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Year 4 - Flat Cap

Welcome to the Flat Cap

Class Page!

Welcome back Year 4! What a strange end to Year 3 that was.

Here is where we will post updates of what we have been up to and what we are doing next! It will also have some useful information and links to support you with home learning.

Our first Gold Ribbon assembly in a very long time - it was so lovely to get together and for the children from different year groups to see each other. This weeks awards were focused on keeping healthy and fit.



Let's talk about you... 

Smiley - Wikipedia

We are living through some very strange and uncertain times. Everything seems very different because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. However we are here to reassure you that you are our number one priority which means we not only care about your physical safety but your mental health and emotional safety. The news can be scary at the moment so here are a few links to help you if you are feeling anxious, worried or even if it's just something to do to distract you from those worrying thoughts...

It is important to look after yourselves at home and in school! 

Useful links

Microsoft Teams-

Microsoft Teams - Wikipedia

Don't forget to sign in to your Teams account regularly. This is where you will find the latest homework, quizes challenges and messages from the Year 4 staff!

TT Rockstars-

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

Remember how important your times tables knowledge is! Practise plenty of times at home to help you perfect that rapid recall of facts. Here is the the link to the website- 

Purple Mash-

Purple Mash

Purple Mash has lots of activities, information, games and other useful things to help support you in your learning online!

Reading Support-

Reading in English: A guide for learners

Aswell as reading your school book and any other texts you have at home (magazines, newspapers, emails, letters etc), Once upon a picture has some fantastic images, videos and activities that you wouldn't usually come across at home. These are really useful as they help you with your reading skills.

Summer Term 1

What a relief it is to be back in school together post lockdown. Over the last 6 weeks we have been learning about a very special lady named Delia. Delia went on a vwery famous adventure aboard to Titanic and below is some examples of what we have learnt. 


We have been reading the text Survivor by Stephen Davies to support and structure our work. It is really exciting! 

Class Reads

The Twits (Colour Edition): Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin:  9780141369341: Books               George's Marvellous Medicine (Dahl Fiction): Dahl, Roald,  Blake, Quentin: 9780141365503: Books

In the afternoons Mr Lewis read us some Roald Dahl poetry and then introduced us to George's Marvellous Medicine & The Twits. We really enjoyed these stories and found Roald Dahl to be a funny author with some wonderfully creative ideas! 

More recently we have been reading "The Railway Children" by Edith Nesbit which has linked closely to our work on the victorians and the impact the railways had on everyday life in Britain. 

                                                               The Railway Children Wordsworth Children's Classics: Nesbit,  E.: Books


In celebration of this years poetry week the children have been creating poetry using lots of different poetries for inspiration! We presented them to each other using intonation and expression to really perform the poems. They were fantastic! 


We have been building towers in Year 4. Using construction straws we had the challenge of making a tower that could suport the magnets we were using to investigate in Science. The tower had to be as tall as possible but completely support itself. We looked at strategies to make the tower stronger, including linking it to our work in Maths surrounding shapes. Did you know that triangles act as cross beams and will make a square frame stronger. 


We have also been looking at levers and pulleys this half term. We had a go at making our own out of card! What do you think?


Autumn Term 2

Welcome back everyone, we hope that you had a safe and happy half term break.  


Our topic this half term is  "REVOLUTION"  it is all about the the industrial revolution during the Victorian era.  

In Science we are going to be investigating forces on objects and looking at friction. 

Our class text this half term is "Street Child"  written by Berlie Doherty which follows the life of Jim and his family as they navigate their way through hard times and an impoverished upbringing during the victorian industrial boom. 

In Maths we are spending severals weeks on adding and subtraction, focusing on several different strategies for mental and written methods and including some reasoning and problem solving.

In PE we will be learning practising our balances and varying ways of moving to create our own gymnastics routines. 

In Design and Technology, we will be investigating how levers and pulleys work and making some of our own. 

In RE we are thinking about  Festivals, focusing on Christmas, Eid, Diwali and Passover. 


Autumn Term 1


This half term one of our texts was looking at the story "Escape from Pompeii" which followed the lives of two Roman children fleeing the city in the wake of the Mt Vesuvius eruption. The children enjoyed describing life in the city before the eruption and comparing it to life after using expanded noun phrases to describe the destruction. You can watch a useful timelapse here- 

The children found this very helpful when explaining what it would have been like. From this story we learnt lots about the romans and their civilisation. It amazed us at how many things the Romands invented and how similar some of the day to day lives of the people were to today, for example, the theatre, buying things at the market etc. 

The Roman Soldier

We discussed as a class how the Romans could conquer so much of the world. We talked about the training, the equipment and armour, the startegies, the diet and the wonderful inventions that pushed humanity on leaps and bounds! 

Training Camp

This half term we looked at the Roman invasion of Britain and the lasting impact this had on our country to this day. Here is some of the higlights from "a really awesome topic!". 

You all trained as Roman soldiers and underwent a training camp which helped you to understand the latin instructions! 

"Claudio!" (Halt)          "Dexter!" (Right)                "Sinister!" (Left) 

             "Redi!" (About turn)             "Percute!" (Charge)


Now we are in Autumn 2 we have been looking at magnets & materials. We investigated to see which materials were magnetic and which ones were not. We predicted then carried out an investigation to check if we were right. In conclusion we thought...

"Most metal materials are magnetic but some break the rule such as aluminium. The drinks can was not attracted to the magnet which means it is not magnetic."

We have been investigating body facts and fictional statements. We were given a selection of statements that we need to investigate to find out if it is true or not. Is your forearm as long as your foot? Ask us and we will tell you! 


Continuing our work on shape, we sorted 3D shapes according to their properties. 



More Maths-



Here is some of our Maths investigations over the last few weeks! 


You learnt about this Celtic warrior and her valiant efforts to repel the roman invasion! We were amazed to see about her activities in the local area and admired how difficult it was to unite the Celtic tribes.

At the end of our topic we even met Boudicca and tried to convince her that actually perhaps the Romans weren't that bad really. 

Roman Mosaics 

We had a go at creating our own Roman Mosaics this half term. We looked at colour tones and patterns that are good for mosaics and discussed how we could make our own. They look fantastic! They're on display in the Year 4 corridor- go and have a look! 

What Roman Mosaics Reveal About Ancient Art          Fruit, Roman Mosaic (Illustration) - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Roman Geography

We used maps to look at the Roman empire and its weird reach of influence across much of the worlds land. We looked at how their inventions helped crush rebellions in these countries and how they could keep an empire and army of that size fed and equiped. We thought the creation of roads was so important in crushing the celts in Britain and the design was very clever. 

Roman Roads | Ancient Rome | Classic History | History | Yesterday Channel     Geology in Motion: The Environmental Fall of the Roman Empire: Review of an  article     Roman roads in Britannia - Wikipedia



Spelling Spot

A big focus this year is our Spelling. We are consolidating our Year 3 & 4 Common Exception Words.

We will be posting more important and useful links to support you with your spellings at home!

Bored? Look no further! 

Why not have a go at one of the activities or challenges below? There is some maths activities, Spelling activities, English activities and even a creative activity. 

Math's Challenge!                           Spelling Games

Newspaper Game                           Roman Arts & Crafts

Verbs and Adverbs Game

Comic Activity



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