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Year 1 - Trilbys






Trilby Class Home Learning


Friday 10th April


Good morning.  Here is your learning for today.

Phonics -    Click the spelling tab down the side and choose any of the games there.  My favourite is the wordsearch game with clues to help you.

Maths -  Play on Hit the Button -  number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables.    Next revise telling the time work on reading half past and o'clock times on a clock from earlier in the week. 

Writing -  Watch the clip of the  "Little Shoemaker"  again using the link below:

Next write an explanation or a set of instructions about how to make a pair of magic shoes.

Topic -  Create a family tree or design a personal coat of arms for your family.  Find out what a coat of arm shield means. Begin to think about a design. What could  you draw? What does it mean to you ?  Think about the colours and shapes. Maybe if  you have some cardboard around the house you could make a shield to give to a family member.

Remember, if you havent done your speling test for this weeks spellings already, then get an adult to test you today.  Also remember to read to an adult.  It could be one of your own books.  If you write a book review, then Mrs Taylor will give you a brand new book to read.



Maths Factor

Today Georgia has been having fun completing maths activities on a website called Maths Factor.   Whilst we are all learning at home, the website is free for everyone.  Georgia said that the wesite is really good. 

Thanks for recommending it Georgia!



Home Learning Pack  (week 4)

Here is your new learning pack for week 4 of home learning , which will  begin on Monday.  There is a new project sheet caleed "The Area You Live In."  There is also a spelling list for the next three weeks so that you can carry on learning, practising and testing your spellings at home.  I have also included the further project work sheet that I included last week, for anyone who runs out of activities on the project sheet. 

I'll direct you each day to some activites that you can complete during that day.  Feel free to select any extra activities that you wish to have a go at from the project sheet or further work sheet.   Don't forget to practise your spellings daily and read to an adult. 

Please send me photos of your home learning too for our class website page, I love to see them and I know that a lot of you are checking our page every day to see what your class mates are up to too.  

Email me at:


Week 4 Learning Project Year 1         Year 1 Spellings List     Further work grid Year 1 Wk 3 and 4

Enjoy the weekend,

From Miss Maddocks xxx



Thursday 9th April

Good morning! 

Phonics - Today can you please have a go at some of the Phonics play games using the link on the  project sheet. 

Red and Green groups can choose the phase 3 tab from down the side of the page. 

If you are in Blue and Yellow groups then choose the phase 4 or 5 tabs from down the side (phase 5 has the harder word games.)

Maths - Can you try the data detective activity, collecting information about your family. 

Topic - In the afternoon do some art work in the sunshine!   Create a self portrait of your self or a booklet about your family, drawing and colouring or painting pictures of each member of your family.  I would love to see all your self portaits. 

Don't forget to practise those spellings and ask an adult to test you today or tomorrow and read your reading book to an adult.   

Send me photos please.  Have fun everyone.   

From Miss Maddocks xxx


Georgia - Georgia has been completing her work on flowers and plants today.  She has also done some writing comparing her family with a afamily from a story that she read.  She used some good adjetives to describe.





Wednesday 8th April

Bonjour everyone!   

Writing - Today why not try the writing actvity about your family on your project sheet?  Choose a story from your bookshelf and compare the family in the story to your own.  Describe how they are different.  

MathsHave a go at using ICT for maths today.  Play numbots using your login or hit the button using the website link on your project sheet. 

Topic - You can choose your own afternoon activity from either activity sheet xxx

Don't forget to practise this weeks spellings and read to an adult in your house.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  

From Miss Maddocks xxxx


Izzy - This week Izzy has decided to do a project on birds.  These are the birds that she saw in her garden.  What super drawings Izzysmiley


Iris - Here is some of the work that Iris has been doing at home this week.  She has started to write a story about The little Shoemaker.  I really love your painting of the Water Lily Pond.  I think that it is just at good as the one that Monet painted!  heart





Tuesday 7th April

Good morning everyone.

Writing - Today I would like you to try a writing task from the topic sheet.  Use the link to watch the clip of the Little shoemaker and choose one of the writing activities to complete. 

Maths - Can you also try the reading the time activity from the project sheet.  Practise reading the time to the hour and half past the hour only. 

Topic - This afternoon perhaps you could carry out another  science topic task that you began yesterday about plants.   Don't forget to read to an adult who lives with you too.

Happy Tuesday  xx                                   

Email me at:


Georgia  - Georgia  shared some of her work with me from yesterday and over the weekend.  She has been learning to tell the time and doing some outdoor topic work on plants and gardens.  Great maths work today too Georgia!



Keep Singing!

I don't know about you, but I'm missing our singing assemblies.  Singing always makes me happy and so does moving to music.  Here is something that will cheer you all up and keep you singing - Out of the Ark are giving children and parents free music singing resources, a song a day smiley


Go to their website where you can see that they have set out songs week by week (two weeks so far) and they release a new song every day.  There a songs that you might recognise because we sing them in assembly.   Click below.


heart Stay safe heart Stay at home heart Keep singing 

From Miss Maddocks xxx


Monday 6th April

Good morning everyone.  I hope that you have had a lovely weekend.  I was busy in the garden again and we planted lots of seeds and had a barbecue.

Maths - Today I would like you to try counting in 5's before having a go at the maths shopping list activity from your learning grid. 

Topic - As its such a nice day, try some of the science plant activities in the garden on your outdoor topic ideas list. 

Don't forget to practise your spellings and read to an adult too.

Happy Monday everyone xx


Evie - Evie has made a picture of a rainbow and coloured it in.  She has written in the clouds “keep safe at home” and “stay away from everyone."    She has put it in her window for everyone to see. 😊🌈  I love your pictire Evie, well done!

Charlotte -  Charlotte has been really busy over the weekend planting sunflowers seeds in the garden and playing in her den with her big brother.  My little boy really loves your den Charlotte!



Marcel - Marcel wanst to wish everyone a very happy Easter with this dot-to-dot poster that he has coloured.    Thank you and happy Easter to you too Marcel!


Iris - Iris has been busy over the weekend doing some gardening.  your doing a good job there Iris!   She also did some lovely artwork.  Well done Iris.



Friday 3rd April

Hi all.  Happy Friday!

I hope that you are all well and you are managing to keep busy.  I miss you all so much and wish we were at school instead.

Today you should be coming to the end of your work pack that we sent you for the first two weeks and from the photos that you have been sending me, you have all been so busy!

From today you will be getting a new work pack every Friday to begin the following week.  So attached to this email, you have  two activity sheets which are packed full of reading, writing, maths and topic related activities for you to dip into.   There is also a letter from Mrs Taylor too.

Have fun with these, there are some really fun things on there.  Don’t forget to send me your photos for our class website page too.


Missing you lots,

Miss Maddocks


Click on these links to see: 

A Letter From Mrs Taylor        Week 3 Home Learning Grid For Trilby Class

Week 3 Learning Project For Year 1



Iris - Iris has been busy this week on her home learning pack.  Super presentation  Iris!




Thursday 2nd April

Hello everybody, happy Thursday!!   Here are some photos from today of things you have been getting upto at home.

From Miss Maddocks xxx 


Izzy - Izzy has been busy this week making homemade pizzas and doing her own  project on rabbits which she’s really enjoyed.  I love your drawings of rabbits. 



Jack  - Jack has been getting creative and has made some artwork using recycled materials.  I love it jack!



Laila - Laila has been very busy in the garden last week enjoying the sunshine with her little sister Isla.   She had an egg hunt, put up her hot tub and practiced herswimming and did lots of mark making with the chalks on the slabs.  She also created a colourful rainbow to show  support for the key workers which is now in the kitchen window.

Today she has made a fruit sald with her mummy.  She chopped fruits and added some orange juice. Then she drew the fruits she used and wrote the names and then she wrote a method.  Wow Laila, brilliant work!



Wednesday 1st April

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you are all well.  I have been busy with my son today making pictures to share with the patients at the new Nightingale hopsital in London for patients with Corona virus.

Children like you, can draw pictures to cheer up the children who are poorly and may have to stay in hospital.   


Wil is going to finish his tomorrow.

Maybe you could draw one too and send a photo of it to them at :  #RainbowsForNightingale  

Please keep sending me your emails,  I love reading you mail and looking through your photos.smiley

From Miss Maddocks xx    


Alexis -  Today Alexís has made some space magnets and she also made a rainbow world with the left over mixture.  I love them Alexis!   😮 


Tuesday 31st March

Georgia - Georgia has been busy doing some of home school learning again today.  I love your rainbow Georgia.  Are you going to put that in your window for children to spot on their walks?


Marcel - Marcel has worked with his sister to build the rainbow towers for everyone.  

They are brilliant Marcel!


Monday 30th March

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d share some exciting Science news!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we planted the runner bean seeds?  We talked about what seeds need to grow.  You all told me that seeds must have water, sunlight and soil to grow in.    But I said to you that I didn’t think seeds needed soil to be able to grow and you didn’t believe me.  You told me to prove it!   Well I have!

We planted our beans in a jar with just cotton wool to support them and gave them a drink of water.  Here are some photos of our seeds two weeks later (taken on friday afternoon). 

They have absorbed all of the water from the cotton wool and they have cracked open (germinated).  They have grown a root and shoot and will be ready to be plant out soon.

Now here are photos of our seeds today - they have doubled in size.  Isn’t that amazing! 

So what have we learned?  Seeds only need water to germinate – that means begin to grow a root and a shoot.  They don’t need soil or sunlight.  But to carry on growing strong and healthy, they will need sunlight so that they can make food using their leaves.  When they are transplanted into soil later, they will use their roots to suck up water and important vitamins and minerals from the soil; that they can’t get from the cotton wool. 

I’m looking after your bean seeds at home for you now.  When they are all ready, I will plant them into pots for you and put them in my greenhouse.

from Miss Maddocks xxx


 Monday 30th March

Georgia - Georgia has been making a jigsaw of the world and has been talking about different countries and animals.  I love doing jigsaws Georgia.  I did one that had 1000 pieces the other day.  It took me 3 days and a total of 11 hours!  

Iris - Iris has been creating rainbows with her daddy.  Wow Iris, this is beautiful!



Charlotte - Charlotte has been really busy at home exercising with her brother, getting creative, baking and playing phonincs games.  What fun!



Friday 27th March

Georgia - Georgia has been finding out about the Tudors and she drew an English Rose.  She also drew a picture of Max from Life of Pets 2.  Great drawings Georgia!


Izzy - Izzy has been working hard on her home school learning pack at home with Mum.  Keep up the good work Izzy!


Thursday 26th March

Hello everyone!

How are you all?  I hope you are all well and you are keeping busy at home.

The weather is lovely at the moment so I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and making the most of getting into the garden without it raining. 

I’ve been teaching my little boy how to weed and plant in the garden.  He wanted to mow the lawn but I thought that might be a little bit dangerous!  

Image result for laughing emoji

I have been having a go at the Joe Wickes PE session each day.  I’m not as fit as all of you so my legs are really hurting now on day 4!  I might have a day off tomorrow. Image result for laughing emoji

How many of you have managed to log in to  Sign in using your username inside your home learning pack and have a go at some of the activities on Purple Mash? 

Go to and choose Outwoods primary school from the drop down menu.   Then use your login e.g:  d.box7 and dont forget to add to the end.   You can log into purple mash with this and use it to receive and send emails to me.   When you log in you should see this page and then you're ready to go.

I hope you are getting on ok with the work in your home learning pack.  If you get stuck and need any help, just email me.  

I would love to see any of your lovely pictures and drawings that you have done whilst at home.  If you can get a grown up to take a phone of them and email it to me, then I will put your lovely artwork onto our class website page.


Have fun everyone!

Love from Miss Maddocks xxx 


Christingle Service

Today the Vicar from Mancetter church came into school and talked to us about The Christingle services that take place in Christian churches before Christmas.  She told us why Christingle services are important in the Christian church.   She showed us how to make a Christingle and shared with us what each part of the Christingle symbolises:

  • The orange represents the world
  • The red ribbon (or tape) symbolises the love and blood of Christ
  • The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness.


We went back to our classes and made our own Christingles.


Victorian Day

This half term we have been learning about what life was like for children over one hundered years ago.  Today we came to shool dressed as Victorians and spent the day learning as they would have done in school.

We took part in reading writing and arithmetic lessons in the morning.  We wriote on slate boards with chalk which was very difficult.  In the afternoon the children took part in drill lessons and played Victorian games.  We skipped using a huge rope and drew hopscotches on the playground.











 We had a brilliant day.


Our Christmas Nativity

Our Christmas production  went down a storm today!  The crowds flocked to Lower School Hall today to see our production of "Whoopsy Daisy Angel."  Everyone performed  brilliantly and Mrs Taylor said that our singing was fantastic, some of the best she had heard!

A special mention to Brooke Bates who made a particularly funny Whoopsy Daisy Angel.   

Well done everyone, I was very proud of you all.

From Miss Maddocks.


Pattern Fun in Maths

This week we have been looking at 2D shape in our maths work.  We have been looking at patterns.  We continued patterns we were given or that our teacher began, using different colours and different shapes.  We made our own patterns using shapes and challeged our partners to continue them.




Our Visit To Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum

We had a lovely day today on our trip to Sudbury Hall Museum.  We enjoyed finding out about the lives of Victorian children in the past.  

There was lots to see and do.  We took part in a workshop about victorian toys.  Some toys, we still play with today, but many were very different to our own toys,  Most of the toys were made from wood.



We found out that some children didn't go to school, they went to work.  If they were small enough, they worked as chimney sweeps because they were small enough to climb up inside the chimney.


We dressed up as Victorian children and took part in a school lesson with a very sstrict teacher.  It was very different fromschool today and we are so glad that school is not like that anymore!


We had a brilliant time !


Investigating Blubber!

In Science today we have been investigating how polar animals keep warm.  Some have a double layer of fur to keep them warm.  Other animals have a thick layer of blubber which keeps them warm.

We carried out an experiment to find out how blubber works.


First we filled a washing up bowl with cold water and ice and waited for the water temperature to go down.


Then we covered one of our hands in vaseline.  This would act like the blubber around an animal's body to keep our hands warm.

Then we plunged our hands into the cold water.  The hand covered with vaseline, felt much warmer in the icy water than our hand without vaseline. It stoppped the temperature of one hand from dropping.


We understand how blubber works now.


Welcome to Year One

We have had a lovely first day in our new class.  Here are our first day photos.








'"This is a good school." "All pupils...are well supported and make good progress from their starting points." ’Ofsted 2017
'"There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere in the school." "Pupils feel safe at school, they trust adults and know there is always someone to turn to if they need help." ’Ofsted 2017
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