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Year 2 - Flat Caps


   Welcome to Flat Caps!

Below you will see some of the wonderful things we have been getting up!

Sizzling  Savannah  Mud  Huts

After Christmas, we launched our topic with some clues as to what our topic would be. One of the clues we had was mud  huts. We really enjoyed making these - it was very messy but really fun! 




As part of our Christmas celebrations we created our own Christingles! 

"The orange is round like the shape of the earth"- Damian

"The candle is like Jesus lighting up the world" - Phoebe

"The red tape is Jesus's blood on the cross"- Dillon

"The four sticks are for the four seasons we have." - Harlow


Claude in the City

Image result for claude in the big cityThis half term we have been reading an exciting story called 'Claude in the City' which is a story about a dog who visits a city and goes on an adventure with his trusty friend Sir Bobblysock. The characters visited all sorts of locations including an art Gallery! Below is a selection of photos from our brilliant day visiting the Outwoods School Gallery. We looked at paintings and sculptures and even had time for a trip to the cafe! We had a brilliant time and cannot wait to write all about our own adventure.

Crash! Bang! What was that?

When sat in the classroom hard at work the children heard a strange noise outside in the nature area. We went to investigate and came across a bike, a postal sack, parcels and letters scattered around the woodland. We discussed what we thought had happened and decided it must have been the Jolly Postman because all of the packages were for fairytale characters and some very obervant children noticed the objects must belong to a postman!

Music Trip to Warwick


Off we went to Warwick to take part in an amazing music concert! We were so excited to go and enjoyed singing the very catchy songs which had actions to go with them. 

Some of us even got picked to answer a few questions on camera. We were a little nervous about it but we did our school proud. 

Hat Making

As part of our work this week for our school local history project Down Memory Lane, we have been learning all about Atherstones rich and influencial hat making history. To begin our work we listened to a local man who worked in one of the three key hatting factories and he told us what it was like to work their and gave us lots of information about how hats are made and the different processes they go through. We then went on a walk along the canal to go and see the hatting factory first hand and then created our own postal caps in our classroom in the style of a production line to experience first hand what it would have been like. We had a brilliant time. if you want to see more come in and look at our wonderful display! If you need a hat just call Year 2! 



James and the Giant Peach


This half term we have been reading James and the Giant Peach. We have enjoyed hearing the story and prediciting what might happen next based on previous events. Roald Dahl has used some fantastic vocabulary to keep us guessing. Some of us even stole his adjectives and used them in our own story writing to describe our settings and characters. We cannot wait to find out what happens to the glowing green insects in the white paper bag! Who was that man and where did he get them from? Lets hope those horrible Aunts don't find them!



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