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Bluebells Class

Welcome to the Bluebells class page!

Friday 10th April

It will soon be Easter Sunday. Your challenge today is to make an Easter card for your family. I will put some ideas below to help you.



Have a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy all of the chocolate! I know I will!

Stay safe

Miss Barnett x 



Thursday 9th April

Egg starts with the letter E. Can you make a list of all the things around your house that start with an ‘e’? 


Wednesday 8th April

Tulips are such a beautiful flower! Are there any flowers in your garden? Have you seen any when you have been on a walk?

The challenge for today is to learn how to draw a tulip. Watch this video and have a go yourselves. I would love to see your pictures!


Tuesday 7th April

Morning Bluebells!

Don't forget it is the Easter holiday so I would like you to spend some time doing the things that you love to do! You might also like to have a go at an Easter yoga video, as I know you all love yoga in Bluebells. Ask an adult to help you by loading it onto the ipad/phone/computer by clicking on the link below. They might want to join in with you too!

Enjoy x


Monday 6th April

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! It was wonderful to hear from Harry this morning! It sounds like you are working very hard and I love the window that you and your brother have decorated. Well done both of you! 


I wanted to share this with you all as I thought it was an important message for us all to remember. 


Stay safe x


Friday 3rd April

Hi Bluebells!

I hope you are all well and having lots of fun at home!

I have attached below some project packs to keep you busy next week. They are about ‘your family’ so you will be able to ask people in your house to help you too!

When you have had a go at some of the activities don’t forget to send me some photographs so I can put them on this page. Then you will be able to see what the other Bluebells have been up to!

Have a lovely weekend and get in touch if you need any help!

Miss Barnett x

Mrs Taylor Letter

EYFS Project Pack

Year 1 Project Pack



Thursday 2nd April 

Well done Jessica, you have been very busy at home this week. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me! 

I especially love your beautiful rainbow picture and your very neat handwriting! 





Children in Need 

We enjoyed joining in with Children in Need activities. We baked biscuits shaped like Pudsey Bear and decorated them with yellow icing. We got in a bit of a mess but it was all worth it when it was time to eat them!! 







We even joined in with the Children in Need live workout on BBC. 

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