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Moorhens – Year Two

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Here are some photos of our topic launch.  Our class had an amazing time when we came back to our classroom after assembly to find Miss Maddocks had turned our classroom into a beach!  We talked about lovely seaside holidays that we have been on in the past and are looking forward to in the future.  We explored different holiday destinations in the UK and why we call  the coast, the coast!  We also began to look at what seaside holidays looked like in the past.

Here are some photos of us having a great time!


The Easter Bonnet Parade

Although the weather was not very spring like, Our Easter bonnet parade went ahead and we all crammed into Upper School hall.

There were some very impressive entries this year.



The chosen winner was Felicity Arriyanto in the Moorhen’s class.



The Outwoods Great British Bakeoff

What a fantastic day Year Two had today!   Today was the final for the Outwoods Great British Bake off.

It began with the children using the design that they had made for their homework at the beginning of term.  They baked and decorated cupcakes with their designs on the top.

The children worked so hard and all of the finished cupcakes looked absolutely fantastic.


But there had to be a winner.

Max McKerlie was crowned the Moorhen’s Great British Bake off King for his fish and chips dinner design  and Logan Tunnicliffe was crowed the Lapwing’s Great British bake off Queen for her Union Jack flag.


The children invited their parents  or other family members, into school for the winner’s presentation and to enjoy one of the cupcakes with a nice British cup of tea.


For more photos please view our gallery  

A Celebratory Evacuee Tea Party  16.2.18

Our class enjoyed a wonderful evacuees tea party today, celebrating the end of a wonderful topic.  Our “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” topic has been just fantastic, the children have all really engaged with the book and really loved it.

The children loved dressing up and  looked fantastic in all their costumes.


The children experienced what it was like to have to live on rations today.  After being given their ration books, the children had to select carefully from a limited number of ration items to create their afternoon tea.  Tea, jam, cream ,scones, sandwiches with various fillings and tea cakes were all on offer and they had to make some difficult choices.

During our party, there was also time for a little bit of dancing too.



Design and Technology Open Afternoon  9.2.18

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and extended family, who came to support children in Year 2 on Friday afternoon.  The children once again, thoroughly enjoyed themselves working with their family members and there were some super models of gas masks and Anderson shelters made.



Puzzle It !      12.01.18

The moorhens class took part in their first new Puzzle It lesson on Friday.  This is where each class has an extended Maths lesson to investigate or problem solve an area of Maths.

We began on Friday, by taking it back to basics.  We investigated numbers and puzzled over what we actually knew about the numbers 2 and 9.

We consolidated previous learning and built upon it, to apply what we knew about number, the four operations and comparing numbers.

We had a lot of fun and it turns out that we knew more than we thought we did.  The children were very clever in their application.

They all said they really enjoyed working in different groups, getting to work with children that they don’t normally work with.



Fun In The snow!

We all enjoyed the snow that fell in December and were able to make the most of a very rare snow day!

But when we came back to school, there was still plenty left to enjoy   : )

The school grounds looked beautiful covered in soft, fluffy, white snow.



“Hey Ewe!”  – The Year Two Christmas Production.

Well done to all of the children and staff who worked so hard to make our Christmas production a huge success this year.  The snow did not stop us……eventually performing our show and both performances were brilliant.

All of the children were in fine voice for our performances, remembered all of their lines and looked fabulous.

We even made it into The Herald.

Here are some photos from our show.




Here are some photos from our Great Fire of London topic showing our ‘family groups’.

The children were put into family groups which represented different groups of people working in London in 1666. Some children were black smiths, some were butchers,  chain makers, fishmongers and one group were green grocers.

They really enjoyed dressing up and experiencing life in London in the 17th Century. The children produced things as part of their family trade to understand what daily life was like.




A big thank you to all the parents and other family members who came to our Design and Technology afternoon on Tuesday.

It was so nice to see so many of you there working with your children.  There were some very impressive models of Stuart houses made.  Well done everyone!

Many parents commented on what a lovely opportunity it was to work with their children.  We are already planning our next open afternoon in the new year.


Thank you again.

Miss  Maddocks x

IMG_3487  IMG_3486


Science  –  Investigating Materials    22/11/17

The Moorhens class enjoyed an exciting Science lesson today, exploring insulation.

We were trying to find an alternative material to make warm, winter gloves from.

We tested a range of different materials to see which one would be the best to make gloves.

IMG_E0306  IMG_0308

We came to the conclusion that bubble wrap was the best material because it kept our hands warm, it was flexible and it was completely waterproof.


We cant wait for our next Science lesson next week!


Supertato To The Rescue!    20/10/17

What wonderful day we had on our superhero dress up day!  After spending two weeks exploring the book “Supertato”  by Sue Hendra, we spent a fabulous day being superheroes, writing our own Supertato stories and making Supertato models.  If was great fun.

IMG_9022 IMG_9023


Year Visit To RAF Cosford.


Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful day at RAF Cosford recently.

We had a great time looking at planes old and new and exploring the interactive displays and exhibits.


IMG_9248 IMG_9249

We enjoyed taking part in a workshop to make parachutes and investigate which materials would be the best to make a parachute from and why.

We also made helicopter blades and tested to see whether length effected the way they perform.

IMG_9290 IMG_9291



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