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Year 3 - Fedora

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Mrs Lucas-Jones & Mrs Smith

Welcome to Fedora's class page! This is where we will keep you updated with what we have been learning over the course of the term.







5.11.20   -   Year 3 Spellings Overview - Autumn 2

Here are the spelling lists for this half term.  We ask that you please support your child in learning their spellings each week.  They will come home with a paper copy of the same list on Friday 6th November.  There are 3 spelling groups and your child will know which group they are in.  Click on the link below to see each list.   The first spelling test wil be on friday 13th November.   

Group 1 spelling list          Group 2 spelling list         Group 3 spelling list

Thank you for your help with this, in advance. smiley


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Autumn Term 1

Roman Mosaics - History, Materials, Facts and Examples – The Ancient Home

To kick off this term we jumped into our topic launch with a crash course on what it meant to be Roman! We explored the beautiful artform of mosaics, looking into the intricate roman designs and used glass tiles to have a go at making our own. Next on our whistle-stop tour of all things Roman, we looked at life as a Roman soldier and why the shield was such an important element of their uniform. Next we had a look at our maps matching up Roman towns to their modern equvilalents. 

Scutum - Child s Roman Shield made from Wood

To support our learning about the Roman way of life, we read Escape from Pompeii written by Christina Balit.

Escape from Pompeii: Balit, Christina: Books

This story follows the lives of Tranio and Liv as they flee from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. We spent time exploring what it means when a volcano erupts and why it is so devestating, before then writing our own versions of events. 


Six Dinner Sid: Moore, Inga: Books

We also spent some time this term exploring the story of Six Dinner Sid. A fantastic story about a greedy cat who found himself six owners so that he could always have six dinners! Taking this story and inspired by our love for Cilla the Outwoods Cat, we wrote our own versions of Six Dinner Cilla! 

To see more of Cilla's adventures, have a look at Cilla's very own twitter page!


We love a good story in Fedora's and have been reading a few books this term, including Billionaire Boy by David Walliams and Horrible Histories The Rotten Romans by Terry Deary.


Encore Books. Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans           Billionaire Boy by David Walliams - workbook (differentiated) | Teaching  Resources


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