at Rudie's lovely pets! (Yes those are snails!)


Wow! Look at this amazing Hanz Franc artwork that Daisy has done! She must of worked really hard on this. Top job - I hope you are going to frame it!



A huge well done to all those Year 4's who have been on TT Rockstars this week - we are very proud of how hard you are trying. KEEP IT UP! Two days to go so try to get as many points as you can.

I hope you are enjoying the animal topic work - have you created your factfile yet or invented an animal from your imagination?? Give it a go today!

Please send us pictures of any artwork you have done.

Also - keep yourselves fit and get dancing or joining in with Joe Wicks!

Take care and keep in touch 

Year 4 teachers xx

Wednesday 29th April

Happy Wednesday children!!  I hope all is well with you.  Our top priority today has to be the TT Rockstars battle with Year Five - they are way ahead of us.  Please try to find some time to go on Garage and answer as many questions as you can - thank you. xx

After we have beaten Year Five(!), you can research the artist Franz Marc.  He drew animals in a very unique manner.  Google 'Franz Marc animals' and take a look at some of his work.  Then choose and animal and use a pencil and pencil crayons to create a drawing of your own.  Email a photograph to me afterwards - I would love to see them.

With best wishes,

Mrs Church xx

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning children!

Well done for the great start that you made with the TT Rockstars battle against Year Five yesterday - let's keep up the good work! We've got this!!

The weather isn't looking good this week, but it's still important to keep active - find a Joe Wicks workout to join in with!  

We hope that you like the animal based activities that we have chosen for you this week.  Today, try to watch an episode of Deadly 60, take notes on one or two animals that you are interested in and create an information page about them.  Remember to use headings and sub-headings.  If you like, you could try to create some animal Top Trumps cards.

Have a lovely day and stay safe. 

With best wishes,

Mrs Church xx


Archie has had a very busy weekend. He has made a bug hospital and had great fun slipping and sliding in the sunshine!


Well done to Archie, Sophie and Jack for making a great start in the TT battle! Come on Year 4, we can do it!

Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone. Here is the next Home Learning Pack for Year 4. It's a great one as it is all about animals. We hope you enjoy the tasks and send us some great work to look at.

We are in a TT Rockstars battle with Year 5 this week so everyone needs to play lots of games this week! Good luck everybody - we can do this!!

Year 4 Home Learning 27.04.2020 - Animals

From the Year 4 Team


Lovely to hear from Sophie today. She has been busy doing school work and also getting out for walks with her family and their dogs - what lovley bluebells!

 Our topic this half term would of been about European countries - Italy, Spain and France - so Sophie has done some research at home:



Happy Friday everyone!

Two jobs for today - choose a final task from this weeks home learning AND - email your Teacher, Teaching Assistant or Mrs Taylor! Let us know how you are and what work you have been doing.

Have a lovely weekend

Year 4 Team 



Hi there lovely Year 4!

It's going to be a warm day today so keep cool! It might be a good day to think of your super-powers! What would you do with an extra skill? 

When you are indoors - think about what films you have watched and send us your reviews! Maybe you could record yourself and send me a video, just like on TV! You could interview other people in your house and see what they thought of the film.

Take care and keep in touch

The Year 4 team x


Here are some pictures of our fab top hatters being busy! See who you can spot! (Dannii has been looking at character words, Rudie has built a den and Leah is being brilliantly creative!)

Keep sending me pictures, I love to see what you are getting up to!





Hello Year 4!

The tasks I have chosen for you today are - 

Photography - this will get you busy in the garden. Take photos from different angles of the same object and compare. When you are next watching a film, take notice of different camera angles.

Design - what world will you create? What do we 'need' to survive? What would make your world fair and also a nice place to live?

Don't forget to keep reading!

Take care

The Year 4 team xx


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning children,

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful weather - it's not too hot and not to cold!!  Let's start the morning with a Maths activity - practise counting forwards and backwards from any given number in 3s, 5s or 7s.  Could you make up a board game using these number patterns?  Create a game to play with you family!  Then, choose five of your common exception words and practise spelling them as pyramid words - such fun and a great way to learn them.  Remember to get plenty of exercise and fresh air!  When you get tired, snuggle up with a family member and enjoy a book together - what will happen next?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Mrs Church xx

Good morning Year 4

We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Below is your Home Learning Project Pack for this week. We hope you enjoy the tasks and look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Year 4 staff

Year 4 Home Learning Project 20.04.2020

Year 4 Spelling List (Common Exception Words)

Friday 17th April

Happy Friday children!!

I hope you are all well.  Did you join in with the Clap for our Carers last night?  The support is very much appreciated.  Have you seen Captain Thomas Moore on the news?  He's a true gentleman and an inspiration to us all.  I hope that these acts of care and human kindness will help us to get through this tricky time.  I can't wait to see you all again!

Let's think about our local area.  We have many interesting buildings in Atherstone.  Choose one and write some questions about it - don't forget your question marks! Then, use the internet to try to find out the answers.  Could you then draw a map of your local area?  You can get creative with this, drawing the different buildings and creating a key for roads, canals, parks etc. Afterwards, snuggle up with a grown up and ask them about what life was like for them growing up.  Did they grow up in Atherstone?  If not, where did they grow up?  What was it like for them?  How has it changed?  Be curious and ask lots of questions - I know you can do it!!

Best wishes to you and your family - stay safe.

Mrs Church xx

P.S. We are going to send your next Home Learning activities to you on Monday morning - relax and enjoy the weekend! x 


Daisy has sent me some lovely pictures of her enjoying the Easter holidays. She has chosen some of the activities to do and also been out and about getting some exercise. I enjoyed reading about her big brother and seeing her finding a cosy place to read! 



Thursday 16th April

Good morning children,

I hope you are all well and that you were able to get out and about yesterday.  Today, focus on telling the time.  Use digital and analogue clocks around the house to tell the time to quarter past, quarter to and to the nearest five minutes.  Afterwards, try to get outdoors.  Does the garden need a tidy up?  Is there anything that you could help with?  Perhaps plants some seeds, pull up some weeds or collect the cut grass.  Finally, cuddle up and enjoy a book with a member of your family.  Wonderful!

Enjoy your day and stay safe. 

With best wishes,

Mrs Church xx

Wednesday 15th April

Good morning children! I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the Easter break.  The weather is beautiful, so how about looking for some signs of Spring and creating a Spring Diary.  You can add to it as the days go by - seeing ducklings on the canal, blossom trees in bloom, lambs in the fields etc.  I think I'm going to keep a Spring Diary too!!  After that, you can get competitive on TT Rockstars  - beat that personal best!!

Enjoy this lovely day!

With warm wishes,

Mrs Church xx

10.04.2020 Good Morning Year 4!

Here is the weekly home learning project to keep you busy over the next week. Choose activities that you would like to complete:

Year 4 Home Learning Project 10.04.2020

Easter is an important religious time for Christians and this one will always be remembered. Enjoy time with your family this weekend, the weather is going to be lovely so get outside in your gardens! 

We will be back in touch with you all next week.

From all the Year 4 staff xx 


9th April 2020

Good morning children!

I hope this message finds you all well and staying safe in the sunshine! 

How about reading the first chapter of an exciting story today? Follow the link to Purple Mash and read chapter one of Around the World in 80 Minutes – complete the quiz.

To find the story go to Purple Mash, Teachers, Serial Mash Teacher’s Area, scroll down to Emeralds (7-9), find the story Around the World in 80 Minutes.

Have a lovely day! 

08.04.2020 Good Morning Year Four!

Hope you are all well and managing to do some holiday things at home as well as a bit of school work - why not take a book outside to read today? Maybe you can make a den to read in or even put a tent up?!

When you are inside, maybe write an email to a family member or to one of your school friends telling them what you have been up to. Remember - keep practising your timestables!

Have a good Wednesday 

Rudie has sent me these great pictures to show how hard he has been working! What a star! 



Tuesday 7th April

Good morning children!

I hope that you all well.  Remember that it is the Easter holiday and you should be spending quality time with your family.  If you would like a project to do together, here is an idea - Who is in your immediate family? What other relatives do you have? How does their family link together? How many people do they have in their family? Why not spend time looking through old photos and talking about the people in their families.  What family stories can they tell? How is life different to their parents? Grandparents?  Now, let's get creative!  Create a piece of artwork entitled ‘Family’. This could be a drawing, a self-portrait, a sculpture or collage.  Can you challenge yourself to create a family tree?

Send me pictures of your work - I would love to see them.

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Church xx

Monday 6th April

Good morning children! 

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend, enjoying some time in the garden with your family and of course, staying safe. 

It would be a good idea to spend twenty minutes on TT Rockstars today on the Soundcheck game - see if you can beat your own personal best!!  Also, practise those common exception words.  Just choose five, find out what they mean and write a  sentence using each one.  Remember those fronted adverbials!!

Remember to send me any pictures of you getting creative.

Have a lovely Monday.

With best wishes,

Mrs Church smiley


Good morning everyone! Here is the home learning Project work for next week. Please choose a few activities for each day and share any work you can with me. We hope you have fun! Take care and enjoy the sunshine in your gardens this weekend cool

Letter from Mrs Taylor

Year 4 Home Learning Project 03.04.2020

Year 4 word list (for your spelling work)



Dannii has been really busy! She has made slime, been on lots of dog walks as well as doing lots of her school work. Top job, Dannii! smiley





Look at Lexi's lovely spring picture yes

Nikita loves maps! Look at this great one he sent me showing Africa and America. Good work!

Henley has been busy and sent me this email about his day:

On Thursday 26th march me and My little brother did forest schools at my aunties. We prepared a fire 

by  collecting sticks and leafs then we toasted marshmallos.  I also helped my brother with his spellings and did some online work. smiley


Henry has done a brilliant power point all about his favourite band. Hope you like it!

/admin/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Henry's%20Power%20Point.pptx     (Click on the link)


Look how busy Leah has been! Great work!



Hello everyone!

I thought I would put on some pictures of the work people are doing at home. Have a look and see if you can spot yours! Keep sending me pictures, I am really enjoying seeing what you have been up to! Mrs Church x

In art we have been finding out about sculpture. We will be using clay to create our own Viking figureheads. Here are some pictures of use practising the skills we will need to produce our finished work.




In Geography we have been looking at OS maps to find places and learn about keys and grid references. The children really enjoyed finding different symbols on the maps and talking about where they would choose to live:




On Friday the children completed a circuit training session to challenge their fitness. They had great fun! We will do this again at the end of the half term to see how much they have improved! Go Top Hats!!



Busy builders!



We have had a great first week back in school! We are studying a history topic this half term and the class have really enjoyed our lessons so far - ask them about the toilet roll!!

We have made some brilliant models of Anglo-Saxon villages:




'"This is a good school." "All pupils...are well supported and make good progress from their starting points." ’Ofsted 2017
'"There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the school." "Pupils feel safe at school, they trust adults and know there is always someone to turn to if they need help." ’Ofsted 2017
'"Pupils enjoy their school life, especially the opportunities they have to learn through a variety of activities." "Pupils readily engage in activities and develop their curiosity and an appetite for learning ’Ofsted 2017