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Year 1 - Trilbys

              The Trilby Class


Welcome to the Trilby Class page


Pattern Fun in Maths

This week we have been looking at 2D shape in our maths work.  We have been looking at patterns.  We continued patterns we were given or that our teacher began, using different colours and different shapes.  We made our own patterns using shapes and challeged our partners to continue them.




Our Visit To Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum

We had a lovely day today on our trip to Sudbury Hall Museum.  We enjoyed finding out about the lives of Victorian children in the past.  

There was lots to see and do.  We took part in a workshop about victorian toys.  Some toys, we still play with today, but many were very different to our own toys,  Most of the toys were made from wood.



We found out that some children didn't go to school, they went to work.  If they were small enough, they worked as chimney sweeps because they were small enough to climb up inside the chimney.


We dressed up as Victorian children and took part in a school lesson with a very sstrict teacher.  It was very different fromschool today and we are so glad that school is not like that anymore!


We had a brilliant time !


Investigating Blubber!

In Science today we have been investigating how polar animals keep warm.  Some have a double layer of fur to keep them warm.  Other animals have a thick layer of blubber which keeps them warm.

We carried out an experiment to find out how blubber works.


First we filled a washing up bowl with cold water and ice and waited for the water temperature to go down.


Then we covered one of our hands in vaseline.  This would act like the blubber around an animal's body to keep our hands warm.

Then we plunged our hands into the cold water.  The hand covered with vaseline, felt much warmer in the icy water than our hand without vaseline. It stoppped the temperature of one hand from dropping.


We understand how blubber works now.


Welcome to Year One

We have had a lovely first day in our new class.  Here are our first day photos.








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