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Year 2 - Fedoras 2019/2020


Welcome to Fedora's Class Page

Miss Dixon's Class


Quarantine Information

Hi everyone. 

What strange times we are living through! I just wanted to reassure you that we are all here for any questions/queries you might have, if it is just to say hello or tell us about what you have been up to then great I can't wait to read it. If it is help with the work you have been set or your online usernames and passwords aren't working please let me know and I will sort it for you. The news might seem really scary at the moment but we are all doing our bit by staying safe at home. Keep being superstars! I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Miss Dixon

Home Learning

Here is your Learning Passport which contains lots of creative tasks to help keep you busy over the summer holiday. We can't wait to see what you have made in September!!

(click the image below)

Good morning Fedoras,

I feel a little emotional as I sit and write this. The last day of the year is always a big mixture of feelings. I feel sadness that I won't be teaching my class again after the bond and connections that we have created but also very happy that they're moving up to the next stage of their educational journey. I always love to sit back and reflect on the amazing journey that we have all come on. I know that the year has not gone as planned and it hasn't ended in a way which we would have hoped for but that just makes me even more proud of you all. Each and every one of you has worked very hard this year and I have genuinely loved coming into school each and every day. You've made me laugh and cry (with pride!) this year and both myself and Miss Downes could not have wished for more. 

I'd like to really apologise for the changes in September; I know that a lot of you were looking forward to Year 3 with me and I promise you, I was too! I was delighted that I was going to be teaching you all again and I was absolutely gutted when I found out that I wasn't allowed to be in. I know that you will all do really well in Year 3 and love Mrs Lucas - she is lovely and you've all got Mrs Smith too you lucky things! I know some of you will be a little anxious for September but I promise you all, it will be fine! You will cope extremely well and make me even more proud. I will be in to visit you all as soon as I possibly can. 

I cannot tell you all how much I will miss each and every one of you; thank you so much for being the perfect class! Remember that I am still always here for you all, no matter what. Take care of yourselves and your family. I can't wait to see you all again,

Miss Dixon


Mason is STILL working really hard at home. He's been really busy with his maths work, creating bar graphs from data and continuing to practise telling the time. He's even been researching sea turtles and has written some facts about them. I love your picture Mason - a huge well done for still working really hard!



Thursday 16th July

Good morning Year 2,

Fingers crossed for warmer weather today, even if it is a little cloudy. We’re in disbelief that there are only two days left until the summer holidays! Here are today’s activities:

Reading – Try today’s activity of reading to another family member. Remember to think about the use of expression to make it more interesting. Can you put any actions along with it? Think about Michael Rosen’s performances – they are very entertaining!

Phonics – Use the following username and password to sign into phonics play temporarily over lockdown.

Username: march20

Password: home

If you think you’re great at reading these words, practise the trickier Year 2 common exception words or if you’re feeling really adventurous, practise the Year 3 spelling rules. When spelling, you need to be able to spell these words when written in dictated sentences rather just on their own. Don’t then forget about those words after one session; keep coming back to them.

Writing – If you feel like you’re fed up of the usual style of fact files, you could faintly sketch the outline of a sea turtle and write some information about them along the outline and inside it. Be creative with your presentation!

Maths – Continue to learn telling the time, beginning with half past and o’clock, moving onto quarter past and to and ending with five minute intervals. Here is a great game to play online; you can make it as easy or difficult as you need it to be.

Topic – Try the Unplugged Coding activity on the bottom of the home learning sheet. Create your own underwater obstacle course and write a set of instructions to guide the submarine, or shark, through it using arrows or directions.

Have a lovely day all, take care and stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Wednesday 15th July

Hello everyone,

We are a step nearer the end of the school year – I still can’t believe it! We’d just like to take this opportunity (again) of saying how incredibly proud of you we are. It has been a very unsettling time filled with uncertainty and anxiety but we are coming out of the other side of it now, hopefully! Here are today’s activities for those of you who are still going with the home learning.

Reading – Have fun making the themed bookmark. You could use this template if you’d like. Remember to keep reading throughout the holidays, always asking questions about the text that you are reading.

Editable Bookmarks

Phonics – Practise spelling the months of the year, remembering that they all begin with a capital letter. Here are some resources that you might want to use. For a challenge, you could try and learn the order that they come in; can you find an interesting way to remember them?

Say, Look, Cover and Write

Mr Whoops Juggling Muddle


Writing – Today’s writing activity is a lovely one; a perfect opportunity to think about all of the things which we are grateful for. You could set this out however you like – be creative!

Maths – Linked to the phonics activity. For an added challenge, can you identify how many days are in each month of the year? What might happen in each month?

Topic – A perfect time to get messy this afternoon! Why not try the Junk Modelling activity? Be creative with the animal that you choose to make.

Don’t forget to send us photos of what you have been up to – have fun with them and be creative. Remember to take care and stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Mason you always manage to leave me completely speechless - every time! I cannot believe how hard you have been working over lockdown - STILL! I am so proud of you for continuing to work so hard and put such a lot of effort into your learning - well done!

Mason has been busy with his fractions - learning all about fractions of amounts. He has also created a lovely gorilla acrostic poem about the majestic animal. As if that wasn't enough, he has also planned a trip to the beach but got stranded there - a good job you managed to send a message in a bottle for help Mason - good thinking! And last but not least, he has also written a letter to himself about the idea of Year 3 coming up. A great thing to do Mason. Make sure you read it at the end of the year!

Mason's Letter to Himself




Harry and Evie have been writing about the caterpillar and his shoes! I'm very grateful that I don't have that many legs - imagine having to put that many pairs of shoes on whenever you go out! They have also been busy researching about rainforests and using atlases to find out where each continent should go on a map of the world. Well done both - what fantastic work! 


Jack has been super busy again at home last week. He has been practising his fraction work which can be rather tricky so well done Jack! He has also been learning all about the rainforest by researching the different layers as well as some of the animals which may be found there. I love the parrot and the spider - very colourful and creative - great work Jack!



Tuesday 14th July

Good morning everyone,

Well we’re getting nearer towards the end of the week. Are you all ready for summer holidays? We hope that you’re all getting on well with the activities. Thank you for those of you who have sent photos across. Here are today’s activities for you to try:

Meditation – Thinking about mindfulness, why not start your day with a little meditation? Use this link to give you some ideas:

Reading – Try the reading activity for today. You could also have a go at telling your own sea story. Think carefully about the characters you will include. What adventures will they go on? How will it end?

Writing, phonics and maths – Complete the activities listed for today. Below is a postcard template which you may want to use instead of the suggested activity

Postcard Template

Topic – Try the How Do Humans Affect the Sea activity. This is a big topical issue that would be great to investigate.

Transition – If you haven’t done it already, write a letter to your future self all about Year 3, explaining what you’re hoping to achieve or improve on in Year 3. You could explain what you’re feeling a little nervous about and how you’re feeling about the year ahead. It would be a great idea to keep this until the end of the next year and read it, reflecting on your experiences.

Have a lovely day all and remember to send us your photos and updates of what you’ve been up to. As always, any questions, please ask.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Monday 13th July

Good morning all!

We hope that you've all had a lovely weekend and made the most of the beautiful weather. Here is the last of this school year's tasks. The theme is...under the sea! 

13.07.20 Home Learning Pack

Complete the set tasks for Monday from the home learning grid. Below are some resources which you may find useful.

ea Phoneme Spotter Story

Blank Scroll

Why not try the Put Your Goggles On activity, watching the video and try to sketch pictures. 

Have a lovely day today all, and let us know how you get on. We hope that you have enjoyed your zoom meetings with you new teachers. 

Take care,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Friday 10th July

Good morning all,

I cannot believe that it is the end of the week already! It seems to have gone rather quickly, despite the dodgy weather. Hopefully the activities this week have been to your liking and you’ve enjoyed completing them. Thank you to those of you who have been sending us photos. Here are today’s activities:

English – complete the listed activities for today in reading, phonics and writing. Below is the sound mat to identify the alternative spellings for the sounds.

Sound Families Mat

Maths – have a go at the activity for today – all about fractions of amounts.

Topic – As usual, it’s the end of the week and therefore the last of the tasks set. You could choose the afternoon’s activities from the remainder of what you haven’t completed already.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and make the most of the slightly warmer weather. As we’ve said already, we’re really proud of how you’ve all coped throughout this strange and difficult time. Take care and stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Mason has been super busy too! He's been learning all about the rainforest by creating a fact file about spider monkeys, describing the rainforest sounds and sights as well as being very creative and completing and A-Z of the rainforest animals and plants. Great work Mason - what a fantastic array of work you are still showing. Very proud!


Thursday 9th July

Good morning Fedoras,

As we are coming towards the end of the school year, it’d be a good time to reflect on Year 2. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and a shame that it didn’t end in an ideal way but we’ve all come on an amazing journey since September. We’d really like you to know how genuinely proud of you all we are!

Here are today’s activities. As usual, if you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. We really look forward to seeing how you get on.

Reading – Complete today’s reading activity. You could go online and research all about the Rainforest Alliance.

Phonics – Today’s phonics activity involves playing a game to help you learn all of those tricky words. It’s a great fun and interactive way to learn.

Writing – Thinking about the destruction of the rainforest, you could choose how you’d like to present your work about saving the rainforest by helping to stop paper waste by recycling it where possible.

Maths – Try the maths activity all about date. If you’ve recently created a bar graph then you could change it to a pictogram. For an added challenge, why not either make the scale of your graph go up in twos or fives and for the pictogram, you could use a symbol to represent multiple insects or plants. You could then analyse the data by asking questions.

Topic – You could do the Where in the World are the Rainforests? activity this afternoon. You could use a blank map to help locate them and use the key to colour code as well.

World Map Template

We hope that you enjoy the variety of activities that are on offer today. Have fun today between the showers! Take care,

Miss Dixon

Evie has been busy doing some research abuot the rainforest. She's created an excellent fact file about spider monkeys - what a lot of information you have included Evie! She has also been thinking about the sounds that might be heard within the rainforest. Great work Evie!


Harry has also been thinking about the rainforest and has been describing it using different senses. He has also created a wonderful fact file too - I love your picture Harry. Well done for working hard!


As if it wasn't enough to be creating fact files and describing the rainforest, Harry and Evie have even been learning about suffixes and fractions! They have both been working extremely hard. What a cheeky look on Evie's face - obviously you'll have saved me some chocolate and not eaten it all yourselves! 





Wednesday 8th July

Hello Year 2,

Good morning all, we hope that you’ve had a good start to the week – nearly half way through it. Here are today’s activities:

English – Complete the reading, phonics and writing activities for today. Remember to try and be creative with them – you don’t have to stick to exactly what’s on the home learning grid.

Maths – I’m sure lots of you will be enthusiastic about today’s activity! If you don’t have any chocolate bars, you could use anything from slices of bread, wraps, pancakes or even a cake! You could try to record these fractions down and use the more than and less than < > signs to compare.

Music – Try the ‘Sounds of the Rainforest’ activity this afternoon. You could even have a go at seeing if you can find anything in the house to make the sound of an animal found in the rainforest. Think back to the drumming that we did on Africa Day linked to how animals move.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the activities. Let us know how you get on with them. Take care,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Mason - you've left me speechless AGAIN! Mason has been working incredibly hard still, he'll be a maths genius in September. He's been doing all sorts from creating a bar graph about insects found to measuring distances of his family's long jumps to solving problems all about shape and he's even had time to practise his times tables on TTRockstars. As if that wasn't enough, he's also had time to design his own obstacle course and do some writing on the strong man competition. Mason you're an inspiration!




Just look at what Jack's been up to! He's designed his own sports kit which looks very colourful and worked really hard on his English skills with spellings and vocabulary as well as reading. He's even been playing croquet too - what a great ide! Well done for still working really hard Jack. 



Tuesday 7th July

Terrific Tuesday!

We hope that yesterday’s activities went well and they weren’t too confusing. Here are today’s activities for you to try:

PE – Why not keep fit with Joe Wicks (type in to YouTube) and try some of his workouts or if you’re into yoga, you could try more poses. A great way to start your day.

Reading & Phonics – Complete the activities for today. Be creative and have fun with them. The more fun the activity is, the deeper you will embed the knowledge.

Writing – Here are some templates which you may want to use for today’s task. Remember that if you don’t like any of the suggested ways to present it, find a different and more interesting way. These activities are not set in stone.

Fact File Template

Poem Example

Maths – Still working on fractions, today’s activity is all about finding fractions of shapes. Here are some examples of fraction worksheets if you’d like to use them.

Fractions Level 1

Fractions Level 2

Fractions Level 3

Enjoy today’s activities everyone and let us know how you get on!

Take care and safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Monday 6th July

Good morning everyone,

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a brand-new week! As we’re nearing the end of term, now would be a great idea to start to think about next year and what you’re really looking forward to. Below is the link to the new home learning pack for this week with a theme of…the Rainforest!

06.07.20 Home Learning Pack

As usual, if you find that these activities are not at the right level for your child’s learning, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re always more than happy to help, advise and support you through this difficult time – we’re always here for you. Here are today’s activities:

English – Complete the listed activities for Reading, Phonics and Writing. Remember that reading, writing and phonics all link together and the stronger you make these links by interweaving them, the more progress your child will make. This can be done for example by discussing phonic sounds when reading and discussing punctuation and language choices that the author has used.

Maths – This week, maths is all about fractions. Today’s activity is about recapping on them and identifying what the numerator and denominator are. Use the videos to help you.

Topic – Why not try the Fascinating Forest Floor activity today? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to be really creative with what you can find.

Don’t forget that we always love to see what you’ve been up to at home! Hope you have a lovely day,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Friday 3rd July

Good morning Fedoras,

End of another week and a step closer to the summer holidays. I hope that you’re finding these activities useful and that they’re helping you with your learning. Here are the last of this week’s activities:

Reading – As well as the listed activity, make sure that you’re still reading a book aloud every day, focusing on your fluency and expression. Think carefully about the language that is being used and what effect it has.

Phonics – Explore the spelling rules which apply using the suffix ‘ing’ on the home learning grid. Remember that the English language is very tricky and you need to constantly revisit and practise spellings in order to be able to spell words correctly. Make them as fun as possible.

Writing – You could use this template to help with your newspaper report.

Newspaper Template

Maths – Try the activity for Friday. If you’ve already completed something similar, try writing a set of directional instructions to get from one place to another. Can a family member use your instructions to get to the right place?

As it’s the last of the activities from the Sports theme grid, choose whichever of the activities that you fancy doing. Don’t forget to send photos and updates of what you’ve been doing; I always look forward to seeing them! Have a lovely weekend all and as usual, stay sage. I really do miss you all!

Miss Dixon

Thursday 2nd July

Hi everyone,

We hope that you’re all still OK and managing well with the work that we’re setting you. Remember to get in touch if you’re struggling with completing work or you’re not finding that it’s at the right level. Here are today’s activities, as well as those on the home learning sheet:

English – Complete the reading, phonics and writing activities for today on the home learning sheet.

Maths – Try the Nrich activity today. Think carefully about the language being used. Try to explain your reasoning for any colours which went into the wrong boxes – how did you know? Could you write a different set of clues?

Science – It’s a great time this afternoon for an experiment! Why not have a go and see what happens? Make careful observations as to what happens and try to explain why this might happen.

Good luck with today’s tasks guys and let us know how you get on.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


How busy you've been Harry! He's been practising his spellings and phonics by learning the right spelling to match the sound. He's found them within a story too. Harry has even been thinking about a sportsperson who inspires him - a great choice Harry. It's amazing to see how hard you're working still - keep it up! 



Look at all of this work! Evie has been super busy working on her phonics by identifying the right spelling. She's also been busy thinking about her most favourite sportsperson - what an excellent choice Evie, she seems absolutely inspirational! Excellent work again Evie - I love the effort that you're putting in.




Mason is continuing to work super hard! He's been learning all about Eddie Hall - finding out information, describing him and even thinking of questions which he'd like to ask him! What an interesting sportsperson to choose! Not only that, but he has also been practising his spellings through exploring the different ways to spell a sound as well as playing games on the computer. Mason has also designed his own sports kit - with his name on the front. Great work Mason - I love that you're still working really hard.



Wednesday 1st July

Welcome to July!

A new month – how did that happen? Time is still flying by! It’s half way through the week and we’re still battling with the dodgy weather. Here are today’s activities:

English – Complete the reading, phonics and writing activities for today on the home learning sheet.

Maths – Play the counting game, be creative with your counting sequences.

Topic – This afternoon, have a go at the Terrific Team Kits activity. Use your imagination when designing your own kit for a sport of your choice. Will you include any symbols on your kit? Will it be full of colour? Think carefully about what message you want to send to people.

Be creative and imaginative with your tasks today.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Tuesday 30th June

Hello Year 2,

We hope that yesterday’s activities went well and you had fun completing them. Again, thank you for those of you who have emailed photos. We’d love photos from those of you who haven’t sent them in a while. Here are today’s activities:

Yoga – A great way to start your day! Have a go at some of these poses but please be careful! I’ve fallen over a few times trying these poses. Definitely make sure there’s a safe landing.

English – Complete the reading, phonics and writing activities on the home learning sheet.

Maths – Play the game and try using your positional language again. As suggested, for an added challenge try linking to north, south, east and west.

Topic – This afternoon, try the activity ‘Can You Invent a New Olympic Game?’ This is a perfect opportunity to be a little silly and very creative! Just make sure that you film it for us to see you having a go at it. You could even turn this into a household competition!

Have a great day and enjoy yourselves. Remember, we’re always here for you no matter what, just get in touch with us. Look after each other,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Monday 29th June

Good morning all!

We hope that you’ve had a lovely weekend despite the weather not being as warm as it has been and managed to spend some time outside. As there are three weeks until the summer holidays, make the most of the tasks that are being set. A huge well done to those of you who are still sending us photos – it’s really nice to see that you’re still working really hard.

This week’s theme is…SPORTS! I know that many of you will really enjoy the activities that we have planned. Have fun with it and remember, be creative with it!

29.06.20 Home Learning Grid

Today why not try:

Reading – Try the reading activity for today. Enjoy the discussions that you could have about the items linked to the stories. Can you make a story up from a random set of items?

Phonics – Complete the activity for today. Here are some worksheets which may help you.

Alternative or Sound Worksheet

Writing – Have a go at the writing activity about your favourite sportsperson. You could use this template if you’d like to.

Writing Template

Maths – Have fun with the maths activity today. Be creative with your activity and practise your positional language.

PE – Have great fun trying the Obstacle Course Fun activity on the home learning sheet.

Enjoy today’s activities and please send us your photos as you go along!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Just WOW! Jack I can't believe how much work you've been doing - I'm so impressed! Jack has clearly been working hard and learning all about space last week as he's been completing word searches, answering questions and making posters all about the planets. What an interesting way to remember the order of the planets. Great work Jack - you should be really proud of yourself!




Look at what Evie has been doing! She's been a busy bee learning all about space by designing and making her own rocket, learning all about Earth and even completing lots of measuring work. Evie I'm so proud that you're still working really hard and producing lovely work - well done! 




Lots of creativity going on here! Harry you have been busy - I love your way of remembering the order of the planets - how very creative. An accurate design and build of the rocket as well - I hope it went far! An excellent effort with spellings and mathswork too - I hope you're proud of yourself.



Mason I'm not sure where to begin! More excellent work from you - you'll be amazing at measuring when you come back to school. You're still producing some fantastic work and putting lots of effort into it. I'm so proud of your work; I always look forward to seeing what you've been doing!


Friday 26th June

It's Friday! How has it got to the end of the week already?? I'm desperately hoping that the end of the week doesn't end the beautiful weather that we're having but I won't get my hopes up too much. We hope that you're all doing well - we do miss you all! Here are today's activities:

As listed on the home learning sheet, complete the activities for readingphonics, writing and maths

 As it's Friday, you can choose whichever of the activities that are left on the sheet that you haven't completed already. 

Have fun today guys and as always, be careful with the sun! Send us plenty of photos of what you've all been up to, take care,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Mason I'm running out of words - you're continued hard works astonishes me! I love that you're still working really hard on your spelling and writing with such enthusiasm. You're a HUGE inspiration! Keep up the hard work - you're an absolute star!


Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you have all been enjoying the beautiful sunshine – another glorious day today. As yesterday, spend plenty of time enjoying it whilst it lasts but make sure that you stay safe still and protect yourself from the sun. Here are today’s activities:

English – Complete the listed reading, phonics and writing activities from the home learning grid. Be creative with your work – you don’t have to stick to exactly what it says on the sheet.

Maths – Have a go at one of the investigations. Think carefully about how you will prove or disprove this statement. Measure carefully.

Topic – Why not try the What Are Day and Night activity? It’s a great way to explore how the world works and why it gets dark at night.

We hope that you enjoy today’s activities and look forward to seeing what you come up with. Stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Joshua has been working really hard this week with his maths, spellings and phonics work. He's been learning his times tables as well as being able to tell the time which can be really tricky. I love the design of your rocket Joshua, I hope you get round to making it! Great work, I love the effort that you're putting in! 



Mason has been working incredibly hard - AGAIN! He's been learning about the planets and the order of them from the sun. It's a very clear picture Mason, well done! He's also been busy describing his rocket and writing sentences about it too. Great work Mason - I hope you're proud of yourself!


Wednesday 24th June

Hello everyone,

Another Wednesday and again we’re half way through another week. With such beautiful weather ahead – make sure you spend plenty of time outside – but stay protected from the sun!

As usual, here are today’s activities for you to complete:

Reading – enjoy finding out about space using any books or website pages that you can find.

Phonics – You might want to use the worksheet below to help you practise this sound.

o Sound Spelt with an a

 Writing – Have a go at the writing activity. You can be creative with your choice of how your present your information. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Maths – As well as the activity for Wednesday, you could also continue to practise your times tables using TTrockstars, making sure that you learn the related division facts as well. Remember your login is stuck on the inside of your home learning book. If you can’t find it, then please let us know and we’ll send it again.

This afternoon, spend time with your family having fun outside. Make sure that you’re feeling happy and safe.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning everyone – we’re still missing you all and would have loved to be back in school before summer. We hope that you’re all still keeping safe (and sane!) at least the weather’s improving!

PE - Why not start your day with trying your very own astronaut aerobics – find the activity listed towards the bottom of the home learning sheet listed yesterday.  Be creative with them.

Reading – Have a go at the reading activity listed, listening to the book Look Up! It’s a great opportunity to develop your vocabulary and inference skills.

Phonics – Concentrate on the given common exception words. If you’re already able to spell these words, then pick some others from the list or use some from the Year 3 spelling word list (easily available if you Google it).

Writing – Try the writing task, advertising the rocket that you designed yesterday. Think carefully about the language that you’re using.

Maths – Complete the maths activity for Tuesday. Have fun with guessing the heights before measuring them.

Music – If you’ve got any energy left, why not have a go at trying to make our own music which sounds space related. What could you use for instruments? What kind of sound do you think it would have?

Have fun with today’s activities and don’t forget to send us your photos of what you’ve been doing, even if it’s a photo of you reading a book or playing a maths game. Stay safe guys,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Mason has been working incredibly hard - still! He's designed and made his own rocket - look how fantastic it is! He's also been busy measuring the height of his family and as well as comparing the objects that he's measured. Great work Mason - I'm so, so proud of you! smiley



Monday 22nd June

Good morning all,

It’s Monday again! Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there! We hope that you’ve all had a lovely weekend and managed to find some time in between the showers – what strange weather we have had. Anyway, this week’s theme for your home learning is…SPACE! We’re loving this topic – it’s fascinating to learn about.

As always, PLEASE let us know if you need any help whatsoever with your learning; we’re always here for you! Here is your home learning sheet for the week:

22.06.20 Home Learning Grid

Reading – Complete today’s reading task from the sheet, reading a book (preferably about space) and think about using the punctuation to help with fluency and expression.

Phonics – Have a go at the alternative ‘ai’ sound from the home learning sheet. You can try either or both of these worksheets below to give you an idea of different activities that you can try:

Alternative ai Sounds Worksheet

Phoneme Spotter Story for ai Sound

Writing – Design your own rocket as mentioned in today’s writing activity. You could use this template to help you should you want it.

Rocket Design Template

Maths – Try the maths activity from the grid. Be creative with your learning if you don’t like the sound of the activity listed.

DT – Why not try the Rocket Creation activity this afternoon? Be imaginative with your rocket using your planning from this morning’s writing activity.

Have fun with today’s activity. As usual, please send in your photos to help keep us going – we do love to see what you’ve been doing. Stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Owen has certainly been a busy bee! He's worked very hard on his maths work, solving some tricky problems. He's also been working on this punctuation too which is so important so well done Owen - it's lovely to see what you've been doing whilst at home! 


I don't know how you find the time to sleep Evie! What a lot of work that you have been doing - still! Evie has worked exceptionally hard with her maths work, solving problems with shapes. It can be really difficult to remember the properties of 3D shapes but you've done really well. She's also been continuing to practise her spellings. I'm so impressed with the song that she has come up with! Evie you've worked so hard - I couldn't be prouder of you!



I think Harry must have special powers to complete this much work in a week! He's been doing all sorts from tricky shape challenges in maths, to looking at difficult rules in spellings and even created a fact file about musical instruments! Harry you're still working incredibly hard and clearly finding motivation still to work. Seeing this makes me love my job even more! Great work!



Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Year 2!

I can’t believe that another week has gone by already – how time flies! It was so lovely to speak to some of you yesterday and hearing what you've all been up to. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. 

Here are the last of this week’s activities for you to have a go at. As I’ve mentioned a few times already, we appreciate that these activities may not always match your child’s ability which is why we aim to offer challenges to extend them further. If you’re finding it tricky, please let us know. We’re more than happy to advise you and send further activities to help support your child better.

Reading – Complete the suggested reading activity. Think carefully about the clues given to give a character profile. What words have been used to help you?

Phonics – Complete the given phonics activity. Focus on the sounding out of the words, add sound buttons underneath to help with reading. Discuss any unusual words or spellings that you come across.

Writing – Have ago at the writing activity on the home learning sheet. Think about capital letters and spelling very carefully. What vocabulary will you use to make it sound really exciting. Rather than inviting them round, it could be inviting them to a FaceTime or Zoom call instead.

Maths – To extend their knowledge further, you could include irregular shapes or sort them using Carroll and Venn diagrams. Explore the different angles within a shape using vocabulary such as acute, right angle and obtuse.  

Art – Choose a musical instrument which makes you feel a certain way. Sketch a detailed picture of it. Around the outside draw symbols which represent these feelings e.g. a dove for peaceful, or a bull for anger, a smiley face for happy.

Have a lovely weekend guys and enjoy spending time together as a family.

Miss Dixon

Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone,

Today is international Picnic Day and Go Fishing Day! Why not celebrate with your very own picnic? Whilst the weather may not be perfect (or to be more precise, raining constantly!), you could take your picnic indoors. Here are today’s activities for you to complete:

Reading – Try the reading activity listed. As we explored previously, you could think about performing it in the style of Michael Rosen. You could also explore other poems and then make a comparison between the two. How are they similar? What makes them different?

Phonics – Play the games suggested. Explore more rules for spelling, finding examples which follow that rule. To extend your learning further, you could explore those plurals which don’t follow a set rule such as person to people, child to children, mouse to mice.

F to ves Sheet

Writing – For the writing activity, it may be helpful to change the lyrics to a known song or nursery rhyme if you find it difficult.

Maths – Extend your learning by exploring regular and irregular shapes. To understand more about it, you could use this website to help you understand a little more about them. To help practise, you could play this game:

Science – Try making your own lava lamp! Follow the instructions on the website below. When doing a science experiment, try asking lots of questions and make observations as to what you can see. Explore why the materials inside move in that way. You could explore the difference between water and oil and how they interact.

Have a lovely day all and please get in touch if you need any help or advice about the work which we set. We will always aim to solve whatever problems that you have. We really enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to so please send your photos in.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Joshua Ross has been really busy practising his times tables and the related division facts. He's even been practising his phonics and working on his spellings. Great work Joshua - lots of good work going on at home. 



I don't know where to start with your work Jack! you've clearly been super busy last week! Jack has really enjoyed learning all about Mexico and exploring their traditions. He's made maracas and even had fun with a pinata! He's been creative with his maths work and combined it with football. He's even had time to do some science work about plants and sounds linked to the ear. And finally, Jack has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers! Wow Jack - I'm so proud! Well done smiley



Harry and Evie have been exploring shapes around their house and identifying them based on their properties. They've managed to find a range of different ones. Well done guys!

Harry has been working hard on writing a story. He's been planning it very carefully which is important when thinking about a story. He's then written it using lots of description. I don't like the sound of that dragon though - I think a sequel to your story could be someone stopping him! 


Evie has been working really hard. She's still practising those spellings - I love your perseverance Evie. Spellings can be so tricky to learn but you keep working really hard at them.


Evie has also been working really hard on her maths work, identifying and ordering the value of coins. Great work Evie - it's important to learn about money. 

Wow! Look at the amount of work that Mason has done! He's been really busy with calculating in maths, practising spellings and even creating fact files! You are still working so hard Mason; I'm really proud of you well done.



Wednesday 17th June

Hi Fedoras,

Good morning all. We hope that you’re all OK and managing well. Here are today’s home learning activities. Remember these are extras from what is already on the home learning sheet.

Reading – Following on from the activity, why not explore syllables a bit more? Make a table in your book with headings from 1 – 4 syllables. Read through a reading book and see if you can find words to go in each column. If you find that they are really struggling, then try lots of clapping or stamping when reading a word. You could also play this game to help:

Writing – Here is a newspaper template to help with the layout should you want it.

Newspaper Template

Maths – After the activity, try a guessing game. Choose either a 2D or 3D shape and describe it to a family member. Can they identify it? For example:

I have 3 faces – two flat and one curved as well as two edges. What am I?

Here is an example with 2D shapes:

Topic – Try Making Music from the home learning sheet. See if you can change the pitch. Does it make a difference if you add more or less materials inside, change the size or material of the container? Have fun exploring!

Have fun today all and send us updates and photos!

Miss Dixon

Carly has been working really hard on her spellings which can be really tricky to practise. She's managed to find some creative ways to do this. Great work Carly!


Mason has been really busy continuing to practise his times tables and is reading Horrid Henry - they're great books Mason - I hope that you're not getting any ideas from them! Lovely to see that you're still working hard - well done. 


Tuesday 16th June

Hello Year 2,

Happy Tuesday! We hope that you’re all still OK and managing well with the work that we’re setting you. Here are today’s activities, as well as those on the home learning sheet:

Maths – You may want to try some more challenging shape problems. You can cut these out and answer one at a time. We often complete this kind of activity at school, taking our time to prove or disprove a statement explaining our answers in a detailed way.

Maths Challenges

Writing – Here is a template that you might like to use for your fact file.

Fact File Template

Spelling – You could try some of these games to improve your spelling knowledge

STEM – This sounds like a great if not crazy idea! I’m tempted to try this myself – try making a sound like a chicken using your own homemade musical instrument. See the instructions towards the bottom of the home learning sheet. You could also experiment with different types of string or material. Does it have to be a particular kind the work?

Life skills – Write down three questions which you would like to ask your future self. Explain why you’d want to know this. It would be a great opportunity to then keep this safe and look back on it in the future.

Have fun and enjoy the activities,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Last week, Joey has been very busy! He's completed lots of maths, inlcuding difficult calculations with missing numbers - well done Joey! He has also bee busy researching history, learning all about Mary Seacole. Amzing work Joey - I'm really proud of everything that you have done smiley




Monday 15th June

Good morning all,

We hope that you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed yourselves. It’s the start of new week and as usual, here are this week’s activities for you to complete at home. We hope that you’vr enjoying them and finding that they are at the right level for your learning. Remember, you can always make the tasks more or less difficult should you need to. Try not to go to another year group’s learning but either use resources or find more challenging ways of doing something. This week’s theme is…music! We have lots of exciting activities:

15.06.20 Home Learning Pack


Reading – After completing the task suggested, why not try seeing if you can find a reading book about music? Read it aloud carefully and think about any music-related words that you can see.

Phonics – As well as the activity on the home learning sheet, why not go onto to practise your sounds? Go onto phase 5 and revise all sounds.

Maths – Don’t forget to continue to practise your times tables using TTRockstars. Before you move onto the next times table to learn, you should be able to recall all multiplication facts for that number up to x 12 as well as the related division facts too. By the end of Year 2,we’d expect them to recall most multiplication and related division facts for the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Topic – This would be a great opportunity to try the Famous Musicians task on the home learning sheet. You could present it in any way you choose to!

We hope that you enjoy today’s activities. Keep sending us your photos in. Remember that we’re here should you need us, no matter how big or small!

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Friday 12th June

Happy Friday!

Another week has passed (with miserable weather) and it’s very nearly the weekend – yay 😊 Here are the last of this week’s activities on Famous and Significant People.

Reading – Complete the reading activities interviewing a famous person. If you’ve finished, you could try the game here:

Reading Challenges

Record Sheet

Phonics – Have a go at today’s activity.

Writing – Complete the activity taking care to proofread your work afterwards.

Maths – Try the maths activity for today.

Art – Try the activity ‘A Seriously Significant Somebody’ and have fun with it. Be careful with the detail to include.

That’s all from us from us for this week folks. Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Joey has been learning lots of Geography this week researching the continents and different flags. He's even been learning about the foods that are associated from different countries which has now made me really hungry! Great work Joey!



Harry and Evie have been busymaking bird feeders for their garden. What a lovely thing to do! I'm sure they'll disappear very quickly and now you can enjoy sitting back and watching them. 


Harry has also been doing lots of maths work, learning his four times tables as well as exploring number bonds and patterns. He's also worked really hard learning all about Henry VIII as well. Well done Harry - I can see how hard you are working!


Evie has been up to all sorts! She's worked really hard practising her maths and leanring her times tables as well as learning her number bonds to 20. As if that wasn't enough she's also been learning all abou Florence Nightingale and the hospitals that she worked in. Great work Evie!


Thursday 11th June

Good morning all,

I have a great way to start your day, why not try a bit of yoga? 

Complete the reading, writing, phonics and maths activities from the home learning sheet.

You could also try:

Art – Read through the PowerPoint of Claude Monet to see how he created his famous paintings. You could then have a go at creating your own landscape. 

Science – Time for an experiment! Try this really fun and interesting ‘Storm in a Glass’

Have fun with today’s activities and don’t forget to send us your photos.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Wednesday 10th June

Welcome to Wednesday,

Half way through the week already and another day without the beautiful sunshine. Again, thank you to those of you who have sent us photos. We hope that you enjoy looking through them on the class pages. Here are today’s activities for you to complete:

Reading – As today’s reading activity is all about reading with expression, why not try this fun game? This is a fun way to help you recognise signs of the right expression to use when reading aloud.

Reading Expression Sheet

Ask an adult to read your favourite book with you and show you the difference of reading with and without expression. Michael Rosen is a perfect example of how much more exciting it can be to listen to someone reading with expression:

Phonics – Having completed the phonics activity suggested on the home learning pack, try to see if you can find any alternative sounds. Use this to help recognise the different sounds:

Sound Families Mat

Writing – Complete the suggested activity of the comic strip linked to your royal story from yesterday.

Maths – After the given activity on the home learning sheet, why not try this activity? 

Topic – I love the sound of this activity! Why not try the Intriguing Inventions activity? This is a perfect opportunity to be creative and show the world your imagination! I can’t wait to see your ideas.

Have fun today and enjoy the variety of activities, stay safe.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Mason has been busy again! He's decided to give himself a new challenge of learning his four times taables - great work Mason. These can be very tricky to remember as well as you twos, threes, fives and tens. He's also been learning all about Mary Seacole and researched to create a timeline about her life. Excellent work Mason - it's really good to see that you're so busy!


Tuesday 9th June

Happy Tuesday Year 2,

We hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s activities. Please remember that if you’re struggling with anything, or have any questions at all, we’re here for you. We understand that this is still a very difficult time and we will always aim to do everything that we can to make it as easy as possible. We really miss you all and are thinking of you every day.

Here are today’s activities for you to have a go at:

Reading – having looked at this website, choose a person to research. There are lots of really interesting people to choose from. Ask an adult to come up with some questions about the person that you have researched. This could be a question about fact retrieval, effect of vocabulary or even asking questions yourself for an adult to answer. Here are some example questions to help you should you need them:

Non-fiction Questions

Phonics – Play the Sentence Substitution game here, reading the sentences. Can you recognise the recurring sound in each sentence? What about if you change one of the words for another word which has the same sound, does it still make sense? Can you find an alternative spelling for that same sound? You could even have a go at writing your own sentence which has lots of different spellings of the same sounds. For example:

I eat feet even though I am a thief. You could even try and play this game to practise your sounds and reading further.

Writing – As the task states, write your very own story about a royal. It could involve a king, queen, prince or princess or a knight. You might want to plan this story first using this document:

Story Planner

Always remember to read your writing through to check for errors and that it makes sense. I’d expect to see the Year 1 and 2 common exception words spelt correctly, basic punctuation ABC . ? ! , ’ even try using “ ”

Maths – Completed the suggested activity on the home learning pack. Whilst completing it, try to think about the number facts that you know already. For example, if you have chosen 59, think about the number bonds to 9 and 50 separately. Are there any resources which may help you? If you’re finding this too easy, try this game: Can you recognise the different ways of saying add e.g. more than, total of, sum of. Try to complete these questions mentally.

Topic – Try the STEM activity on Beulah Henry. This sounds like a really exciting activity to try – send me pictures of your umbrella!

We hope that you enjoy today’s activities. As always, stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Mason has been really busy practising his three times tables. It can be really tricky to remember all of these facts so well done Mason! 

Jack has been very busy last week! He has created his own parachute (I hope it worked well Jack!) as well as learning all about Mexico and creating a lovely poster too. Lots of maths work completed too. Great work Jack!




Monday 8th June

Good morning all!

It's the start of a brand new week, we hope that you've all had a lovely weekend despite the weather. Let's hope it'll turn soon. I'm really impressed with the amount of photos that I've had from some of you - thank you! Here are this week's activities for you to complete at home, this week's theme is famous and significant people:

08.06.20 Home Learning Pack

Maths - Practise number bonds to 20 by finding addition and subtraction facts e.g. 3 + 17 = 20 and 20 - 17 = 3. Extend this to missing number problems such as 20 - __ = 5 How easy are they to work out? Does working systematically help at all? If you're finding this too easy, try number bonds to a larger number such as 30, 40 or 50. Can you spot any patterns?

Reading - Today's task is all about Benjamin Zephaniah, a local poet from Birmingham. Have a go at reading his poem ‘Royal Tea’ What did you like about the poem? You could even have a go at changing some of the vocabulary used to see what effect it would have. 

Writing - Having read the poem 'Royal Tea', write a list of questions that you'd like to ask Benjamin Zephaniah about the palace. You could even have a go at answering these questions yourself, thinking about what the answer could be. Don't forget to include neat joined up handwriting, correct spellings and punctuation including question marks. 

Phonics - Come up with some sounds  including digraphs. You could do this on chalk outside the house or on paper inside. Jump from one sound to another and have a go at reading the work created. Is it a real or alien word? 

Topic - Try the activity with Mary Seacole, finding out all about her life by creating a timeline. You could also create a PowerPoint or leaflet all about Mary Seacole. 

Try completing today's activities for maths, reading, phonics and writing. You could even try the Mary Seacole's activity and create a timeline of her life. 

Have fun today guys, stay safe and keep in touch,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


Evie has worked very hard with her spellings (which are very tricky!) and her times tables. Great work Evie, I'm really proud that you aren't giving in smiley



Harry has been working really hard to learn his 4 times tables and has continued to practise. He has also been answering questions about the Victorians! Great work Harry - I'm really proud that you are learning trickier times tables smiley


Joshua has been busy baking! It can be tricky to bake bread to well done - they look much better than when I try to make them! I hope they were delicious, obviously you'll have saved me some smiley


Friday 5th June

Good morning!

Friday already? How did that happen? Well that’s another week completed, with slightly cooler weather than we’ve been spoilt with recently. I’d just like to say a big thank you to those of you who have emailed photos and updates (I know we’ve said this a lot!) Please keep them coming. Here are some activities to further the ones listed on the home learning pack:

Reading – Having read the story ‘When I Coloured the World’ and drawn and explained your own picture, go back through the story and write down any powerful words which interested you. Do you know the meaning of each one? Can you come up with any synonyms? Do they have the same effect?

Phonics – Using your reading book, can you find any of the split digraphs? (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e). Include sound buttons underneath the words that you have found and add them into a table. Practise reading each word. You could then put them into a sentence.

Maths – Before the activities listed for Friday, why not try playing Numbots? It’s a great way to practise your maths skills. If you’re finding some of the work a little too easy, then why not try some missing number subtractions. For example, 54 - ___ = 21   Can they work out the missing numbers?

Writing – After you have written your own version, remember to proofread it! You could use a different colour like we do at school to make changes. Remember that it’s good to see changes being made. Always read your writing aloud to yourself as sometimes this helps to spot mistakes.

PE – If you’re not too tired, why not try creating your own workout for PE? This could be a game to play, athletics, dance or gymnastics.

We hope that you enjoy today’s activities and have fun learning. We hope that you have a lovely weekend and manage to spend some time outside. As always, stay safe and look after your parents!

Your two most amazing teachers!

Thursday 4th June

Hello Year 2!

How we are missing you all! Another day ahead of us, another set of great activities for you to try today.

Maths – as well as looking at the shapes and their properties seen on various flags as suggested on the home learning activities, you could also go on TTrockstars and practise your multiplication and division facts.

Reading – After completing the reading task on the home learning grid, don’t forget to also be reading at home every day to someone else and talk through your book. Sound out those unfamiliar words really carefully.

STEM – As suggested, why not try the engineering task? You could research any of the very impressive structures around the world. We’ve suggested the Bird’s Nest in China. You could recreate this structure yourself or choose another one. You could even have a go at designing and making a structure of your own.

Topic – Today you could have a go at the food tasting activity! Use a blindfold, and get a family member (preferably someone you trust!) to feed you a little bit of fruit. Can you guess which fruit it is? Where do you think it came from? Then research that fruit to find out how and where it grows.

Have a lovely day today everyone, don’t forget to send us your photos of what you have been up to! Take care,

Miss Dixon and Mr Lewis


I'm really impressed with Joey's work! He's been working really hard telling the time. This is such an important life skill that everybody needs to have a very good understanding of. It's really not easy to learn but Joey you've clearly persevered - I'm really proud of you! He's even had time to research and create a poster all about bees and recap some of his times tables. I don't know where you find the time!



Mason has been busy again - practising his spellings and even putting them into sentences. This will really help improve your spellings. He has also been busy researching, drawing and designing flags! Great work Mason - lots of colour too! 


Riley has been trying some very tricky word problems in his maths work this week. If that wasn't enough, he's also been practising his spellings! Great work Riley, well done.



Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning all,

What happened to the beautiful weather? That’s summer over with now then! We’re half way through the week already. Here are today’s activities:

Complete the reading, phonics, writing and maths activities as listed on the home learning pack.

PE – Why not try the dance activity today listed on the home learning sheet? It requires lots of energy and some creativity to follow the different dances from around the world. You could even have a go at making up your own dance! Please film it for us to see.

Topic – Try the Where in the World? activity from the sheet. Do any of your family members come from a different country? It’d be a great chance to learn all about where you come from. Create a poster of PowerPoint all about your family’s history and traditions that you have. Celebrate the differences!

Have fun today guys and stay safe,

Mr Lewis and Miss Dixon


I'm a little jealous of Carly - just look at that gorgeous guinea pig! Meet Caramel. What a wonderful way to spend your time Carly, he looks so cute and furry. She's even been busy planting sunflowers! Let's hope that Caramel doesn't eat them!



Joshua has been busy learning all about the world. He has explored a map and researched where cheetahs come from, his favourite animal. He then decided to paint a flag from North Africa. Great work Joshua - you are STILL working really hard! 




Just look how excited Mason is over his maths work! What a lovely infectious smile! You've been working well on your maths work, well done. 


Wow! Jack has been up to all sorts! He has been very creative making some really intersting things. He's created a poster about turtles and been busy planting and looking after them. Great work Jack - you sure have been busy!



Evie has been busy researching America! She has thought very carefully about the attractions and what would persuade people to visit. I love that you have also written in red and blue Evie - what a lovely leaflet. I can't wait to go! 


Harry has been to Italy! I love the different places that you have included in your brochure Harry. You have used lots of colour and a good use of pictures to help persuade people. The only problem is that now I want to eat pizza!


Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 2! Another beautiful day ahead - how lucky we are! We hope that you enjoyed the activities set yesterday. Remember to follow the daily activities listed on the sheet. Below are some ways to further those activities should you wish to:

Maths - The activity from the sheet is all about subtraction and working systematically to notice patterns within it. To help with this, you may want to try playing this game:

Talk carefully about the fact families and the link between addition and subtraction. This may help you with your learning for today. If needed, use resources to help whilst you physically move the resources around. 

Topic - This would be a great day to try the flag activity listed. Research various flags and find one which interests you. It could be because you like the country or because you like the design of the flag. You could then have a go at recreating it. Why not try designing your very own flag? Send us your designs.

Reading - Try the reading activity listed on the home learning sheet. It's a great book which provides plenty of opportunity for discussion. You could see what other books or stories you know which are set in a different part of the world and then compare them to Here We Are. 

Phonics - Complete the spelling activity listed. Remember to think carefully about the capital letter at the start. 

Hope you enjoy the different activities for today. Thank you to those of you who have already sent photos. Keep them coming! 

Monday 1st June

Well it's a brand new week and a brand new month! We hope that you've all had a lovely half term and enjoyed spending time together as a family in the sun. The home learning packs are beginning again and will continue to be sent out every Monday morning to you. As usual, if you have any questions or queries, please remember that we are all here for you, no matter how big or small! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here is this week's home learning pack:

01.06.20 Home Learning Pack

We hope that you're all still OK and keeping yourselves safe. PLEASE keep sending us your photos and updates of what you have been doing - we'll add them on here to share with everybody else. 

Maths - Why not recap on your place value skills today ready for the maths activities today. Remember to use sticks for tens and dots for ones. This will help you when subtracting.

Spelling - Don't forget about your spellings! Practise the Year 2 common exception words, making sure that you can spell them within a dictated sentence.

This would be a great opportunity to try the activity of learning to say hello in different languages! You could even record yourself saying these or make a poster of them. 

Stay safe everyone,

Miss Dixon and Mr Lewis


As it's half term this week, we'd like you to take some time off school work and focus on having fun and spending some quality time with your family. This is a perfect opportunity to help your family out by laying the table or helping to tidy the house up. You could even learn to tie your shoe laces! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for us to spend some time outside. Please keep sending us your photos and updates; they really do cheer us up! 

Remember that we're always here for you, stay safe,

Year 2 team

I really don't know where to start! Jaxon has been up to all sorts. He's completed a range of fraction work - these are really tricky too so well done! He's even been practising his times tables, addition and subtraction too. English and science work as well and even some art work. I don't know where you've found the time Jaxon but excellent work. I'm very proud! 






Evie has been up to all sorts from measuring in maths, writing poems and even practising her spellings! I love your interesting creature Evie - you have used some very creative words too. Great effort. 




Maths work, English writing and spelling practise - how haveyou found the time Harry? Good to see that you're keeping really busy at home still. Super effort with work, well done!



Isla has been really busy making her own games, learning about different countries and their flags and even making a map of a walk that she has bene on. Great work Isla - great to see lots of different activities. 



Evie and Harry are sharing their books that they have been busy reading and pictures that they have created. You have clearly taken your time with those pictures; they are lovely!



Friday 22nd May

It’s that Friday feeling! Another week completed and a step closer to seeing you all again – we cannot wait! We hope that you’ve enjoyed the activities so far this week. It’s been lovely to see what some of you have been up to. Here are some more activities which you may want to have a go at:

Maths – How many points? Create some cards with different calculations on which all equal the same number or shape, fraction etc. The first clue must be the most difficult ranging to the last clue being the easiest. Read a clue out at a time and see how many points you can get, 5 points for the first clue and 1 point for the last clue.

Writing – Choose your favourite fairytale story and think about it from a different person’s point of view e.g. the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs. Be creative with your ideas and change how the audience would see each character.

Topic – As tomorrow is World Turtle Day, why not design a leaflet or poster telling people why turtles are in danger and how we can all help to protect them? There is lots of important information on this website:

Reading – continue to read aloud to someone every day to improve your fluency. Always make sure that someone is asking you different questions about the book to work on your comprehension. You could even try asking your family questions about the book that you have read to check that they are listening!

Music – Choose a piece of music to listen to without any words. Draw a picture whilst listening to the music. Afterwards, explain to someone how the music made you feel and why you chose the colours and images.

Have fun today guys and enjoy the weekend ahead. Hopefully you’re all still safe as the lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted.

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Thursday 21st May

Hello world, (or Year 2)!

Well we’re nearer to the end of another week – where have the days gone? It’s been 9 weeks since we’ve been in school. We’d like to say how much we are really missing you all. School isn’t the same without our classrooms full and having silly conversations with you all. We cannot wait to see you all again. Thank you once again to those of you who are keeping in touch via email – it really does help us to keep going! Why not try:

Maths – Bang bang! Two mathematicians stand back to back ready for a shootout. Someone else must call out a calculation, be it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Whoever can solve it the quickest must turn around and shout ‘bang bang’ and they then get the point.

Reading – Today would be a great day to try some of these reading challenges and then write a recommendation for a classmate or family member.

Reading Challenges

Spelling – Practise some common contractions today. Remember that the apostrophe replaces the missing letter/s. You could use this website to play a game or you could write them out. If you’re feeling super creative, you could put them into your own sentences to help you practise.

Life Skills – Now here is an idea which your parents will absolutely love! See if you can complete one of these challenges a day or just see how many of them you can complete. These are everyday things which your parents have to complete for you. It would be lovely if you could help them out and do some for them.

Enjoy the day and activities listed; let us know how you get on. Hopefully see you all soon,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Wednesday 20th May

Welcome to Wednesday everyone!

It’s set to be another beautiful day today so make the most of it; we all know that the English summer will be done very soon! Thank you to those of you who have emailed us; however there are still lots of people that we haven’t heard from at all yet and we’d really love to. As usual, here are some suggested activities for you to try at home today:

Maths – Guess the length! Practise using a ruler (if you have one in your home, if not, find a stick in your garden) to measure the length of different objects in your house. Remember when measuring to always make sure that you place 0 at the beginning of the object. When you have practised, see if you can estimate as many objects as you can which you think will equal 10cm. Then measure them to see if you’re right. How many can you get right? Do you become more accurate with practise?

Reading – Use the website below to give you an idea of how to create your own video, reading a book aloud. Make sure you practise reading it so that you know all of the tricky words. Think about your expression so that your voice doesn’t sound boring.

Topic – Today is World Bee Day! Why not check your garden to see how many flowers you have in there for bees? You could ask your parents to choose some plants which will help them to survive. Bees are in decline in our country and for them to survive, we need to do all that we can to save them. Check out the website below for some more ideas:

Phonics – You could have fun and create some of your own words to practise your phonics today. Take some paper and cut it into smaller squares. On each one write a different sound, mixing between vowel and consonant e.g. th, sh, ch, ea, ai, ou, i, y, ll, ff, ng etc. Then take it in turns to reveal the chosen card and make a word together. Is it a real one or an alien word? What could its meaning be if it isn’t a real word?

We hope that you’ll enjoy today’s activities. Stay safe and look after each other,

Your amazing and extremely talented teachers!


What a lovely place for a walk! Joshua has been out enjoying the beautiful weather and spotting signs of animals too. It looks like you had a lovely time. Also been really busy with learning about the different seasons. I really love your pictures to show each season Joshua. Lots of great work going on.



I'm not even sure where to start with this one! It brought on a few tears when I was reading it. Joey this is such an amazing and thoughtful thing to create. Just the kind of superhero that we need right now! I think the NHS will be very glad to get some help from Red Titan and Blue Titan. 

Mason has been really busy on the computer this week. Great work Mason; it looks like you've even got some planning there too! 

Owen has been developing his creative side last week. I'd say he was very much needed at the moment with everything that is going on at the moment. Well done Owen, great work!


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning all!

Hopefully today will be another beautiful day to spend time outside and enjoy the sunshine! How much easier life at home is with this weather! We hope that you’ve all had chance to look at the new learning packs for this week. Here are some more ideas which you might like to try today:

Maths – Using the digits 1-5, see how many of the numbers you can make from 1-20 using all four operations (+ - x ÷). If you’d like an added challenge, try only using each number once.

E.g. 3 – 2 = 1

5 – 3 = 2

2 + 1 = 3

Reading – It can be very difficult to find enough material for you to read every day so why not try The Oxford Owl website? You need to register but it’s free and they have plenty of eBooks to read! Practise sounding out those words which you are finding tricky and be prepared to answer lots of questions about what you have just read.

English – Read through the creative writing prompts below to see which you think is the most interesting! You could choose to write a story, postcard, newspaper article, leaflet or a poem. Be creative with your writing and remember to focus on handwriting, punctuation, spelling and language choices. Always proofread your writing afterwards to ensure that you haven’t made any simple mistakes.

Creative Writing Prompts

Art – It’d be great if you had a go at one of these! Draw a simple outline of anything you want to and then use colours to draw different patterns in for a great effect! Give it a go and send us your pictures so that we can put them on the website for everyone to enjoy.

Have fun today. Please don’t put too much pressure on yourselves with home learning. We do understand the what you’re all going through and how difficult it is. As usual, send us your photos or updates of what you have been up to.

Stay safe,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Year 2! Another week has begun. You know what that means- Home learning sheets! We know that it has been longer than we thought but we wanted you to know how brilliiant you are being and how proud we are. Hopefully it won't be too much longer but incase it is, keep doing exactly what you are doing, being the superstars we know you are! 

CLICK HERE- Week 7 Home Learning Sheet

CLICK HERE- Week 7 Learning Project

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Jack has been up to all sorts this week! Just be warned that if you read his poem, you may have a sudden urge to eat sweets! A wide range of activities completed Jack - I'm very proud smiley




Evie and Harry have been practising their handwriting. It really isn't easy to do but keep going guys - I promise it will get easier the more you practise!



Friday 15th May

Good morning Year 2! Another Friday has come around so quickly and it is another week closer to us all being together again in school! We cannot wait to see you all. Below are the final acitivities for this week; we will be sending out more home learning packs on Monday. I know there are lots so choose, some of them to do today and some of them you could do over the weekend to keep you busy. 


I think Joe deserves a medal with all of these PE lessons. He is still doing one every day for you guys. Remember it is so important to keep moving and getting plenty of exercise. If Joe is a little too much for you, we have enjoyed doing some of the cosmic yoga videos- and some dancing- So take your pick. If a nice walk in the sunshine is your favourite then just do that!

Topic & English

Imagine that you are going on an adventure. Where would you go and what would you do? You could be an arctic explorer sailing the north sea. You could be a jungle biologist looking for rare species in the amazon or maybe even a deep sea marine biologist looking for life below the waves. Whichever it is plan for your adventure. What would you need to pack? Just like you did for your holiday a few weeks ago, pack a bag of supplies and write a short story about where you go and what you see and do. Make it exciting and tell us how important the things you packed were and why you needed them. Think about the way you travelled there.


Does it float? Why dont you test different materials at home to see what floats and what doesnt. Once you have tested the materials you could have a go at making your own boat to sail away on that adventure we talked about. Think it has to be sturdy. You could test your boat by putting a boiled egg on it to make sure it can support passengers. Remember to ask for help with this! 


Have you got a dice at home? If so, great! If not dont worry you can use the online dice here- What we want you to do over the weekend is practise your adding skills a little more. This time challenge yourself to make it easier or harder. Roll the dice twice to get a 2 digit number. Then roll the dice a 2nd time and add on that single digit number? To easy I hear you say? Well don't worry you could do a 2 digit number + a 2 digit number OR if you are feeling particularly clever and in the mood for a challenge- a 3 digit number + a 2 digit number. Remember the methods we used in class and how to bridge ten. Sticks and dots. Always start counting the ones first then add on the tens after. Some of you might remember to write simple number sentences. Ones + ones = ____, tens + tens = _____ and then add the answers! Chalenge yourselves and a family member. How many can you do?


One of your favourite games was dragons den- why not have a go and revise your phase 3 and 5 sounds?










Below is an example of a Lewis Carroll poem. You know it must be good because he has Lewis in his name! It is one of my favourites and I thought you should see how beautiful this handwriting is? Why don't some of you have a go at copying up this poem in your neatest handwriting practising the joins you can see. If joining is too tricky why not practise writing the poem and thinking about how each letter is formed and working on the size of your writing. I cannot wait to see it! 

Have a brilliant weekend Year 2! Stay safe,

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon


Mason has been up to all sorts of interesting things! A whole range of work there - maths, English, Geography and even DT! I'm really proud of your hard work Mason - keep working super hard smiley



Harry and Evie have been busy again! They've been learning all about food chains - identifying the producer, consumer and secondary consumer. They've seen a variety of predators by the looks of it but luckily none of them were alive! They've even had time to create a fact file about Queen Victoria. Well done both - I'm really impressed by the effort that you're putting into your work. 



Thursday 14th May

History Day!

Good morning Year 2! As you are approaching the end of Year 2 and your time in KS1- how excitin - we thought it would be a nice idea to recap some of the brilliant historical figures you have looked at in KS1. Below is a list of names of famous historical people, you will recognise some and will not know others. Your challenge today is to create a fact file. You can choose any of the names below to learn about. This could be a painting of the person with information on the back, it could be a poster, it could be a leaflet or you might just want to do some writing about them. For your computing you will need to use a search engine to research the person, for your reading you will need to read information about them to gather facts to use in your fact file, for writing you will write about the person, for your art you could sketch, paint, colour the person. Get creative with this and present your fact file in a vibrant and colourful way that will make people want to pick it up and learn something about it! Challenge yourself- choose someone you don't know much about so that you are learning new facts aswell! I look forward to seeing what these look like! 

Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and LS Lowry, Rosa Parks and Emily Davison, Mary Seacole and/or Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Year 2! I think it is going to be a cloudier day again today so perhaps some indoor activities? 


I have attached a text that you might interest you after last weekends bank holiday! Have a read of the information and then try answering the questions below. Challenge yourself! 

Click here- VE Day Comprehension


I've been missing our dance parties recently so thought I would send you a link to something that would make you smile and get you moving!


Have you ever seen a mystic rose? Well I think you will like them! They look amazing and are super easy to do. Here is a video to show you and some examples which look great!


Music- Design & Technology

Why not have a go at making your own percussion instrument? You could use recylcing or objects in your house to help you. Once you have made it you could compose your own piece of music. It could be filling a bottle with rice and shaking it, it could be putting elastic bands around a box and strumming it, it could be putting material over a box and hitting it to make a drum- get creative and use your imagination!


Harry and Evie have been really busy creating their own boats and testing whether they float. I hope nobody got soggy!


Some very interesting stories that you have written Harry and Evie! A good use of planning to help you think about your story too - well done. I also really like the pictures that you have come up with - very colourful. Great work!




Mason has been creating his own recipe for pancakes. I offered to taste test them but surprisingly, he didn't seem too keen!

Joshua has found some very creative ways to learn his times tables. Excellent work Joshua and well done for still putting lots of effort into your work! 



Tuesday 12th May


Now you have planned your own fairytale, we want you to use that plan to write your own story. remember the rule with opening a fairytale, 'Once upon a time' and think carefully about what isgoingto happen in your story. fairytales carry an important message- Red Riding Hood- Dont talk to strangers, Goldilocks- Dont take things that arent yours etc. Has your story got an important moral message for your readers? Telling the truth perhaps? Listening to your parents? Follow instructions? etc. Remember fairy tales often have pictures to support what is happening so be creative!


Add ten Take ten. We want you to play a game that will warm up your place value and addition skills. You are going to ask someone for a number and you are going to write down what is 10 more from that number and what is 1- less. Once you have done a few practises then ask someone else to play to and race to write down the two numbers before your opponent. Try not to use multiples of 10 and go for mixed numbers so 47- I'd write down 37 and 57. 63- I'd write down 53 and 73. If this is too tricky use the number squares we sent home to support you. If it is too easier then try 20 more and 20 less.


Does it float? Using recyclables try to make your own boat. Think carefully about the materials you use because your boat needs to keep its passengers safe and dry. Once you've built your boat test it in a sink, bath or bucket. Did it float? Yes? Why did it float? No? Why do you think it didn't float? Can you change it to make it float? Remember Science is about asking questions and investigating to find answers. 

Life Skills

We live in an age of 24hr news stories. We can hear about things happening all around the world instantly from the internet, from seeing it on TV, to reading about it or watching on your phones. The news is so important for getting information to people. However recently I know some of you have seen the news and found it a little scarey. Well instead of a scarey news story, I'd like you to role play being a news journalist or reporter. You will have to present your own news report "Hi I'm Miss Dixon and this is the 6 o'clock news' but to help lift spirits. Find a story that you find interesting, the more positive the better! And report it to your family, you will have to plan what you are going to say so you could write your speech. You can then present it to your family! It would be great to have some videos sent in of you doing this! 


- Play on some of the phonics games listed such as phonics play. 

- Use a reading book to find alternative spellings and create a table showing the different words that you came up with. 

- Create a list of words which have the same sound. Play pictionary with the word list or hangman or turn the word into a picture of an animal to help you remember how to spell it. 


Now let's look at some alternatives. One of the ones I know lots of you found tricky this year was the alternative /ee/ sound. We have 'eelike in cheese, we have 'eylike in monkey, we have 'ealike in meat, we have 'e_e' like in even and more! How many can you spot around your home? Make a list of all the /ee/ sounding words you can spot. Put them into different columns so you can see which ee sound is most common. Where does each alternative version appear in a word? The beginning, middle or end? 



Joshua has been up to all sorts since we've been off school. From den making outdoors and indoors, to baking deliciousness to working in his books. Great work Joshua - keep it up smiley






Jack has been really busy last week - where do you find the time? Jack has been monitoring the weather and even broadcasted it! He has even had time to do some work on recycling. Great effort Jack!





Joshua has been learning all about healthy and unhealthy snacks. If you need to get rid of any of those unhealthy snacks Joshua, I'll be super kind and take them off you!


Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you've had a wonderful weekend and had fun celebrating safely! A bit of a mix in the weather but it was beautiful when we needed it to be. The start of a new week and closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. As usual, thank you to those of you who send us photos. It was so lovely to speak to some of you on Friday - it made me miss you all even more! It was amazing to hear all of the things that you had been up to. Sorry to those that I didn't get to speak to - I will get round to ringing everyone, fingers crossed.

Here are this week's learning packs:

11.05.20 Home Learning Grid

11.05.20 Home Learning Project

Spelling Dice Game

Spelling Ideas

Times Table Ideas

Here are today’s activities which you might want to try:

Maths – Maths Bingo! This game can be played on the Topmarks website – just search topmarks bingo. There are lots of different areas of maths that you can play this in such as multiplication and division, fractions of amounts, addition etc. You don’t have to use a computer though. Choose five numbers below 20. The bingo caller must then choose a number at random (you could give clues for this instead of just calling out the number, as given yesterday). The first person to cross off all five wins.

Writing – Think about all of the fairy tales that you know. Which one is your favourite. Write your very own fairy tale using the planner below. All you need is a dice to decide which box will be included in your story. Think about which words that you will use to describe the setting and characters. Also think about a variety of conjunctions that you could use to extend your sentences. Be careful with your handwriting and spellings. Proofread your writing afterwards.

Fairytale Planner

Life Skills – Look around your house. Choose five things which mean a lot to you. Draw a picture of each one and explain why it means to lot to you. Give any other information such as where you got it, what you might use it for.

Art – If you are lucky enough to have paint, coloured paper, felt tips or crayons, why not try creating your very own Kadinsky Circles. They are very colourful and would brighten up any room well.

Have fun today and stay safe,

Miss Dixon


VE Day

As it is VE Day and Bank Holiday Monday (?), we're not setting any work today. Spend some quality time as a family and enjoy the celebrations.Be proud of Britain! 

Joey has been very creative making VE day bunting to hang outside his house. Well done Joey, what a lovely thing to do to celebrate. My house could do with some decorations smiley

Mason has been on a walk listening to the sounds that he can hear. There is one sound on there that absolutely doesn't surprise me and made me laugh a lot! See if you can spot it and whether you laugh just as much! 

Thursday 7th May

Hello Year 2!

Another day, nearly another week completed. Again, here are some activities for you to try out:

Maths – What’s My Number? Choose any two-digit number. Your partner has to guess what number it is by the clues that you give. For example:


It is an odd number.

It is below 20.

It is two digits.

It is in the five times table.

Reading – Think about your favourite story. Read it carefully. Think of five questions which you would ask the author about the characters, storyline or setting. Then think about the answers that they might give you.

Spellings – Write your spellings on a piece of small paper or card. Spend a little bit of time memorising them and then ask an adult to help test you. Give yourself a big ‘Well done!’ for every one that you get right. Think of all of the different ways we have tried to learning spellings such as:

  • Mnemonics – Big Elephants Can Always Understand Smaller Elephants
  • Rhyming – behind as in find
  • Turning the word into a picture of animal

Music – This afternoon might be the perfect time to try one of these activities from the BBC website. Choose one and give it a go. What a perfect time to be creative!

Geography – If you go out on a walk today, it would be great if you could take a piece of paper with you and roughly sketch the route as you go. You could then use this when you get home to create a detailed map of the journey that you have been on.

We hope that some of these activities interest you. Good luck and remember to share with us some of your most creative pieces of those that you are most proud of.

Stay safe,

Year 2 Staff

Wednesday 6th May

Good day to you all!

Another day, half way through the week now. It feels like such a long time ago since we were all in school but really it hasn’t been that long. We hope that you are all making the most of the weather that we have. Here are some different activities to try:

Writing – Oh dear…you thought going on holiday was a good idea but the ferry that you were on got stuck near a desert island. You have been there for a while when a bottle turns up. Use the writing template below (if you want to) to write a message to the people back at home. Think carefully about the things that you would want to say. Be careful with handwriting, spelling and punctuation.

Message in a Bottle Template

Maths – Countdown! You could use playing cards if you have them. If not, choose five different numbers at random and then ask an adult to come up with a number between 20 and 30. Using all operations, can you make that number only using each number once?

History – Compare the past! If possible, speak to the oldest member of your family and ask them to compare their childhood to yours. You could make a table with differences and similarities and list as many as they mention. This might give you a really good idea of how quickly things have changed in a short space of time.

Science – If you have access to the internet, why not do some research about some amazing science facts! You could write these in a leaflet template, a poster, on the computer or even present it in the shape of the human body or planet.

For example, did you know:

  • The Eiffel Tower can be 15cm taller in summer!
  • Hawaii moves 7.5cm closer to Alaska every year!
  • A sneeze blows air out of your nose at 100mph!

Here are some interesting websites to use if helpful:

Enjoy today and hopefully some of these activities that we have suggested. Stay safe and healthy everyone,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis


I don't want to alarm anybody but I think that there may be some vicious animals on the loose! Oh wait no - I think it's Mason in a mask! Some great work again Mason smiley



These letters from Harry and Evie brought a tear to my eye! What lovely letters - thank you very much both, it has made this time much more bearable! laugh


Joshua has been so creative again - I think I might go round! He's made eruptive volcanoes, his own snow and found a dinosaur fossil! Wow how amazing! smiley



Tuesday 5th May

Good morning all!

We hope that you’ve had a chance to look at this week’s home learning packs. Please remember, we are here to help so if there is something that you are struggling with or would like some advice about, we are here! We can’t pretend to have all of the answers but we will certainly try our hardest for you. We understand how difficult this time can be. Hopefully it won’t be long until we’ll be back in school. Here are some activities to try:

Maths – Why not create a maths board game.

  • Create a ‘snap’ type game with calculations on – addition, subtraction, multiplication or division or maybe a mixture of all of them.
  • A board game which has calculations on. Every time you land on a square, you have to complete that calculation. You could even add a time limit if you want to.
  • Or be creative and think of your own idea!

Spellings – If you’ve got any spare, use old magazines, newspapers or leaflets to cut out the letters that you need for this week’s spellings.

Reading – Continue to read every day, thinking about sounding unfamiliar words out. Try reading a different type of book for a change. This could be a non-fiction book if you’re not used to reading them.

Geography – This afternoon, you could try and using household or garden objects to create a map of Britain. Be sure to label the bigger cities and of course, Atherstone.

We hope that you enjoy the day,

The Year 2 Team

Wow, look how busy Jack has been! He's been to South Africa where it looks like he met a very fierce lion - I'm really glad you managed to escape Jack! Not only that but he also turned into a mad scientist and spent time experimenting. What fantastic work Jack - you've clearly been working hard! Well done smiley



Monday 4th May

May the '4th' be with you all! 

It's the start of a brand new week! We hope you all had a great weekend. Below is this weeks learning pack so please download it and have a look through it all! We have planned lots of different things this week for you all to enjoy. Thank you for the photos, emails and work you have sent us- we are so proud of how hard you are working so keep it up! Stay safe super stars!

Click here- Learning Pack

Click here- Home Learning Sheet Week 6

Have a great week! 

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Friday 1st May

It's the start of a new month but the last day of this working week! Lets hope it is a sunny one. 


We haven't given you any science this week for a good reason, we thought it would be fun for you to have a science day at home and become your own scientist with the help of your family. Remember it is always a good idea to look like a mad scientist when you are doing an investigation, just like Einstein or be a scientist who could brush their hair like Marie Curie. Below is an attachment for some investigation card activities. I have chosen investigations that should be quite easy to do at home without having lots of scientific apparatus like beakers and things, because it would be very strange to have that at home! Have a look and choose a few to investigate today.

Science Investigations! - click here!


There is always some time to squeeze in a bit of reading- here is a picture clue quiz for you to have a go at. Choose a picture and answer the questions about it. 

Have a happy safe weekend Year 2 and we will send out next weeks activity sheet on Monday! Stay safe and see you soon, 

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Mason has been very busy again! Well done on your fact file Mason, it looks like you have got lots of interesting facts on there. You've also thought of lots of different ways to represent the number 10 - great work smiley


Joshua has also created an animal fact file. I'm really impressed Joshua. You have included lots of colour, fun facts and it is written clearly. Well done smiley

Thursday 30th April

It is the last day of April! A whole month in quarantine and wow didn't it go fast! Here are today's activities-


Remember the work we did on Samuel Peyps and his diary? Well I know lots of you have been keeping a quarantine diary which is fantastic so this is just a reminder to add a little more to it. Have your feelings towards what is happening changed with time? Have you got used to a routine at home? What is similar and different about this week in comparison to the weeks we have had? Remember to update your diary with any changes that you have heard about. 


I am loving seeing your pictures you have been creating at home. I'm going to give you some freedom in what you draw so you can choose BUT instead of colouring or painting I thought it would be a nice idea if you shaded it. Remember the tree shading you did a few weeks ago? Well it would be similar to that but this time I want you to think about the shade of your shading, try to produce a scale in your picture like this-

Can you see how this person has gone from a far darker shade to a much lighter one? Try to include this in your picture. Remember to send us some photos so we can see them!


Click here for the link- 2D Shapes

Using resources like this and any that you can find online, have a go at making a quiz for a family member. Draw a  shape on a piece of paper and cover it over. You then need to describe the shape to them and see if they can guess what shape it is from your description! You should include plenty of properties of the shape to help them guess- you could include the number of lines of symmetry that you have looked at this past week! Take it in turns to see if you can guess your partner's shapes! It's just like when we use the feely bag in class. 


Now lets look at some alternatives. One of the ones I know lots of you found tricky this year was the alternative /igh/ sound. We have 'igh' like in high, we have 'ie' like in pie, we have 'i' like in mind, we have 'i_e' like in slide and more! How many can you spot around your home? Make a list of all the /igh/ sounding words you can spot. Put them into different columns so you can see which igh sound is most common. Where does each alternative version appear in a word? The beginning, middle or end? 

Wednesday 29th April


You're going on a holiday! Didn't you know? Well the plane is taking off soon so you need to go pack! First you'll need to fill a suitcase full of things to take with you so think about where you are going is it a warm sandy beach? Or is it a snowy mountain skiing holiday? Once you've packed, you need to imagine you're there. Perhaps have an ice cream and put some sun cream on. Perhaps watch a skiing video and pretend you're skiing down the slopes. After you have had your fun imagining your holiday and role playing it out, send us a postcard. Remember it needs a picture on one side of where you have been and some information about the weather and what you have been up to on the other side. We can't wait to hear all about your adventure! Remember to send us photos. 


Now you have had a go at drawing lines of symmetry on regular 2D shapes, why don't you practise your skills futher by using some of these games to make irregular shapes-


Have I ever told you I love otters? Of course I have! It is the only thing I talk about. Well I was reading about otters yesterday and came across a really interesting fact. Did you know that otters sleep holding hands? Isn't that cute!  Take a look-

We want you to spend some time researching an animal that you like. Find some interesting facts that we didn't know and present them in a creative way- it could be a poster or a leaflet etc. This will be similar to the fact files and minibeast work we were doing in school!

More Home Learning

Some more amazing photos of what you have all been up to!

Isla has been very creative with her work! it looks like you're working really hard Isla - well done! A great effort with your animal alphabet. Some of those letters are tricky!


Another person who has clearly been busy is Jaxon. Lots of great work going on, you'll be a maths genius by the time you come back to school!


Olivia that cake looks delicious - how clever to make such a colourful cake! However, I'm not sure sure I fancy eating your sandwich. I think I might be full actually. You've been working really hard at home - great work! 



Harry and Evie have tried the writing activity - writing a postcard. It takes quite a lot of thought and creativity to write these so well done guys; a great result!




Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 2!

We hope you are all well and ready for another week of activities! We have been busy planning more things for you to do!


Remember Joe Wicks? How can you forget he is brilliant. My legs ache from all of the exercises but he is fantastic at getting us on our feet and moving around. 

If Joe isn't your thing or youd rather do something a little calmer for your exercises you could always look at what of the new cosmic yoga routines. I have spent the weekend being a wizard!


Last week you looked at right angles of shapes. From a couple of emails I think we are getting confused with symmetry. So for today why don't we look again at find a line of symmetry in 2D shapes. Remember a symmetrical line splits a shape into two equal parts. If it is the same on both sides of the line then you know it is symmetrical. Remember we used mirrors to check our answers? Have a go with some regular 2D shapes then make up your own irregular shapes! 


I came across this wonderful poem and learnt one of my favourite verses by heart. In the video you can only hear the author reading it but because of the way he expresses himself and by the way he adds the character voices you can picture what is happening so much more clearly. Why don't you find a poem of your choosing and try learning a section. Have a go at reciting it by memory (it'll take some practise) to your family. Remember to be expressive!


Last week you looked at acenders and capital letters. This week I want us to revisit the decenders, thats letters with the long tail that sits under the line. Have a go at forming q, y, p, f, g, j with the tails below the line. Too easy? Okay, well have a go at practising your joins into a decender. a into p, e into y etc. 

Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone!

Not quite so nice weather today but maybe we won't feel quite so bad for being stuck at home?

Here are the new learning packs for this week. We hope that you enjoy the range of activities that we have put together. 

27.04.20 Home Learning Grid

27.04.20 Home Learning Project

Multiplication Colouring sheets

As always, if you need any help or advice, remember that we are always here. we understand how difficult this time is for you and we'd like to make it go as smoothly as we possibly can.

Enjoy the week and keep safe,

Year 2 Team 

Another who has clearly been very busy over the last week or two is Joshua! He has been super busy with science last week as he experimented with which container shape is the strongest. He has been trying to see how much weight each one could take before it sank. Excellent work Joshua.


As if that wasn't enough, Joshua has continued his science work. You'll be an expert scientist by the time we go back to school! He has been planting seeds and measuring the growth each week to see how quickly they are growing. Very proud of all of your hard work Joshua - well done smiley



Well I wasn't expecting this from Owen this morning! You look like you're doing a really good job there. Let me know the how it all turns out; I may be hiring you to do my kitchen! 

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday – it’s here at last

What a week it has been! Another week nearly under our belts and a little bit closer to going back to normal. We’re going stir crazy at home and cannot wait to get back into school (no honestly!) As usual, below are some suggested activities for today. From what we have seen, some of you are working exceptionally hard teaching your children at home, something which we know is very difficult to do so well done 😊

Maths – how about teaching angles? See how many right angles can be found within the house (90° - corner of a piece of paper) Relate this to 2D shapes. Draw some and identify the number of right angles that it has. You could even make some shapes using sticks.

English – This seems like a perfect opportunity to try the writing activity on the grid. Watch the video on The Literacy Shed and write your own story about the boy saving the chickens. Be creative with your ideas and don’t forget – punctuation, spelling and handwriting!

Handwriting is extremely important and something which takes a lot of practise! By the end of Year 2, we should all be trying to join our letters. Practise writing with capital letters and ascenders (b, d, f, h, k, l, t) taller than the other smaller letters. I have got some handwriting sheets that you could print off or use to guide you if needed, just email us!

Music – This afternoon you could try a bit of music! Think back to our music lessons using Charanga. Why not try listening to a song and try to identify the pulse. You could then be creative and use household objects to make your own musical instrument and tap out a rhythm for someone else to copy.

 The home learning packs for next week will be on the website and emailed out on Monday morning. Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a relaxing weekend.

Please remember that we are here to help and will do everything possible to help support you all at this difficult time.

Miss Dixon

Thursday 22nd April

Good morning all,

What another beautiful day with the sun shining! There are lots of things that you could try doing today from the home learning grid, but here are some things which you might like to have a go at:

Maths – All about shapes! Create a grid in your book headed with different shapes. Go on a shape hunt and see what different shapes you can find. What is the most and least common shapes that you can find? Are there any which tricked you because they were positioned differently? You could then choose two shapes to compare.

Reading – Remember that you should be reading aloud every day. Choose a reading book and plan a brief sequel. Think carefully about what has happened in the story that you have read and what the characters could get up to in the next story.

Art – Today would be a great opportunity to try out the art idea. Find a spot in your house or garden and sketch out what you can see. Think carefully about the sizing of each object that you can see. Then move to a different place within the same room or garden and sketch again. Do any of the objects look different?

PE Why not try coming up with your own warm up activity before watching and completing the Joe Wicks’ Workout? Remember the purpose of a warm up is to prepare your muscles ready for exercise. Keep it fun.

Have a lovely day guys, nearly the end of another week!

Miss Dixon and Mr Lewis


Harry and Evie have been very busy recently - what a lot of learning taking place! Great effort on your spellings; they're always tricky to learn.



Mason has been busy again! Very creative ideas - I hope your t-short turned out well. A fantastic piece of writing Mason too. I really look forward to reading it.



Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning all, wonderful Wednesday!

We hope that you’re still enjoying family time and (hopefully) relaxing at home. We genuinely can’t wait to get back into school; we’re really missing you all a lot!

Some interesting activities to try today:

Writing – You could try one of the activities from the project sheet. Think about our school uniform. What do you think about it? You could write a letter to Mrs Taylor stating your views about it. You could even design a new school uniform and explain why you think this would be a better choice.

Maths – You could go on a number hunt today around your house or garden. You could collect as many as you can find and them sort them into different categories e.g. odd and even, multiples of 5 and not multiples of 5, ordering them, the difference between the highest and lowest or you could sort them into each times table.

Spelling – Create a grid in your book with the different split digraphs (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e and u_e) use your reading book to see how many of each you can find. Which do you think is the most or least? Can you add any other words?

Reading – Practise counting syllables and use a book to find a range of words which have various syllables up to 4.

We hope that you have a lovely day all. As always keep sending us your wonderful photos – it makes us so proud!

Miss Dixon and Mr Lewis

Joshua has been super busy at home! I love the mix of creative work and written work that you have completed. Showing your appreciation is a lovely thing to do, showing your support. 




Joey has been very busy with his maths work! Great work Joey - it also looks very fun. Keep up the good work. 


Tuesday 21st April 

Good morning Year 2,

I hope that you've all managed to have a look at the new learning packs for this week. Today would be a perfect opportunity to try:

Maths Why not try the maths problem set out on the learning grid today? Always remeber with problems, read it carefully and highlight the important information first before deciding what you must do in order to solve the problem. Using some resources around your house and garden might help you too.

Reading Today is a perfect opportunity to practise your reading. Remember to focus on your phonics whilst reading. If you like, you could always take two books that you have read and try comparing them. You could do this using a Venn diagram or by drawing a table with two columns: similarties and differences. 

Spelling Why not try some of your spellings today? Be creative. You could use a whiteboard if you have one, magnetic letters, sticks from the garden, chalk or write them in bubble writing. To help reinforce them, you could play Pictionary or Hangman with some of them.

Science Why not try an experiment with plants today? You could set it up by planting some seeds and placing them in different places. You could see what conditions they grow best in, does hot or cold water make a difference or do they even need soil? 

Have a wonderful day and as always, stay safe. We're another day closer to going back into school,

Miss Dixon & Mr Lewis



Monday 20th April

Hi everyone, 

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ask your parents permission but if you sit outside each evening this week there is a good chance you will see a shooting star! It is meant to be one of the best displays to see. Fingers crossed it is a clear night and we can all spot one or two or maybe lots more! 

As it is the start of a new week I have emailed you the below home learning sheets. There is lots of different activities for you to try so take your pick or do them all! We can't wait to see your emails showing us what you have been up to. Have a good week, stay safe!



Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon


It's receiving photos like this which make me really proud to be a teacher and so keen to get back into school and get back to normal! It's always lovely to see people working so hard at home. Great work Mason - keep up the hard work smiley





Another fantastic effort by Jack - you have clearly been very busy! Lovely to see a variety of work being completed. Very proud smiley



Friday 17th April

Hi Year 2! Well thats another week done and another week closer to us all being together at school again. Here is some home learning for you all to do. As mentioned in the email this week, your home learning activity sheet will be sent out on Monday 20th this next week and every Monday after that- it makes it easier to start a week that way. 


Phonics Play is a fantastic website with lots of games you will all find familiar. For most of you, revise the Phase 5 activities but if you are finding that a a little too tricky why not have a look at the Phase 3 ones. You will be able to identify the sounds in isolation but remember to practise them within words and sentences. 


Have a think about the diaries we looked at, particularly Samuel Pepys diary during the Great Fire of London. That diary was used as a fantastic piece of historical writing just like the diary of Anne Frank in WWII. We know you have been writing a diary throughout quarantine all about life during the Corona Virus outbreak but I thought it would be a nice idea to make a piece of historical writing for yourselves to remind you about this time. It is after all an important part of modern day history! We want you to write a letter to yourself but for in 10 years time. In that letter you should talk to yourself and explain what life is like in quarantine and how you feel now. This is important because it will not only remind you of what it felt like to live through this but it will be a valid piece of historical writing that tells us about the event. (A source of information). 

It should include;

- Who you are writing to and who it is from (you and you)

- The date you have written it

- Facts about things that have happened and information that tells you what the letter will be about

- Your feelings and what it is like to you

This is a really nice way of putting how you feel into a piece of emotive work. In ten years time you will be able to look back and remember what it feels like and how this event has changed the world? Did everything go back to the way it was? Were things different? 

Reading A poem about one of my favourite things, by one of my favourite authors. What do you think? 


Sign in to your Numbots or Timestabe rockstars accounts and practise your number bonds to 10 and 20 aswell as you 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. 


Thinking about Spring time and the changes on animals, link this thinking back to our work on plants. What have you noticed are the changes in Spring time to the plants around us? Have the trees changed? Look at the sketch you drew on Wednesday. Can you draw a small picture and write a descriptive paragraph telling me all about what happens and what changes during the spring time? Send them to me so I can show some examples on here! 

Have a fantastic weekend Year 2. Hopefully it will bring more good news and sunshine. Look out for the activity sheet on Monday in your emails and let us know what you are up to! See you soon. 

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Thursday 16th April

Hello Year 2! Another day with lovely weather. Spring is such a beautiful time of year. We had lots of fun completing this Spring time quiz! Have a go and see if you learn some new animal facts. The CBBC website has lots of quizes, games, puzzles and activities for you guys! Have a look

Wednesday 15th April

Good morning Year 2! 

As promised here are some PE, English and Art activities.


Write a character description to tell us all about the character from the book you have been reading, remember to use expanded noun phrases and adjcectives to describe what they are like, for example,

Wilbur the Pig was a kind, gentle animal who is always thinking of others. He is light pink with pale, pointy ears and a short curly tail. 

It doesn't have to be too long. You could present it as a wanted poster! Warning have you seen this mischievious pig? He has a sinister grin and sharp, pointy teeth. 


Draw or sketch a tree you can see in your garden or from going on your daily walk. Practise the different shading skills we used in class to highlight the lighter and shady parts of the picture. It could look something like this-



It can be really tempting to stay indoors watching TV or playing wth toys all day but exercise is so important! Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson every day, here is todays-

If that isn't something you want to do you might enjoy cosmic yoga-

Or you could just go on a walk with your parents or carers. But remember to keep your distance from other people! 

A very real and powerful reminder of what our country is going through at the moment and very different to se it from a child's perspective. A good time to remind us to take care of each other and make the most of this precious time that we get to spend with each other. 

Jack has clearly been busy again. That food looks delicious Jack - I hope you enjoyed it! Lots of different activities completed. 




Evelyn has been really busy at home! You clearly have been working really hard Evelyn - well done! A lovely range of activities completed too smiley



Tuesday 14th April

Hello Year 2!

This week I would like to start everyone off with an exciting adventure, all about an 'Enormous Turnip'. This adventure will be split into 3 episodes and I will post the link to the next episode every Monday. Enjoy! 

Below is your home learning;


Think back to the story you read last week. I want you to think about one of the characters in the story. What were they like? How did they act? What did they look like? What sort of person are they? Once you have thought of these few things then think about a character in a different story you have read or heard. Compare this second character to the first- what is similar about them? What is different? Are they both villains? 


To continue to help you in your reading and applying your phonics I want you to sit and read a story or listen to a story being read to you and try to spot as many common exception words as you can. 

In your home learning packs you will have this sheet.


Can you make a mnemonic? Remember a mnemonic is a way to help you remember how something is spelt, for example, 

b e c a u s e (bake eleven cakes and use six eggs). 

Have a go at making your own mnemonic for;







With the help of an adult- conduct a survey! Have a look outside a window in your house, identify something you could count the number of, it could be colours of cars on your street, it could be how many people are walking alone, walking in a group, walking with a dog etc. Tally your results like this;

Once you have your results identify which one is most and which one is least. What is the difference between the two? 


You could then put your results into a bar chart to show and display your data like this-

There is a lot of activities there to keep you all busy but we will add some PE, ART and English for you later in the week. Stay safe and remember you can always send us photos of what you are up to!

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Monday 13th April

Hello Year 2! We hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend and didn't eat too many easter eggs! Incase you did here is a few links to some fantastic exercises you could do; 

Or if you are feeling tired and wanted a calmer activity you could have go at reading and sequencing the easter story.


Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Friday 10th April

Good morning Year 2!

What another beautiful day ahead of us - I hope you're making the most of the sunshine, even if it is only in your garden. Another week under our belt and a bit closer to going back to normal - I can't wait to get back into school! Thank you so much to those of you who keep us updated and informed of what you have been doing; it really helps to keep us smiling.

Here is next week's learning packs, again hopefully there is a variety of activities for you to do as and when you can. 

10.04.20 home Learning Grid

10.04.20 Home Learning Project Pack

Enjoy Easter weekend and save me some chocolate! 

Stay safe everybody as always,

Miss Dixon


Thursday 9th April

Good morning Fedoras!

Reading - Today I'd love for you to spend time reading, this could be to a sibling or parent; you could read outside or inside. Maybe find an unsual place to read and take a photo to send to us. Think about answering some questions such as:

- What do you think is going to happen and why?

- Why do you think that the character feels that way? How do you know?

- What does that word mean? Could we replace it with a synonym?

You could even have a go at writing some of your own questions on a reading book and asking them to a family member. Remember to find the evidence in the book for your answer rather than just guessing. 

Phonics - This would be a good opportunity to practise your phonics. You could do this in lots of different ways:

- Play on some of the phonics games listed such as phonics play. 

- Use a reading book to find alternative spellings such as ai, ay, ey, eigh and create a table showing the different words that you came up with. 

- Create a list of words which have the same sound. Play pictionary with the word list or hangman or turn the word into a picture of an animal to help you remember how to spell it. 

Maths - Play TTrockstars and try to work the answers out mentally by counting in multiples. Remember the link between multiplication and division and using the number families to help e.g. 2 x 5 = 10, 5 x 2 = 10, 10 / 2 = 5, 10 / 5 = 2. 

Art - This afternoon could be a great opportunity to try and create a self-portrait using a mirror. Remember to start sketching lightly with little detail to get the face shape before adding the detail in. 

Have fun today and enjoy the warmer weather 

Miss Dixon


Wow Riley - you really have been busy! It looks like you have completed lots of work at home. It's always lovely to see that people are working hard still whilst at home. Well done smiley




Isla has been very creative at home making characters and a setting box. Your cake looks delicious - not that I'm jealous or anything! 




Carly has also been very creative. I love your Easter bonnet Carly - it's beautiful and a lovely way to cheer people up. Amazingly colourful. I hope that guests are coming to your minibeast hotel. 



Harry and Evie seem to have a zoo at their house! I cannot believe you haven't got eaten, they must be very well trained. I love your idea as well of burying a box full of special things to your family, what a lovely thing to do. smiley




Wednesday 8th April

Welcome to Wednesday! I hope that you're all well and enjoying spending time together as a family. With the beautiful weather, it might be a good idea to create a postcard to a family member explaining all of the fun things that you have been up to. Whilst writing, concentrate on your handwriting and spellings from the Year 1 and 2 common exception word list. You could draw a picture on the other side of it and add lots of colour. 

For maths, you could have a go at the problem on the grid that we sent out titled 'Noah'. If you're finding it tricky, use something around the house to help you find the different combinations. 

Remember that it is the Easter holidays so spending some quality time with your family is the most important thing right now. 

Keep sending us your photos smiley


Tuesday 7th April

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope that you've all been enjoying the nicer weather (better than rain!) and spending plenty of time outside. 

Today might be a great opportunity to try and write a comic book story inspired by the music that you might find at =idSQ3hSLZ8Q . Think carefully about how the music makes you feel and be creative! You might like to act your story out in the garden first whilst you are planning it to make sure that you have thought of everything that you need. Once you have written your comic book story, you could add pictures to it too. 

You could also try and make some arrays for multiplication using objects that you find in the garden. You could then try and trick a member of your family by asking them whether one that you have created is right or wrong - can they spot the error and make it right? 

Enjoy the beautiful weather again today and remember to keep sending me your photos. Keep smiling and stay safe, 

Miss Dixon

Jaxon has clearly been very busy over the last couple of weeks - what a range of activities you have been doing!  I'm glad to see that you've been keeping busy and completing lots of work - keep it up!



Monday 6th April

Good morning!

I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather in your gardens! Why not try a scavenger hunt today and time each other to see how quickly it takes every person? You could even try making your own or give clues such as 'find something that begins with the letter b' 

Remember, we love receiving pictures from you! Enjoy your day smiley

Jack has clearly been very busy over the last couple of weeks! I'm not sure about your food making though Jack after reading about your sandwich - I think I'll stick to making my own thank you! Some lovely creative photos.


Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone,

What a week it has been! We hope that you're all staying safe and enjoying some quality family time. Below are a few documents for you to read and use. We have provided quite a few activities so that you can choose whichever ones you feel best suits you. As always, if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Here is a letter from Mrs Taylor, just having a catch up with you all  Letter from Mrs Taylor

Below are also our new learning packs 

03.04.20 Home Learning Pack

03.04.20 Home Learning Activities

We really enjoying seeing your work so keep it coming. Here are some more home learning pictures I have been sent. I hope some of these biscuits you are all making are coming to school for us to eat? They look delicious! Baking is such a good skill, it uses maths when measuring ingredients and timing it in the oven, it uses D&T with mixing the ingredients and when you decorate them your using colour choices and pictures. It is a fantastic activity. 

Also... THIS MEANS WEEK 2 IS OVER! How fast is quarantine going! You will be back at school in no time and we can't wait to see you all. Have a wonderful weekend. We will be sending you some more activities out today through your emails so watch this space! 

Mr Lewis & Miss Dixon

Thursday 2nd April

Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos and emails showing me what you have been up to. I really love seeing what everybody has been doing! I thought I'd share some of the photos that I have received to cheer you up, hopefully as much as they have cheered me up.


Joshua has clearly been very busy at home. What a wonderful range of activities you have completed! I wonder whether you're fantastic creation has a name? He looks as happy as you - lovely smiles. An amazing minibeast hotel as well - links perfectly with our topic this half term of Minibeast Madness!



Owen is another who has been very busy creating a minibeast hotel in his garden. I'm sure it will be full in no time- I just hope that you're not charging them too much! A wonderful idea and hopefully fun to create.



Wow! Harry and Evie have certainly been busy! How have you two had time to sleep? They have both been very busy creating supportive pictures, maths work and have even had time to create a house for some minibeasts. You've thought of everything! 



I can see you are continuing to work so hard- well done. I did my exercises with Joe Wicks this morning! Did you? If not, here is a link to give it a try- I'm exhausted!

Wednesday 1st April-

Hi Fedoras!

In addition to the emails I am sending I will be adding to this page regularly with any updates, information or guidance to help you all out. Today I am finishing off the final few resources to give you for next weeks work.

 A few people have emailed me to ask for some help regarding time in your maths work. Well we had only just started time so please don't feel too worried if you are finding this tricky.  The easiest way is to learn o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past as a group looking at the position of the larger minute hand. So o'clock is when it is pointing at the 12, quarter past is when it points at the 3, quarter to is when it points at the 9 and half past is when it is pointing at the 6 (thinkback to fractions of a circle it is half way around the clock, quarter of the way etc). Then bring in the 5 minute intervals. Do this by drawing a clock and next to each hour number put the minute number so 1=5 2=10 4=20 etc. Then you will be able to see that the minute hand dictates the time with the hour hand just giving you the hour. (discuss that it does move between numbers at half past and quarter past etc).

Useful links-


This website has some fantastic FREE, yes FREE quizes for you guys. You can choose your favourite subject and choose a topic we have learnt about in Year 1 or 2. I'm sure you will all pick History because it is SO fantastic. 

Let me know how you get on! 

Week 1:

What a week we have had at home! Here are some of the pictures of things we have been getting up to! 

What organised parents you have! A structure is really important at home just like the class timetable in school!

It is great to see you all practising your maths skills. It looks like lots of multiplication and addition this week. Have you done some divison or subtracting?

I'm glad to see you liked the disgusting sandwich activity! They sound GROSS! What beautiful handwriting in the photos I have seen. Keep it up. 

Baking is a fantastic skill to learn. It is something I find really tricky but wow they look delicious. All of a sudden I am very hungry. Has anyone else done some baking or maybe helped with some cooking?

What fantastic artwork! If you havent read about the rainbows in the news then here is a little explanation- 

When people go for their daily walk, they can play the rainbow spotting game. If everyone in quarantine makes a rainbow and displays it in a window then when people go for a walk it will be something they can try to spot or it could just be something to make them smile and brighten their day. It is fantastic. That quarantine poster is brilliant. It will help to keep our delivery workers safe. 

How to access welearn 365

Go to and choose Outwoods primary school from the drop down menu.   Then use your login e.g:  d.box7 and don't forget to add to the end.   You can log into purple mash with this and use it to receive and send emails to me.   When you log in you should see this page and then you're ready to go.

My email address is: 

For you all to try at home 

Here are some links to help you get moving at home: 

Cosmic Kids yoga and mindfullness! We have used this in the classroom before:

 Fun songs and dances to help you understand maths and english:

We used this when we you were learning all about dance, follow the instructions and enjoy the stories!

Now Press Play have just released some of their experiences which can be accessed at home. Follow this link

You won't need heaphones, it can just play through your tablet or laptop. It might be fun for the whole family to join in! 

African Day

Today has been amazing! We've been so busy throughout the day taking part in lots of creative activities. We've learnt so much from our very knowledgeable visitors. We began our day with African drumming. We worked hard to drum in a given rhythm and even split into groups that each had a different rhythm to play along to. It was difficult to do but we sounded amazing.


Then we painted an African dan mask. We learnt all about how they're used for tribal celebrations. We even learnt about the meanings of the colours.

White is spiritual, red is bravery, green is the land, blue is the water, orange is happiness and gold is the sun. We thought carefully about the patterns and the colours that we used. 


 In the afternoon, we learnt an African dance using our masks. It took a while to build up the dance but it was definitely worth it! We have got some videos which we will upload shortly

Sizzling Savannah Mud Huts



After Christmas, we launched our topic with some clues as to what our topic would be. One of the clues we had was mud  huts. We really enjoyed making these - it was very messy but really fun! 

Claude in the City

Image result for claude in the big city

This half term we have been reading an exciting story called 'Claude in the City' which is a story about a dog who visits a city and goes on an adventure with his trusty friend Sir Bobblysock. The characters visited all sorts of locations including an art Gallery! Below is a selection of photos from our brilliant day visiting the Outwoods School Gallery. We looked at paintings and sculptures and even had time for a trip to the cafe! We had a brilliant time and cannot wait to write all about our own adventure.




Outdoor Maths



We took our maths lesson outside and had to search the playground for calculations which involved adding and subtracting multiples of ten with a two-digit number. It was great fun and we worked really hard!

Music Trip to Warwick


Off we went to Warwick to take part in an amazing music concert! We were so excited to go and enjoyed singing the very catchy songs which had actions to go with them. 

Some of us even got picked to answer a few questions on camera. We were a little nervous about it but we did our school proud. 

Using the Headphones

In our English lesson we decided to use the headphones to listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our fairy tale writing. We had to act out the story which then helped us with our writing later on. We did giggle whilst we were acting - it was very funny!




In PE lessons we have been focusing on balancing and exploring the different ways in which we can balance. We then used the apparatus to find new and exciting ways which we thought was exciting.


'"This is a good school." "All pupils...are well supported and make good progress from their starting points." ’Ofsted 2017
'"There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the school." "Pupils feel safe at school, they trust adults and know there is always someone to turn to if they need help." ’Ofsted 2017
'"Pupils enjoy their school life, especially the opportunities they have to learn through a variety of activities." "Pupils readily engage in activities and develop their curiosity and an appetite for learning ’Ofsted 2017