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Year 2 - Flat Caps


   Welcome to Flat Caps!

Below you will see some of the wonderful things we have been getting up!


Quarantine Information

Hi everyone. What strange times we are living through! I just wanted to reassure you that we are all here for any questions/queries you might have, if it is just to say hello or tell us about what you have been up to then great I can't wait to read it. If it is help with the work you have been set or your online usernames and passwords aren't working please let me know and I will sort it for you. The news might seem really scary at the moment but we are all doing our bit by staying safe at home. Keep being superstars! I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Mr Lewis 

Home Learning

Friday 10th April

Good morning Year 2!

What another beautiful day ahead of us - I hope you're making the most of the sunshine, even if it is only in your garden. Another week under our belt and a bit closer to going back to normal - I can't wait to get back into school! Thank you so much to those of you who keep us updated and informed of what you have been doing; it really helps to keep us smiling.

Here is next week's learning packs, again hopefully there is a variety of activities for you to do as and when you can. 

10.04.20 home Learning Grid

10.04.20 Home Learning Project Pack

Enjoy Easter weekend and save me some chocolate! 

Stay safe everybody as always,

Mr Lewis

Thursday 9th April

Good morning Flat Caps!

Reading - Today I'd love for you to spend time reading, this could be to a sibling or parent; you could read outside or inside. Maybe find an unsual place to read and take a photo to send to us. Think about answering some questions such as:

- What do you think is going to happen and why?

- Why do you think that the character feels that way? How do you know?

- What does that word mean? Could we replace it with a synonym?

You could even have a go at writing some of your own questions on a reading book and asking them to a family member. Remember to find the evidence in the book for your answer rather than just guessing. 

Phonics - This would be a good opportunity to practise your phonics. You could do this in lots of different ways:

- Play on some of the phonics games listed such as phonics play. 

- Use a reading book to find alternative spellings such as ai, ay, ey, eigh and create a table showing the different words that you came up with. 

- Create a list of words which have the same sound. Play pictionary with the word list or hangman or turn the word into a picture of an animal to help you remember how to spell it. 

Maths - Play TTrockstars and try to work the answers out mentally by counting in multiples. Remember the link between multiplication and division and using the number families to help e.g. 2 x 5 = 10, 5 x 2 = 10, 10 / 2 = 5, 10 / 5 = 2. 

Art This afternoon could be a great opportunity to try and create a self-portrait using a mirror. Remember to start sketching lightly with little detail to get the face shape before adding the detail in. 

Have fun today and enjoy the warmer weather smiley

Mr Lewis

Wednesday 8th April

Welcome to Wednesday! I hope that you're all well and enjoying spending time together as a family. With the beautiful weather, it might be a good idea to create a postcard to a family member explaining all of the fun things that you have been up to. Whilst writing, concentrate on your handwriting and spellings from the Year 1 and 2 common exception word list. You could draw a picture on the other side of it and add lots of colour. 

For maths, you could have a go at the problem on the grid that we sent out titled 'Noah'. If you're finding it tricky, use something around the house to help you find the different combinations. 

Remember that it is the Easter holidays so spending some quality time with your family is the most important thing right now. 

Keep sending us your photos smiley

Tuesday 7th April

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope that you've all been enjoying the nicer weather (better than rain!) and spending plenty of time outside. 

Today might be a great opportunity to try and write a comic book story inspired by the music that you might find at =idSQ3hSLZ8Q . Think carefully about how the music makes you feel and be creative! You might like to act your story out in the garden first whilst you are planning it to make sure that you have thought of everything that you need. Once you have written your comic book story, you could add pictures to it too. 

You could also try and make some arrays for multiplication using objects that you find in the garden. You could then try and trick a member of your family by asking them whether one that you have created is right or wrong - can they spot the error and make it right? 

Enjoy the beautiful weather again today and remember to keep sending me your photos. Keep smiling and stay safe, 

Mr Lewis


Monday 6th April

Good morning!

I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather in your gardens! Why not try a scavenger hunt today and time each other to see how quickly it takes every person? You could even try making your own or give clues such as 'find something that begins with the letter b' 

Remember, we love receiving pictures from you! Enjoy your day smiley


Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone,

What a week it has been! We hope that you're all staying safe and enjoying some quality family time. Below are a few documents for you to read and use. We have provided quite a few activities so that you can choose whichever ones you feel best suits you. As always, if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here is a letter from Mrs Taylor, just having a catch up with you all  Letter from Mrs Taylor

Below are also our new learning packs 

03.04.20 Home Learning Pack

03.04.20 Home Learning Activities

We really enjoying seeing your work so keep it coming. Here are some more home learning pictures I have been sent. I hope some of these biscuits you are all making are coming to school for us to eat? They look delicious! Baking is such a good skill, it uses maths when measuring ingredients and timing it in the oven, it uses D&T with mixing the ingredients and when you decorate them your using colour choices and pictures. It is a fantastic activity. 


Ethan has had a very busy week this week and has completed lots of wonderful activities with his family. Well done Ethan! 



Also... THIS MEANS WEEK 2 IS OVER! How fast is quarantine going! You will be back at school in no time and we can't wait to see you all. Have a wonderful weekend. We will be sending you some more activities out today through your emails so watch this space! 

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Thursday 2nd Apri-

Hi Flat Caps!

I can see you are continuing to work so hard- well done. I did my exercises with Joe Wicks this morning! Did you? If not, here is a link to give it a try- I'm exhausted!

Wednesday 1st April-
Hi Flat Caps! In addition to the emails I am sending I will be adding to this page regularly with any updates, information or guidance to help you all out. Today I am finishing off the final few resources to give you for next weeks work.

 A few people have emailed me to ask for some help regarding time in your maths work. Well we had only just started time so please don't feel too worried if you are finding this tricky.  The easiest way is to learn o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past as a group looking at the position of the larger minute hand. So o'clock is when it is pointing at the 12, quarter past is when it points at the 3, quarter to is when it points at the 9 and half past is when it is pointing at the 6 (thinkback to fractions of a circle it is half way around the clock, quarter of the way etc). Then bring in the 5 minute intervals. Do this by drawing a clock and next to each hour number put the minute number so 1=5 2=10 4=20 etc. Then you will be able to see that the minute hand dictates the time with the hour hand just giving you the hour. (discuss that it does move between numbers at half past and quarter past etc).

Useful links-


This website has some fantastic FREE, yes FREE quizes for you guys. You can choose your favourite subject and choose a topic we have learnt about in Year 1 or 2. I'm sure you will all pick History because it is SO fantastic. 

Let me know how you get on! 

Week 1:

What a week we have had at home! Here are some of the pictures of things we have been getting up to! 

What organised parents you have! A structure is really important at home just like the class timetable in school!

It is great to see you all practising your maths skills. It looks like lots of multiplication and addition this week. Have you done some divison or subtracting?

I'm glad to see you liked the disgusting sandwich activity! They sound GROSS! What beautiful handwriting in the photos I have seen. Keep it up. 

Baking is a fantastic skill to learn. It is something I find really tricky but wow they look delicious. All of a sudden I am very hungry. Has anyone else done some baking or maybe helped with some cooking?

What fantastic artwork! If you havent read about the rainbows in the news then here is a little explanation- 

When people go for their daily walk, they can play the rainbow spotting game. If everyone in quarantine makes a rainbow and displays it in a window then when people go for a walk it will be something they can try to spot or it could just be something to make them smile and brighten their day. It is fantastic. That quarantine poster is brilliant. It will help to keep our delivery workers safe. 

How to access welearn 365? 

Go to and choose Outwoods primary school from the drop down menu.   Then use your login e.g:  d.box7 and dont forget to add to the end.   You can log into purple mash with this and use it to receive and send emails to me.   When you log in you should see this page and then you're ready to go.

My email address is: 

For you all to try at home 

Here are some links to help you get moving at home: 

Cosmic Kids yoga and mindfullness! We have used this in the classroom before:

 Fun songs and dances to help you understand maths and english:

We used this when we you were learning all about dance, follow the instructions and enjoy the stories!

Now Press Play have just released some of their experiences which can be accessed at home. Follow this link

You won't need heaphones, it can just play through your tablet or laptop. It might be fun for the whole family to join in! 

African Day

Today has been amazing! We've been so busy throughout the day taking part in lots of creative activities. We've learnt so much from our very knowledgeable visitors. We began our day with African drumming. We worked hard to drum in a given rhythm and even split into groups that each had a different rhythm to play along to. It was difficult to do but we sounded amazing.



Then we painted an African dan mask. We learnt all about how they're used for tribal celebrations. We even learnt about the meanings of the colours.

White is spiritual, red is bravery, green is the land, blue is the water, orange is happiness and gold is the sun. We thought carefully about the patterns and the colours that we used. 



In the afternoon, we learnt an African dance using our masks. It took a while to build up the dance but it was definitely worth it! We have got some videos which we will upload shortly...

Sizzling  Savannah  Mud  Huts

After Christmas, we launched our topic with some clues as to what our topic would be. One of the clues we had was mud  huts. We really enjoyed making these - it was very messy but really fun! 




As part of our Christmas celebrations we created our own Christingles! 

"The orange is round like the shape of the earth"- Damian

"The candle is like Jesus lighting up the world" - Phoebe

"The red tape is Jesus's blood on the cross"- Dillon

"The four sticks are for the four seasons we have." - Harlow


Claude in the City

Image result for claude in the big cityThis half term we have been reading an exciting story called 'Claude in the City' which is a story about a dog who visits a city and goes on an adventure with his trusty friend Sir Bobblysock. The characters visited all sorts of locations including an art Gallery! Below is a selection of photos from our brilliant day visiting the Outwoods School Gallery. We looked at paintings and sculptures and even had time for a trip to the cafe! We had a brilliant time and cannot wait to write all about our own adventure.

Crash! Bang! What was that?


When sat in the classroom hard at work the children heard a strange noise outside in the nature area. We went to investigate and came across a bike, a postal sack, parcels and letters scattered around the woodland. We discussed what we thought had happened and decided it must have been the Jolly Postman because all of the packages were for fairytale characters and some very obervant children noticed the objects must belong to a postman!

Music Trip to Warwick


Off we went to Warwick to take part in an amazing music concert! We were so excited to go and enjoyed singing the very catchy songs which had actions to go with them. 

Some of us even got picked to answer a few questions on camera. We were a little nervous about it but we did our school proud. 

Hat Making

As part of our work this week for our school local history project Down Memory Lane, we have been learning all about Atherstones rich and influencial hat making history. To begin our work we listened to a local man who worked in one of the three key hatting factories and he told us what it was like to work their and gave us lots of information about how hats are made and the different processes they go through. We then went on a walk along the canal to go and see the hatting factory first hand and then created our own postal caps in our classroom in the style of a production line to experience first hand what it would have been like. We had a brilliant time. if you want to see more come in and look at our wonderful display! If you need a hat just call Year 2! 



James and the Giant Peach


This half term we have been reading James and the Giant Peach. We have enjoyed hearing the story and prediciting what might happen next based on previous events. Roald Dahl has used some fantastic vocabulary to keep us guessing. Some of us even stole his adjectives and used them in our own story writing to describe our settings and characters. We cannot wait to find out what happens to the glowing green insects in the white paper bag! Who was that man and where did he get them from? Lets hope those horrible Aunts don't find them!



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