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Year 3 - Trilby

Welcome to the Trilby's class page.

Welcome back to a new year everyone.  On our class page you will be able to find out what we have been learning about in the classroom.  The newest posts will always be posted to the top of the page for you.




Our currect topic is all about the Titanic and the children are loving this! 

We have been reading a book Called "Polar, the Titanic Bear."   It is a true story about a oy who was a passenger on the Titanic ship with his beloved toy bear, Polar.

Over the Easter holiday, we set the children a challenge to work with their parents to make a model of the Titanic.  When the children came back after the Easter holiday, we were overwhelmed by their brilliant model making skills.  Take at look at their work.






We enjoyed finding out all about the events that led up to the sinking of the Titanic today.  We matched sources of photo evidence with statements of events that were dated and timed.  We then put them into  order on a timeline.



22.04.21  -  The day the chairs quit!

When we all came into school today. the chairs had stacked themselves in the corner of our room and they told us that they'd quit!  We were in shock when we read the letter that they had written to us.  They told us that they were most upset about about the way we had been treating them.  They told us that they didn't like being left untucked, or being dragged across the floor.  They didn't like being covered in pencil sharpenings or having dirty tissues left on them.  But what they were most upset about was being trumped on!

The children had to write back to the chairs and appologise and persuade them to come back to work, because we couuldn't cope without them.  without chairs, writing was almost impossible!  Standing up and sitting down, we even tried lying down to write too. 



We didn't realise just how much we relied on our chairs at school.  After we wrote and appologised, they kindly agreed to come back to work.


03.12.20 -  Disability Day

Today we celebrated disability day and looked at 3 different disabilities that people around the world live with every day.  The children gained an understanding and an  appreciation of what the lives of people with various disabilities is like.

We explored blindness and experienced reading with Braile and smelling and tasting foods that we coouldn't see.  We also tried manoevering around the room with a human guide dog.


We explored what it was like to be disabled and we drew with our mouths and painted with our feet.


We also played bench ball on our bottoms sitting down so that we could try to experience sports like people in wheelchirs do.  It was a lot of fun, but very hard work. 



5.11.20   -   Year 3 Spellings Overview - Autumn 2

Here are the spelling lists for this half term.  We ask that you please support your child in learning their spellings each week.  They will come home with a paper copy of the same list on Friday 6th November.  There are 3 spelling groups and your child will know which group they are in.  Click on the link below to see each list.   The first spelling test wil be on friday 13th November.   

Group 1 spelling list        Group 2 spelling list        Group 3 spelling list

Thank you for your help with this, in advance smiley



To keep up to date with the latest class news, make sure you are logging in to your Teams account regularly using your welearn365 email and password. We will be posting homework, home learning materials for children who are isolating, quizzes and messages there.



Welcome back everyone, we hope that you had a safe and happy half term break.  

Our topic this half term is  "REVOLUTION"  it is all about the the industrial revolution during the Victorian era.  

In Science we are going to be investigating forces on objects and looking at friction. 

Our class text this half term begins with  "I was a rat!"  By Phillip Pullman and the children are already really enjoyng this story.  It has curious links to a well known fairy tale and is very mysterious.   

In Maths we are spending severals weeks on adding and subtraction, focusing on several different strategies for mental and written methods and including some reasoning and problem solving.

In PE we will be learning skills and tactics to be able to play Hockey. 

In Design and Technology, we will be investigating how levers and pulleys work and making some of our own. 

In RE we are thinking about  Festivals, focusing on Christmas, Eid, Diwali and Passover. 




We have been looking at Roman art work and architecture.  We discovered that the Romans loved Mosaics!  They used them to decorate public buildings and temples, Roman baths and they even used them to decorate the walls and floors of their homes.

We have produced some of our own mosiacs on a sea theme.  We think that they are rather good.  smiley



Six Dinner Sid: Moore, Inga: Books

We  have spent some time this term exploring the story of Six Dinner Sid.  It is a fantastic story all about a greedy cat who had six owners so that he could  have six dinners  a day! We thought that we could write a similar story about our very own school cat Cilla.  So we adapted this story, inspired by our love for Cilla the Outwoods Cat, we wrote our own versions of Six Dinner Cilla! 

To see more of Cilla's adventures, have a look at Cilla's very own twitter page!


4.10.20 - Topic Launch

We launched our new class topic this week all about The Romans.  We began to find out all about Mosaics which the Romans loved to decorate their walls, floors and sometimes ceilings with.  Then we used pieces of coloured plastic to create our own mosaics.


We looked at Roman maps and compared them to modern day maps to find out about Roman city names.  Then we made our own roman maps.

We also explored the features of a Roman settlement and created our own.



We found out about the Roman army and looked at symbols on a Roman Shield.  We made a class shield and some of our own too.


We began reading the story  "Escape from Pompeii."  This story follows the lives of Tranio and Liv as they flee from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. We spent time exploring what it means when a volcano erupts and why it is so devestating, before then writing our own versions of events. We will continue looking at this story over the half term.

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